A Cartoon about Judging and Transgenderism – Was Creator, ‘Heteros Inspiring Pride,’ Censored by Facebook?

Site vilified by pro-LGBT activists — for using memes to highlight leftist intolerance — disappears from Facebook

By Peter LaBarbera [@PeterLaBarbera]

Folks, here is a good and accurate cartoon meme by a site called “Heterosexuals (Heteros) Inspiring Pride” — which apparently has been kicked off of Facebook (see second graphic below). The creator(s) of this site are despised by the Left for making some cool memes like this one (click on graphics to enlarge):




Here is what comes up when you go to the “HeterosInspiringPride” Facebook link at the bottom of the meme:




We’ll try to get to the bottom of this–but I suspect it is just another case of “snowflake” leftists–in this case, biased Facebook geeks–not being able to tolerate criticism and a lively debate over ideas. How naive of Heterosexuals Inspiring Pride to put a Facebook site identifier on all their compelling graphics!

What are LGBT activists and allies afraid of?

One wonders: if homosexual activists and their liberal allies have truly “won the culture war,” as they often claim, why are they so afraid of dissent that they are desperate to shut it down? Why the totalitarian impulse to squelch opposing views?

Like many of my fellow Christian conservative “culture warriors,” I’ve experienced this firsthand, including one episode in 2007 at DiversityInc. magazine in which I was first invited to be on a panel (by the magazine’s good-hearted yet naive Executive Editor, Barbara Frankel)–but then suddenly turned away as the lone conservative voice on the panel after pressure was put on Frankel by another invited speaker, homosexual activist named Daryl Herrschaft, then a staffer with the Human Rights Campaign.

You see, poor, professional-“gay”-victim Daryl threatened to take his rainbow-colored marbles and go home if the MEAN social conservative (me) was allowed to participate on a panel. Pathetically, the liberals at DiversityInc caved in to Herrschaft’s hissy fit and the event was ideologically neutered (becoming a liberal “safe space”). Later, the magazine did allow me to write an article defending my position, but then the magazine’s founder and CEO, Luke Visconti, outrageously responded by labeling me, as a Christian critic of homosexualism, the moral equivalent of a slavery advocate.

You see, it’s not enough to disagree with social conservatives; they must be demonized as the worst humans on the planet. Such is the M.O. of modern “progressives” putting their “reverse-bigotry” into action.

Diversity. Tolerance. Inclusion. All are sham-euphemisms used by self-righteous, pro-LGBT ideologues and militants as they endeavor–often successfully–to block viewpoints they don’t approve of.

I don’t know much about “Heteros Inspiring Pride” except that the Left really despises its funny memes and certainly brought pressure to bear on Facebook; see the posts HERE , HERE and HERE decrying HIP.  (Note that many of the graphics originally cited in hit-pieces against the group have been removed, perhaps automatically after the page was blocked by Big Brother Facebook.) You can view most of the HIP memes HERE, or see what comes up on Google ‘images” search for “Heterosexuals Inspiring Pride.”

Conservatives must protect themselves

Bottom line: Matt Drudge is right on when he warns that conservatives will have to build safe platforms that are secure from leftist takedowns and online “progressive” campaigns — as the battle for the soul of America continues. Facebook is certainly not safe from liberal intolerance: like many other conservatives, I’ve had my personal FB page taken down after a pro-LGBT campaign surrounding my speaking trip to Canada. And neither is Twitter–in which I’ve invested a lot of time and effort.

I understand that the term “censorship” actually applies to governments shutting down speech–but that word keeps popping up in people’s minds because it is the Left’s Thought Police who are so adept at using their power (and web technology advantage) to: 1) block speech they don’t like–especially that which targets their sacred cows like “gay rights”; and 2) mock, denigrate, lie about and smear conservatives, e.g., by labeling us as “haters,” etc. (check out this hate-filled LGBT post targeting yours truly).

Ironically, despite the legitimate fears among conservatives and libertarians of government power destroying free speech, it is the intellectual cowards on the LGBTQ-celebrating Left–working privately and collectively within the media, pop culture, academia and big corporations–who pose the greatest threat to a free exchange of ideas, as they work fanatically to impose their brand of political correctness on, well, everyone.


Here is another Heteros Inspiring Pride meme about former homosexual Michael Glatze, whom I interviewed a few years ago:



And just for the heck of it, I’m throwing in a meme that I like which is not produced by HIP, about America being in decline thanks to social leftism:



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