Media Almost Outnumber Protesters at Anti-Mormon ‘Kiss-in’ at San Diego Temple

sandiegomormontemple.jpg Media Swarm over Homosexual “Kiss-in” at Mormon Temple: Pro-homosexual protesters were almost outnumbered by (pro-homosexual) media at yesterday’s “gay” kiss-in protest outside the gates of the San Diego Mormon temple (left), according to one “gay” account. Meanwhile, the media largely ignore conservative protests and press conferences — such as AFTAH’s against President Obama’s homosexualist agenda.

By Peter LaBarbera

I sent the note below to homosexual journalist Rex Wockner after reading his photo-story on the anti-Mormon “kiss-in” protest yesterday in San Diego. (See AFTAH’s report condemning the event HERE.) Turns out this is just one of many “kiss-ins” that have targeted the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) church after a male homosexual couple was arrested for trespassing on LDS church property in Salt Lake City after (if you believe LDS officials) flaunting their homosexuality. My goodness, that’s right up there with Jim Crow and anti-black segregation of the past — not. “Those big, bad churches won’t let us celebrate our deviant sexuality!” Oh, the heterosupremacy of it all!

Looking at Wockner’s photos of the over-indulged homosexual (and a few heterosexual) kisser-protesters, I suppose my characterization of this strange event as “Perversion Coercion” was a bit over-the-top — since it doesn’t appear as if the LDS church is going to be “coerced” anytime soon by this hapless lot mocking the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God outside those white temple fences. (But make no mistake: there is a long and sordid history of “queer” harassment of and attacks on churches and religious opponents.)

What is over-the-top, however, is the liberal (“mainstream”) media treating every “queer” protest and event as important news. (Meanwhile, Associated Press and all national media skipped our coalition press conference in Chicago against President Barack Obama’s “gay” agenda — held on the very day that Obama was capitulating to the “Gay” Lobby by signing an Executive Order supporting “domestic partners.”) If homosexual activists do succeed in destroying the influence of the church and ushering in the oxymoronic notion of government-supported homosexual “marriage,” the woefully biased American media will be able to claim major credit.

Here’s my note to Wockner:

Hey Rex, 25 media people at the anti-Mormon “kiss-in”? …

… according to your report. That’s almost more than the number of protesting kissers [30] themselves! Every pro-family leader I know would be shocked if half that many media showed up at one of their events. … So who’s got the power now?  The “gay victim” charade is getting a wee bit old given the media’s and Hollywood’s ubiquitous promotion of all things homosexual and transgender.

Hope you’re well. Here’s my take on Empowering Spirits’ silly call for “dialogue” at a protest designed to mock and defy Mormon values:

— pl

Peter LaBarbera
Americans For Truth About Homosexuality

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