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They’re Here, They’re Queer, They’re Everywhere on TV: ‘Gay’ Activist Questions Need for GLAAD

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

chris_cooper.jpgHollywood Against the “Homophobes”: The 1999 film American Beauty is a good study in Hollywood’s unsubtle promotion of “gay” activist myths. Chris Cooper plays the creepy Col. Frank Fitts, an ex-Marine and “homophobic,” overbearing father who, in a final, dramatic scene, unleashes his repressed homosexuality by attempting to kiss Lester Burnham, the lead character played by Kevin Spacey. The anti-Christian homosexual media group GLAAD has been so successful in pushing such blatant “gay”-affirming messages in film and on TV that one homosexual activist asks: “Do we really need GLAAD as an institution any more?”

You know, it’s pretty hard to play the victim when propagandistic “gay” images and characters saturate the airwaves. But leave it to GLAAD (the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) to try. I wonder though: what about Hollywood and EX-“gays”? (GLAAD fails to see the hypocrisy of its ongoing “defamation” of them.) It took decades after Roe v. Wade for Hollywood to produce movies like Juno that are unapologetically pro-life. How long will it take for the entertainment industry to catch up with reality and cast a sympathetic former homosexual character who is content with his sexuality? — Peter LaBarbera

P.S. A reminder to Mr. Link: five percent exceeds the homosexual population in society.


David Link writes for the Independent Gay Forum:

We’re Here, We’re Queer, We Were on Primetime Network TV 647 Hours Last Year (Not Counting Cable)

Posted on IGF: July 26, 2009

I’m really wondering whether we need GLAAD anymore.  They’ve just released their Network Responsibility Index for 2008-09 to “serve as a road map toward increasing fair, accurate and inclusive LGBT media representations.”  ABC led the pack among networks; of its 1,146.5 total hours of primetime programming, 269.5 hours (24%) included LGBT impressions.  The CW came in second with 138 LGBT-inclusive hours, or 20% of its primetime offerings.  CBS gave us the back of their hand, devoting only 60 hours — 5% of its schedule — to us.  For shame.

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AFTAH Asks: Why Are ‘Conservative’ Leaders Selling Out on ‘Civil Unions’?

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Americans For Truth rejects “civil unions” as a capitulation, not a compromise

signorile_ingraham-fox.jpgConservative Capitulation Cometh? Homosexual activist Mike Signorile tells FOX’s Laura Ingraham that she and everyone who opposes same-sex “marriage” will be supporting it in five years because “the world is changing.” Some influential conservatives like talk show host Mike Gallagher are selling out on the homosexual agenda by embracing “civil unions.”  Americans For Truth rejects such false compromises. We know that the more you give in to homosexual activists, the more they demand. Signorile himself has championed legalized homosexual “marriage” as a “a chance to wholly transform the definition of family in American culture … [and]  the final tool with which to …  get education about homosexuality and AIDS into public schools.”


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A Special Appeal from AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera:

Dear Readers,

I am writing to ask your help to lift Americans For Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH) out of a financial crisis, but also to you to do your part to lift America out of her moral crisis.  If you support Americans For Truth, it’s probably because you appreciate our direct approach to the problem of homosexual activism.  We at AFTAH don’t play politically correct games by trying so hard not to offend anyone that we water down Truth.  No, we just tell it like it is, and the homosexual activists hate us for it.

Every day, I receive vicious letters like this from an e-mail containing the name Seth Yatovitz (who gave his e-mail name as “Jesus”) [WARNING: VULGAR]:

Thank You ….For letting me know who you are so I can ream you in your ass even though I am straight. Burn in Hell Father [F–ker]! God loves everyone, even gay people like Jesus! I will be saying prayers for your enlightenment even though you disgust me more than any deviant sexual act ever could. Gays are NOT child molesters, they are the children of God.

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We’re All Homophobes Now: Letter to Marc Lamont Hill and FOX’s Red Eye

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

marc_lamont_hill.jpgTemple U. Professor Dr. Marc Lamont Hill (left), a frequent guest on FOX News, believes Americans are “homophobic” because most still don’t like to see homosexuality (compared to heterosexuality) on TV or the big screen. We say Prof. Hill should get off his liberal high horse and stop lecturing Americans for their normal reaction to unnatural and immoral behavior. Lamont can’t change his blackness, while many ex-“gay” men and women have left their old homosexual life behind. In the Fall, Lamont will move to Columbia University.

Folks, I sent the following e-mail to FOX’s late-night “Red Eye” host Greg Gutfeld, and cc’d to guests Marc Lamont Hill and Monica Crowley:

From:  Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth About Homosexuality
To:  Greg Gutfeld, host of FOX’s “Red Eye” [redeye@foxnews.com]; (guest) Prof. Marc Lamont Hill; Monica Crowley (FOX commentator and also a guest on that segment)
Date:  March 30, 2009

Greg [Gutfeld] and FOX “Red Eye” Crew…

…. I caught the tail end of the segment on tonight’s Red Eye where Prof. Marc Lamont Hill was lecturing us about “homophobia” – comparing gay sexual content with straight sexual content. So, does the ever-expanding definition of that tendentious term now cover all those who don’t want to see two men kissing on TV, or those who recoil at two guys engaged in “gay” foreplay on the big screen? Then guess what: we’re all “homophobes” now except for a small percentage of homosexuals and straight “progressives.” (Note that use of the latter term is curiously conditional on labeling as “progress” the embrace of aberrant sex linked disproportionately to STDs, including HIV; the CDC reports that a full 71 percent of male HIV cases in 2005 were linked to MSM, or “men having sex with men”: http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/topics/msm/resources/factsheets/msm.htm.)

How condescending and pompous of Dr. Hill to peer into each of our hearts and minds and diagnose us with irrational fear (“phobia”). I didn’t see the rest of the segment — could you please post it online? — but please, please, don’t tell me that FOX is now joining the legions of pseudo-moralists who judge anyone who doesn’t celebrate homosexuality or cheerlead for “same-sex marriage” as somehow fearful, bigoted and hateful.

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Sorry, Sean Penn, We’re PROUD to Defend Marriage — Hollywood Denounces God and Applauds Pedophilia

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

The more homosexual content a film has, the less it earns at the box office: Baehr


Homosexuality and Pedophilia Promotion: “I think it’s a good time for those who voted for the ban against gay marriage to sit and reflect on their great shame, and their shame in their grandchildren’s eyes if they continue that support,” said Oscar-winner Sean Penn. star of “Milk,” in his Academy Award night rant against Prop 8 supporters. Hollywood also gave its top award to “The Reader,” a film about a woman who seduces a 15-year-old boy.

So now it’s come to this: one of the leading men in Hollywood, which has no shame, says Californians who supported traditional marriage by voting in Proposition 8 should have “great shame.” Sorry, Sean Penn: the shame is on you: every Californian who helped Prop 8 pass — overcoming millions of dollars worth of free PR from pro-homosexual-“marriage” Hollywood bigshots like you — should feel tremendous pride, not guilt, in defending and preserving marriage as God ordained it. As usual, the elitists in Hollywood have it completely backwards: it is homosexual behavior that is shameful, not traditional mores. I finally saw “Milk” over the weekend and will have more to say on that later. Ted Baehr of MovieGuide is right on below. — Peter LaBarbera

Hollywood Denounces God and Applauds Pedophilia at the Oscars

By Ted Baehr

The Academy Awards showed its support for sexual perversions last night at its annual Oscar ceremony.

And, the Academy wrongly painted the Entertainment Industry as a bunch of Commie rats, as it applauded Communist sympathizer Sean Penn’s gleeful greeting after winning an award for portraying an assassinated homosexual leader, “You Commie, homo-loving sons of guns!”

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Ten Reasons to Support AFTAH for 2009

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

We’re three-fifths of the way to our goal of $5,000 in online gifts by midnight!

rolling_stone_obama.jpgBarack Obama has promised a lot to self-styled “queer” activists: open homosexuality in the military, a federal “civil unions” law, “hate crimes” legislation, repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), enacting ENDA, etc. He has also pledged to use his bully pulpit as President to advocate for homosexual goals. Will pro-family Americans be able to put the brakes on Obama’s “gay agenda”?  Help AFTAH reach its goal of $5,000 in online donations by midnight tonight (central time) by making a tax-free gift at www.americansfortruth.com/donate/. Or become a monthly AFTAH Truth Team giver HERE.

Below are 10 good reasons to support Americans For Truth about Homosexuality as we head into a New Year.  Before we get to the 10 points, though here’s how to help us reach our goal of $5,000 in online donations by midnight tonight — we are three-fifths of the way there:

YEAR-END MATCHING GIFT: Go to our user-friendly giving page — ww.americansfortruth.com/donate/ — to make your tax-free donation using PayPal or your MasterCard or Visa.  ALL ONLINE GIFTS MADE BY MIDNIGHT CENTRAL TIME WILL BE COUNTED AS A TAX DEDUCTION ON YOUR 2008 TAXES! Or mail a gift here (postmarked by 12/31 if you want it to count for 2008; Jan. 1 and after will go toward 2009):  AFTAH, PO Box 5522, Naperville, IL 60567.

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Ten Reasons to Support Americans For Truth in 2009

By Peter LaBarbera

  1. President-elect Barack Obama’s support for radical, pro-homosexual federal “hate crimes” legislation. Will homosexuals rise to the top of the politically correct hierarchy of victims in the United States?  Will pastors who teach correctly from the Bible that homosexual behavior is sinful be brought up as “accomplices” if someone who attends their church attacks a homosexual? All crimes involve hate at some level and all Americans — including homosexuals — deserve equal protection under the law without regard to special criteria.
  2. Obama’s support for the Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA), which would use federal power to force businesses to support homosexuality and subsidize homosexual employees’ relationships regardless of their faith- or morality-based opposition to homosexual conduct. Why should homosexuality-based “rights” (mandates) take precedence over Americans’ historic religious and First Amendment liberties?
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Hollywood Humbugs Mock Jesus and Prop 8 Voters Just in Time for Christmas

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Don’t look for the video mocking Muhammed and marriage any time soon

Gosh, I think Jesus Christ might be reconsidering his endorsement of the divine institution of marriage now that actor Jack Black (playing Jesus in the blasphemous video below) thinks it’s wrong to prevent two guys from getting hitched. I mean, after all, Black is the star of “School of Rock”; what greater cultural authority do we need than that? (Oh, I forgot: Ellen DeGeneres is also mad at Prop 8 — well that settles it: God is wrong!)

Here we have anti-religious bigotry and Hollywood snobbery at its worst. There are a lot of things funnier than this video, but one of them is the idea that a bunch of spoiled Hollywood actors have any moral authority on right vs. wrong, Christian truth, marriage, etc.  Note how money (alleged “gay” tourist $$$ for homosexual “weddings”) tops transcendent morality in the video. We’ll deal with the silly shellfish canard later. — Peter LaBarbera

Ex-Log Cabin Republican Leader Takes over Pro-Homosexual-‘Marriage’ Effort – Cal. Teachers Ass’n Pledges $1 Million to ‘No on 8’

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Counterfeit marriage campaign pushes hard for $$$ amidst new polls showing Prop 8 ahead

The following was reported by the Gay and Lesbian Leadership SmartBrief regarding the California Marriage Protection Amendment, Proposition 8, and the No on 8 homosexual counter-campaign to defeat it (emphasis is added). Patrick Guerriero, a Massachusetts homosexual activist who used to run the Log Cabin Republicans, is now on loan to “No on 8” from the Gill Action Fund, which has worked to take out Republican pro-family legislators across the nation. All this provides more evidence that Log Cabin, with its tiny membership of 20,000 nationwide, sees its strategic priority as advancing homosexuality first, and the Republican Party second. And what a shocker this: the California Teachers Association and Hollywood elites oppose traditional marriage:

Guerriero: LGBT Californians must give to stop marriage ban

Veteran activist Patrick Guerriero, who is the new director of California’s “No on 8” campaign, said the key to defeating the constitutional marriage ban lies with securing the financial backing of the state’s estimated 1 million LGBT residents. “If every single LGBT adult would, over the next couple of days, make a donation to this campaign, we will win,” he said. “And if they don’t, we will lose.” Advocate.com (10/15)

Hollywood, teachers union muster funds to defeat Proposition 8: Barbra Streisand and actor-director Rob Reiner are among the Hollywood celebrities expected to attend a $25,000-a-plate fundraiser to support the “No on 8” effort on Tuesday at the Los Angeles home of billionaire Ron Burkle. In related news, the California Teachers Association, the state’s largest teachers union, has pledged $1 million to the campaign to defeat the marriage ban, and producer Steve Bing is giving $500,000, the biggest individual donation thus far from the entertainment industry. Yahoo!/Reuters (10/16) , Washington Blade/The Associated Press (10/16) , Variety/Wilshire & Washington blog (10/15) , San Jose Mercury News (Calif.) (10/15)

It Ain’t Over ’till the Fat Transvestite Sings…Brokeback Mountain Opera?

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Oh boy, can’t wait for this one. I think a Tony Award is already in the bank for this production. … Associated Press (and Breitbart.com) report:

brokeback_mountain.jpgNEW YORK (AP) – The New York City Opera commissioned Charles Wuorinen to compose an opera based on “Brokeback Mountain,” the 1997 short story by Annie Proulx that became the basis for a 2005 movie that won three Academy Awards.

The opera is scheduled to premiere in spring 2013, City Opera said Sunday. It will be City Opera’s second Wuorinen premiere, following “Haroun and the Sea of Stories,” which was based on a Salman Rushdie novel and opened in October 2004.

“Ever since encountering Annie Proulx’s extraordinary story I have wanted to make an opera on it, and it gives me great joy that Gerard Mortier and New York City Opera have given me the opportunity to do so,” Wuorinen said in a statement.

transvestive_fat_.jpg“Brokeback Mountain” is a cowboy romance about two ranch-hand buddies who start a homosexual affair when they meet on the fictional mountain in 1963.

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