Pro-Homosexual Group Targets LaBarbera’s Speaking Appearance at Saskatchewan, Canada Pro-Life Conference

Canadian ‘Homo-Marxists’ attempt to shut down speech in the name of ‘tolerance’ and ‘anti-bullying’


TAKE ACTION: Call or write the Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association [online form HERE; 306-352-3480] and urge them NOT to back down in the face of a leftist, pro-homosexual, online pressure campaign to disinvite AFTAH’s Peter LaBarbera as a speaker at their upcoming conference in Regina, Saskatchewan April 11-12. Background Regina Leader Post article HERE. See SPLA conference flier HERE.


Dear Friends of AFTAH,

It doesn’t get much more Orwellian than trying to pressure an independent organization to disinvite a speaker–in the name of “anti-bullying” and “tolerance”! Yet that is precisely what’s occurring and this time I am the target. Next week, April  11-12, I am scheduled to speak at a pro-life, pro-family conference in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada put on by the Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association (SPLA) [see flier HERE]. But on Monday, I learned that a pro-homosexual group, Intolerance Free Weyburn, is working with the leftist petition site, to get me knocked off the dais as a speaker at the conference.

You can read about this in this pretty fair article in today’s Regina Leader Post. Following is the language in the petition targeting yours truly:

Peter LaBarbera is using this pro-life convention as a medium to advocate his personal anti-gay agenda.  His claims to do this using a “spirit of love and truth” are anything but factual considering he is recognized as the president of the anti-gay hate group “Americans for Truth About Homosexuality”.  This may lead to people unknowingly (people only interested in the pro-life aspect) be subjected to his message of hate and be influenced to correlate the ideas that being anti-gay and being pro-life are the same idea.  His religious overtones in his message are a danger to any person/s attending the conference for personal religious reasons.

The community of Weyburn, Saskatchewan wants to make it known that they do not condone his message of hate nor do they respect his wants to spread it.  In a world where basic human rights are just recently being recognized for the LGBT community, people such as Peter LaBarbera are counter productive to the evolution of society’s human nature.

As the “Opportunity City”, we need to be clear that all people will be fre”e from intolerance.  Freedom to opportunity means that EVERYONE has equal rights even if they don’t coincide with your own personal beliefs.  You don’t have to be “PRO”-anything in order to be anti-intolerance.  It just makes sense.

Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever been called “counter productive to the evolution of society’s human nature” before! I am dumbstruck at the Left’s brazen hypocrisy and shameless attempt to censor speech in the name of “freedom.” Read the simplistic and jingoistic comments under the petition to see how liberals justify their peculiarly intolerant brand of speech-stifling, “anti-hate” ideology. Here are a couple of comments:

  • Jan Stout CUPAR, CANADA
    • about 20 hours ago 

    I don’t live in Weyburn but I don’t even want one more person spreading poisonous words of hate in my province. Keep him out!

  • Penny Adams LAMPMAN, CANADA
    • 2 days ago

    It’s never OKAY to promote hate.

SPLC’s handiwork 

Behold the fruits of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s nefarious campaign to demonize AFTAH and other opponents of organized “gay” activism as “hate groups.” THIS is exactly what the SPLC sought to achieve with its spurious “hate” designation against AFTAH [see our listing on the SPLC’s bogus “Hate Map” HERE], Family Research Council, AFA, Mission America, Mass Resistance and many other noble pro-family groups. As the saying goes, “Those who hate the Truth call Truth hate.” Hopefully, the SPLC’s influence will wane as Americans learn about its hard-left bias and hack political nature, and come to perceive it at the malicious tool of the Left that it is.

Lastly, I am saddened that some pro-life individuals have signed the petition. Perhaps they are unaware that the same socially Left activists who promote the acceptance of homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality also promote abortion-on-demand. Did you know that the world’s largest pro-homosexual organization, Human Wrongs Rights Campaign, includes pro-abortion votes in its “Congressional Scorecards”? The second biggest “gay” group, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, also promotes abortion-on-demand at its annual “Creating Change” conferences for LGBT activists.

Furthermore, as AFTAH has covered extensively, homosexual behaviors are disproportionately linked to a myriad of Sexually Transmitted Diseases including but not limited to HIV. Hundreds of thousands of “gay” men have had their life cut short because they practiced immoral and high-risk same-sex behavior. So of course promoting the sin homosexuality is anti-life, in addition to being anti-God. Thankfully, men and women are leaving homosexuality behind, many with the help of our Savior Jesus Christ. Homosexuality is not who you are, it’s what you do–and like any other misbehavior (sin), it can be overcome. Please give that loving and truthful message to anyone you know who has claimed a false identity of “gay,” “lesbian” or “transgender,” and pray for them.

This present hubbub is nothing compared to the oppression suffered by Christian Canadians over the years–people like Pastor Stephen Boissoin who had to spend years and tens of thousands of dollars to clear their name after being targeted for alleged “discrimination” by Canada’s notorious “Human Rights Tribunals”–merely because they spoke out against homosexuality. These “human rights” tribunals became kangaroo-courts for the Left to target pro-family speech and punish Christians.

The following is an Alert by my friend and pro-life. pro-family activist Bill Whatcott, who is on the SPLA’s board. You might remember Whatcott as the culture war hero who was convicted of disseminating “hate speech” by the Canadian Supreme Court. He is one of the most fearless truth-tellers I have ever encountered and it will be my honor to appear with him in Canada–that is, unless the local “Gay Thought Police” succeed in their “homo-Marxist” (or homo-fascist) attempt to shut down my speech. Please pray for the SPLA and me in this bizarre situation. God bless you. — Peter LaBarbera,


Canadian Bill Whatcott writes:

Peter LaBarbera is being targeted by a Weyburn pro-homosexual hate group that is trying to prevent him from speaking at our Saskatchewan Pro-life conference

Dear Friends,

Please keep our Saskatchewan Pro-life convention in your prayers. It appears my mass flyer delivery advertising the conference has raised the ire of hundreds of folks, mostly in Saskatchewan, but also around the country, who support homosexuality. Paradoxically, as one reads the petition and Facebook comments they can quickly see the pro-homosexual activists protesting Peter LaBarbera only want tolerance to go one way, they don’t support Christians having the right to exist if the Christian disagrees with homosexuality.

Here is the flyer I mass distributed. It is not nearly as bombastic as my usual flyers, but just the mere mention of a workshop dealing with homosexuality from a Biblical point of view was enough to set off a firestorm of protest!


In response to our conference a Facebook group called “Intolerance Free Weyburn” has been set up and it seems to be co-ordinating media interviews and is planning a demonstration against our conference. They also have an article on their Facebook page about my Supreme Court case.

Here is their petition. As of my posting it has 400 signatures. The comments below are very typical of the dozens of comments I went through while reading the petition. Sadly, the petitioners completely misunderstand Peter LaBarbara’s message and they spectacularly fail to understand the grave harm homosexuality does to those acting out the lifestyle and they seem quite unaware of homosexual activist assaults on our country’s freedoms, especially though our courts and human rights commissions. … -labarberaJan Stout CUPAR, CANADA about 16 hours ago Liked 0
I don’t live in Weyburn but I don’t even want one more person spreading poisonous words of hate in my province. Keep him out!Cory Johnston WEYBURN, CANADA about 19 hours ago Liked 0
I find the religious fundamentalist attempt at controlling women’s right to choose reprehensible already. When they also attack homosexuality and spread misinformation about it I get even more incensed. I’m glad that someone is protesting this event and I’m glad this petition exists.Chelsa Broom SASKATOON, CANADA 1 day ago Liked 0
Everyone deserves the right to love. This man is about hate, pure and simple.

Several media outlets have contacted SPLA and Peter LaBarbera. I expect a firestorm when I wake up tomorrow. Weyburn 1190 AM radio called me and asked me to go into their studio at 10:00 AM (Saskatchewan Time).

You can hear the interview live here at 10:00 AM Saskatchewan Time:

Please pray for the Holy Spirit to be with me and to give me the grace to present our case well, as I defend our decision to invite Peter LaBarbera to speak at our conference.

In Christ’s Service
Bill Whatcott

“You will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved.”
Matthew 10:22

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