AFTAH Never ‘Moves On’ from Telling the Politically Incorrect Truth About Homosexuality

Leftist haters … hate AFTAH: Hard-left groups like “People for the American Way” despise AFTAH and castigate its president, Peter LaBarbera, whenever he publicly criticizes the homosexual activist agenda. Here PFAW’s “Right Wing Watch” expresses dismay that LaBarbera is speaking out against “Star Wars” for featuring a character who models a deviant homosexual identity.  See above PFAW link HERE and PFAW’s “RWW” link containing hundreds of its “Peter LaBarbera” entries HERE. Help support AFTAH by giving safely online HERE. Click on image to enlarge.

Special Note from AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera:

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying a Happy New Year as we enter 2018 with all its challenges and opportunities!

AFTAH (Americans For Truth About Homosexuality) defends the simple truth that homosexual behaviors are wrong, unnatural, and are not the basis for one’s identity, nor positive “rights” in the law.

Throughout 2017, I represented AFTAH as a guest on dozens of conservative Christian radio talk shows to expose and confront the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) agenda. Here is a sample of programs (with links) on which I appeared this year:

* VCY America:  Based in Milwaukee, it reaches several States in the Midwest, Middle America and the South. AFTAH appears regularly on VCY America “Crosstalk” to discuss the overarching LGBTQ agenda.  The LGBTQ media and leftist activists did not appreciate my criticism on a September 26 WVCY interview of “Star Wars'” inclusion of a character modelling homosexual sin as normal.

* Janet Mefferd Show:  Janet—one of the smartest talkers and thinkers in Christian media—regularly relies on AFTAH as a “go to” source in explaining the “gay” and “transgender” onslaught on America.  I appeared frequently on both her individual show as well her AFR (American Family Radio) show.  Here is a Nov. 4 “Janet Mefferd Live” radio broadcast interview in which I discuss the Human Rights Campaign’s rigged “Corporate Equality Index.”

* AFA “One News Now”: AFTAH is also regularly featured on this excellent American Family Association news source. In this July 20 ONN story, I responded to homosexual mega-funder Tim Gill, who said he wants to “punish the wicked,” referring to pro-family conservatives.  LaBarbera told ONN:  “Tim Gill is a bigot and he’s an intolerant bigot at that … He wants to squelch dissent; he wants to squelch the very Judeo/Christian values that help make our country great. But all Tim Gill’s millions or billions or whatever he has cannot eradicate God’s truth. The Bible stands true yesterday, today, and forever.”

* Linda Harvey Show: On Dec. 16, I was interviewed by my friend and pro-family advocate Linda Harvey on the connection between homosexuality and pedophilia, in the wake of the Hollywood ongoing sex-abuse scandal. Go to this link and scroll down to 12/16/17, “Homosexuality and the Predator Issue.”

* Chaps Klingenschmitt Show: Chaps (Gordon) Klingenschmitt of the Pray in Jesus Name Project interviewed me about the intriguing case of “gay conservative” Milo Yiannoupoulos. Watch the Skype interview HERE.

In 2017, I also spoke out in public against homosexualism, which usually inspires some form of pro-LGBTQ censorship these days.  In October, the Wisconsin Christian News sponsors of my recent speech “Exposing the LGBTQ Agenda” were directly censored by both Office Max (Office Depot) and Facebook. [See main AFTAH story HERE.]

Through our ongoing media outreach and our website, AFTAH over the last three decades has educated many millions of people all over the world about the campaign to “mainstream” homosexuality—which is now getting a tremendous push from Corporate America.

[Please Help Us: To help AFTAH continue in its mission to tell the politically incorrect Truth About Homosexuality, give safely online HERE or send your gift to: AFTAH, PO Box 5522, Naperville, IL 60567-5522.]

In addition, AFTAH is highly engaged on Twitter, where we are one of the most visible opponents of “gay” ideology, and on Facebook, which recently “de-published” our page, amidst other acts of censorship over the year.  Speaking “truth to power,” in a moral sense, is what we do, and we do it joyfully even as we are hated and despised by lost souls in the grip of sin, leftist propaganda and sexual confusion.

Amazing Stephen Black testimony: AFTAH banquet

Stephen Black addresses Americans For Truth “Teach-in.” Black received the AFTAH “American Truth Teller Award” for 2017. Click HERE to watch the entire banquet on video. Help support AFTAH by giving safely online HERE.

In October we had a successful banquet featuring ex-“gay” Stephen Black.  Stephen offered compelling testimony in defense of the Christian view of homosexuality and shared the harrowing story of how as a young boy, he’d been molested twice by men with a homosexual problem.  Two other ex-“gay” men also shared their riveting personal stories of coming out of homosexuality.

I was thrilled to present Stephen with a $1,000 check and the “American Truth-Teller Award” for 2017.  Honoring defenders of Truth and changed lives through Jesus Christ is what we’re all about.  (Support Stephen’s First Stone Ministries HERE.)

Stephen’s entire banquet and “teach-in” presentation, joined by several other leading pro-family activists, can be viewed HERE (or click the “Stephen Black” box on the right side of the AFTAH website).

Dirtiest word in America: Morality

The M-Word—Morality—is now one of the “dirtiest” words in modern America.  Biblical sexual morality has been under withering assault in the United States for decades—think of the abject filth, vulgarity and soft-core porn that have become staples of modern movies.  The abomination of homosexuality (that’s how God sees it: as detestable) is now widely treated as merely another form of “love.”

“Love is love,” went the simplistic, pro-LGBTQ slogan, echoed by Obama and countless others after our corrupt Supreme Court ushered in legal homosexual “marriage” in 2015.  This is how dumbed-down American culture has become!

Indeed, post-Christian America today is just a shadow of her moral and spiritual past self, but the Truth, like Christ Jesus, does not change (Hebrews 13:8).  That is why AFTAH exists.  We are unswervingly dedicated to holding up God’s Truth in a (Western) world stubbornly bent on the redefining sex and gender roles to justify people’s sins.

A lot of conservatives are sort of “embarrassed” over the whole question of sexual morality, and especially homosexuality, as they rationalize in their own minds why the fight against “Big Gay Inc” is passé or no longer worthwhile.  We’ve all seen it: tiny sellouts in which a “conservative” pundit pay lip service to some aspect of the LGBTQ agenda, usually “same-sex marriage.”

Not us.  We at AFTAH count it as a joy and a privilege to stand with God against secular lies and wickedness in the culture, although it does get lonely and frustrating.  Let’s face it: nobody likes being smeared as a “hater” and a “bigot” day after day—which is why so many Christians and conservatives, intimidated and beaten down by the vocal Left, give up on defending truth regarding LGBTQ issues.

AFTAH never “moves on” – while GOP praises “gay Republicans”

But I say, “Man up!”  (You, too, ladies!)  For goodness’ sake, name-calling and vicious insults are a small price to pay for serving God in a dying culture, and we do so proudly at Americans for Truth.  AFTAH is the principled, Christian conscience of the pro-family movement against the “homosexual agenda” (notice how rarely that phrase is used anymore).  We never bow down to political correctness or political partisanship, even if that means getting criticized or ignored by fellow conservatives who have made their own accommodation with “gay Republicans” or “gay rights” in general.  (Many conservatives just “go silent” and no longer engage the issue of homosexuality.)

Fox News contributor and Townhall editor Guy Benson considers himself a “gay Christian.” Will “conservatism” embrace a GOP version of the LGBTQ sexual sin movement?

Perhaps the Republican National Committee, which recently celebrated the 40-year anniversary of the homosexual group Log Cabin Republicans, would consider that Romans 1 in the Bible contains no “GOP exception” as it describes society’s godless descent into sexual sin and idolatry.

At AFTAH, we never stop calling for the overturning of the Supreme Court’s outrageous 2015 Obergefell ruling imposing homosexuality-based “marriage” on the nation, even though it seems most Republicans and conservatives have given up on that goal, too.  “Kvetch and Retreat,” as Rabbi Mayer Schiller wisely put it, is the modus operandi of conservatives, especially when it comes to sexual morality.  This grieves my heart.

In contrast, the pro-homosexual Left—purveyors of lies and at war with God’s wholesome values—is perpetually on offense.  Meanwhile, we who claim to possess absolute Truth stumble on defense.  Shame.

The sad reality is that decadence creates its own apathy and inertia.  There is a defeatism and underlying, faithless fear that leads many Christians and conservatives to effectively “move on” from fighting the “gay” agenda, and to concede legal homosexual “marriage” despite years of battling on that issue.  Do not let this happen to you!  Life is too short to be Politically Correct.

Now we are told that the *main* battle is against “transgender” lunacy and defending religious liberty.  These are both very important issues, to be sure.  But AFTAH continues to aggressively fight the core problem, recognizing that homosexualism, the revolutionary ideological and political campaign to normalize homosexuality as a “civil right,” is the basis for the Left’s “transgender” revolution as well as its self-righteous war on freedom and faith.

Fake News, Fake Morality

The “culture war” has always been more “personal” for them than us.  Self-validation is a powerful driver in politics and life itself, and engenders a faux, secular “morality” that overrides truth—in its desperate quest to defend the indefensible, as my friend John McCartney puts it.  The “gay” juggernaut—thousands upon thousands of committed deviant-sex and -gender activists, allied with millions of fanatically pro-LBGTQ straights who see this as their “moral” crusade—is driven to ban dissent because Truth stands as an indictment of their sin.

This is why Christianity itself must be redefined and the defenders of Christian morality must put in the closet, as it were.  (Can you imagine getting fined $135,000 and losing your business because you refused to participate in a sodomy-based “wedding”?!)

Remember that in the end, all of man’s rebellion, all his celebration of sin—no matter what form it takes and how it is justified—is folly, as each of us will come face-to-face with a holy God.  In fact, what a season to remember that the Lord Jesus will be our eternal, Righteous Judge! (John 5:22)

[Please Help Us: To help AFTAH continue in its mission to tell the politically incorrect Truth About Homosexuality, give safely online HERE or send your gift to: AFTAH, PO Box 5522, Naperville, IL 60567-5522.]

Do you still care?

The battle rages on, but fewer and fewer people seem to care.  This, too, is the fulfillment of biblical prophecy as Jesus said that as it was in the days of Noah, it will be when He comes again (Luke 17:26).

Do you care?  That is, do you care enough to be part of the movement to reassert moral Truth in a culture that is shaking its “rainbow”-tattooed fist at God?

This is my challenge to you: will you elevate God’s precious Truth above man’s worldly capitulations in 2018?  Will you earnestly seek to do God’s will as part of the remnant of Christian truth-tellers and stop rationalizing your indifference to the encroachment of sin all around you–even if that means taking issue with your own family members who are urging you to “move on” and get with the times?

Tragically, most conservatives have ignored the war on “ex-gay therapy” (maligned as “conversion therapy”) being waged aggressively by leftist Democrats—and with little resistance from Republicans.  I wrote about this frequently through my reporting at LifeSiteNews (where I am now a blogger).

Fake news, real bias

The media are the Enforcers and the PR arm of the LGBTQ lobby, and ours is a constant struggle against a press bias that is so pervasive it can barely tolerate opposing views, even as it touts “diversity.”  If you think the media’s anti-Trump tilt is “deplorable,” know that its bias in support of All Things Gay and Transgender is far, far worse.

Alternative media is our only hope, and AFTAH is always looking for ways to press popular culture—and popular “conservatism”—to confront coddled LGBTQ activism and its far-reaching, destructive effect on this country, especially vulnerable children who are sucked into this Sin Movement.

AFTAH is despised by the pro-LGBTQ Left

Of course, far-left purveyors of LGBTQ propaganda closely monitor us and routinely denounce me as a “hater” and a “bigot,” because I defend biblical morality against sexual sin.  The ironically misnamed “People For the American Way” has me near the top of its “Right-Wing Watch” list on LFBTQ issues, which I consider a great honor because the leftist PFAW is sold out to the Left’s evil agendas.  [See PFAW’s “Right-Wing Watch” file with hundreds of listings on me HERE.]

The enemies of Truth are often fanatical zealots.  Homosexual activist news-blogger, Joe Jervis (“Joe My God”) is so filled with hate that he still claims that the leftist brick attack against AFTAH’s 2014 banquet (at Christian Liberty Academy, featuring Scott Lively) was a hoax!  Talk about projection: you could fill a large book with all the phony, staged “anti-gay hate” incidents over the years.

Facebook and social media tech censors lurking

Big Tech Brother: Facebook sent AFTAH this message last month, about Americans For Truth’s Facebook page being “unpublished.” (The AFTAH FB page remained operational.) Many conservative groups and activists have documented in recent years how Facebook has taken down their pages, usually, as above, to uphold its politically correct “Standards.” Click on graphic to enlarge.

Lastly, one of the greatest crises of our age is left-leaning “tech” and social media censorship of conservative viewpoints on homosexuality that threatens to make reaching a wide audience that much more difficult.  Read this story about how Wisconsin Christian News publisher Rob Pue was effectively blocked by Facebook from advertising my “Exposing the Homosexual Agenda” speech on Facebook.  Strangely, they “accepted” his ad for the speech but then never ran it!  This type of Orwellian speech control is increasingly common, as major corporations are dominated by left-leaning techies and “diversity” bureaucrats with precious little appreciation or understanding of Judeo-Christian morality or the First Amendment.  They silence moral voices in the name of fighting “hate.”

Thank you for standing with Americans For Truth as we look forward to another year of battling against the lies and myths of the organized Sin Movement that calls itself “gay.”  God bless you. – Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH; Twitter: @Peter LaBarbera; email:; 312-324-3787.

[Please Help Us: To help AFTAH continue in its mission to tell the politically incorrect Truth About Homosexuality, give safely online HERE or send your gift to: AFTAH, PO Box 5522, Naperville, IL 60567-5522.]







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