‘Gay’ Money-man Tim Gill, ex-Log Cabin Leader Guerriero Lead Stealth Campaign to Turn State Legislatures Democratic

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

patrick_guerriero.jpgThe former head of the homosexual activist group Log Cabin Republicans, Patrick Guerriero, is now working to defeat mostly REPUBLICAN pro-family, conservative state legislators across the nation.

This may be the most important political article you read this election year. Even homosexual journalists like this reporter for the “gay” magazine The Advocate are weary of the secretive nature of the Gill Action Fund and its plan to use out-of-state homosexual donors’ money strategically to knock out pro-family state legislators across the country. If this were a “Christian Right” group stealthily using Christian millionaires’ money to displace liberal, pro-homosexual politicians, the mainstream media would be all over it.

We’ll have much more to say about the Gill Action Fund and this article, but note that the man Gill chose to run his operation is Patrick Guerriero, former executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans, a group working to make the GOP more homosexuality-friendly. Log Cabin operatives like to call themselves “conservative,” but their national ex-leader has been busy for the last three years running a stealth campaign to take out mostly pro-family, conservative Republican state legislators in places like Iowa, Pennsylvania and New York. More evidence that the GOP’s “Big Tent” policy of simultaneously trying to appease both its grassroots base of millions upon millions of pro-family Republicans — and a tiny special interest group of homosexual activist Republicans whose loyalty is first to their own “gay agenda” — is an exercise in futility. — Peter LaBarbera


Here are the first three paragraph’s of the Advocate piece “The Gay Goodfellas” (emphasis added):

The Gay Goodfellas

Inside the Gill Action Fund, the most effective pro-gay political weapon you never heard of

tim_gill_jpg.jpgBy Kerry Eleveld, The Advocate, June 19, 2008

Patrick Guerriero and Bill Smith of the Gill Action Fund [photo of founder Tim Gill at left] have a problem. Guerriero, former leader of the Log Cabin Republicans and onetime candidate for lieutenant governor of Massachusetts, and Smith, a political consultant and former employee of Karl Rove, want LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered] people to understand their strategy for winning equal rights — a targeted approach to developing what they call “fair-minded majorities” in state legislatures across the country. During the 2006 election, the first cycle in which the organization set its sights on state legislative races, control of 13 state chambers switched hands. Ten were Democratic takeovers — chambers that are now more likely to make gay-friendly decisions.

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Colorado Law Targets Speech Critical of Homosexuality, Transsexuality

Friday, June 20th, 2008

The following is excerpted from a WorldNetDaily article, “Criminal Crackdown Targeting Christians,” about Colorado’s radical new pro-homosexuality, pro-gender-confusion law, which contains a provision banning publication of “discriminative matter”:

Criminal Crackdown Targeting Christians

‘Biggest danger is to religious conscience of business owners’

By Bob Unruh, © 2008 WorldNetDaily, June 16, 2008

When a Christian pastor in Canada wrote a commentary on the Bible’s perspective on homosexuality, a government commission ordered him to renounce his faith and apologize. When a family-owned photography studio in New Mexico refused, on religious grounds, to take pictures at a same-sex ceremony, the fine for such “discrimination” was $6,600. Now the experts say Colorado is joining in the repression of the practice of Christianity.

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LISTEN: Restroom Activism: Colorado’s New ‘Transgender’ Law

Friday, June 6th, 2008

gayterrorist-mini.jpgThis cross-dressing man — who gained worldwide attention as the subject of a “Gay Terrorist” joke email — has a right to dress this way, but should he be allowed to use the woman’s restroom?

Click HERE to listen to Concerned Women for America’s online radio show:

CWA writes: There is a new law in place in Colorado that prohibits discrimination against transgendered people in any and all public accommodations. Matt Barber, CWA’s Policy Director for Cultural Issues speaks with Jim Pfaff, President and CEO of Colorado Family Institute and Colorado Family Action, about this new law that would allow people – regardless of their anatomy – to choose which restroom, locker room or similar accommodation they wish to use. While churches and religious organizations are exempt from this new law both public and private schools must comply, as well as small Christian-owned businesses and individuals making property available for rent. Listen | Download June 5, 2008

FRC Takes on Colorado Transgender ‘Bathroom Bills’

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

autumn_sandeen.jpgShould this very confused man, “transgender” activist Autumn Sandeen, be allowed to use the female restroom?

From Family Research Council President Tony Perkins’ May 30 “Washington Update”:

Congress may be adjourned for the Memorial Day recess, but a series of misguided state bills aren’t providing any relief for pro-family groups. Just ask the residents of Colorado, where locals are bracing themselves for an “anti-bias” law that is actually changing where people use the restroom. Yesterday, over the protests of thousands of families, Gov. Bill Ritter (D) signed SB 200 into law. The legislation blurs the sexual lines by making all public accommodations, including locker rooms and restrooms, “gender-free.” In other words, anyone–regardless of their biological identity–will be welcome in the men’s or ladies’ room, including cross-dressers, men who self-identify as women, women who self-identify as men, and people who haven’t made up their minds. To make matters worse, Colorado defines “public accommodations” as everything from malls, restaurants, and schools to small and even home businesses. The other side says this is about discrimination. But the chance of offending a few people hardly justifies putting everyone else at risk, which is exactly what SB 200 does.

For every transvestite who takes advantage of this law, there are a dozen sexual predators who will see this as a chance to put women and children into a vulnerable situation. Focus on the Family launched a statewide awareness campaign, but in the end, even Colorado’s largest Christian ministry couldn’t compete with Ritter’s desire to pay off liberal financier Tim Gill, who sank serious dollars into the governor’s election campaign in 2006. From here all eyes will turn to Montgomery County, [Maryland], where a November ballot initiative will determine the fate of its bathroom bill. [See for information about the Maryland battle.–Ed.]

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