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LISTEN ONLINE: LaBarbera on ‘Liberty Live’ Radio to Discuss Obama’s Radical Homosexual Agenda

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Agenda includes the ““Foreign Homosexual Lovers Importation Act of 2009”

MEDIA NOTE:  I will be the guest on Liberty Counsel’s outstanding new radio program, “Liberty Live” – airing today at 4:00-5:00 PM Eastern Time (3:00-4:00 Central).  The host (in Liberty Counsel Founder Mat Staver’s absence) will be my good friend, Matt Barber, LC’s Director of Cultural Affairs and an AFTAH Board Member.  (Matt is the guy who was fired by Allstate a few years back after writing a private web article against “gay marriage”– on his own time; this was God’s way of launching him into full-time pro-family work!)  “Liberty Live” airs on more than 150 stations through the American Family Radio Network.  You can also stream the show live and take part in the interactive blog discussion at or  We’ll be discussing the Obama Administration’s and Log Cabin Republicans’ shared homosexual agenda.  Click HERE to listen to the archived show shortly after the program, and HERE to find AFR radio stations in your area.

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So Many Gender Identities, So Little Time

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

By Peter LaBarbera

The graphic below is a question (one of 70) from the “National Survey on Transgender Experiences of Discrimination in the U.S.,” sponsored by the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Sort of makes you yearn for the good old days when people were either “male” or “female.” Come to think of it, they still are. You would practically need a PhD., to keep up with the ever-expanding array of gender identities that fall under the “T” umbrella in the “GLBT” (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) equation. Check out this mind-numbing Wikipedia entry attempting to define “Genderqueer.”

Note that the choices offered below do not comprise a comprehensive list of identities associated with GLBT movement, leading to an expansion of that acronym to “GLBTQQ” (the “QQ” stands for “Queer” and “Questioning”) and even longer combinations of letters. (Check out this Unitarian Universalists document, which on its front page also encourages sadomasochistic, prostitution and “non-monogamous” identities for young “queers.” Pure evil.) Here is the NCTE survey question:


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Georgia ‘Gay’ Republican Activist Calls AFTAH ‘Domestic Terrorist Group,’ Compares Us to Nazis

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Abe Lincoln was right: “A house divided against itself cannot stand”

jamie_ensley_log_cabin.gifUnhinged Anti-Christian Bigotry: Homosexual activist Jamie Ensley, President of the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans and a Georgia GOP official, smeared Americans For Truth as a “radical christian domestic terrorist group” and compared AFTAH to Germany’s Nazi Party. Call the Georgia Republican Party and GOP Chairman Michael Steele (contact info below) and ask that disciplinary action be taken against Ensley. Photo taken from Log Cabin Republican website.

TAKE ACTION:  Respectfully request that the Georgia Republican Party (404-257-5559; [email protected]) and the Fulton County (Ga.) Republican Party ( take appropriate disciplinary action against Jamie Ensley, president of the Georgia “Log Cabin Republicans” (and Fulton, County, Georgia Republican Party member) — after Ensley compared Americans For Truth to Germany’s Nazi Party and labeled AFTAH a “radical christian domestic terrorist group” (see letter below). Ensley was reacting to our call last week to GOP Chairman Michael Steele not to bend to the Log Cabin’s homosexual activist agenda (which includes “same-sex marriage” and the attempt to overturn Proposition 8, passed by California voters on Nov. 4, through the courts). Calls opposing the homosexual Log Cabin agenda have poured into Steele’s office following our appeal.

Also, please write or call Mr. Steele ([email protected]; 202-863-8700) and graciously urge him to work hard keep the GOP a pro-traditional-marriage party that does not promote homosexuality in the guise of “tolerance.” Congratulate Mr. Steele on winning the GOP’s chairmanship and send him a copy of Ensley’s slanderous letter (below) as evidence of Log Cabin’s bigoted, anti-Christian agenda that will cost the party support if promoted by the GOP. (If you are a Democrat, contact the Democratic National Committee (202-863-8000) and/or President Obama (202-456-1414) and urge them to reverse the Party’s growing collusion with radical homosexual activists.)


Dear Readers,

Someone smart once said that the first person in a debate to accuse his opponent of being a “Nazi” automatically loses the argument. If this is true, then the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) — a homosexual activist group — has just telegraphed the bankruptcy of its “Homosexuality-First” agenda. In the e-mail below sent Saturday by Georgia LCR President Jamie Ensley to GOP Chairman Michael Steele and copied to Americans For Truth, Ensley compares AFTAH to “a mainstream Nazi Germany organization” and calls us a “radical christian domestic terrorist group.”

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Allyson Smith to Michael Steele: GOP Should Stick to Platform, Not Veer Left

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Will rejoin the GOP  when it “proves it is serious about adhering to its own platform”

Americans For Truth writer Allyson Smith sent the following e-mail to pro-family activists urging them to contact Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele to urge him not to promote the homosexual activist “Log Cabin Republican” agenda:

From: Allyson Smith
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2009 10:38 AM
To: Pro-Family Advocates

Dear Everyone,

I just spoke with a staffer at RNC [Republican National Committee] chairman Michael Steele’s office and explained to her about the Log Cabin Republicans [LCR] and their nefarious activities. [The staffer] thanked me for the call and asked me to ask all of you to call in to ask Michael Steele to NOT give any accommodation or quarter to LCR members within GOP ranks. He assured me that my message would be passed on to Chairman Steele.

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British Columbia, Canada School Curricula Now Celebrate Homosexuality

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Folks, we received this from our Canadian friend, Robert Jason, who daily updates people worldwide on the politically correct follies in that multicultural basket case to America’s north:


Parents for Democracy in Education Society

Len Remple, President; Marc Gravelle, Vice President


Well, it is true and it is alarming.

The British Columbia school curriculum from K to 12 has been revised to present a favourable portrayal of homosexuality and the homosexual life style.

First they wanted “tolerance”, then they wanted “acceptance”, now they want to teach “celebration” of that lifestyle.

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AFTAH Gives RNC Chief Michael Steele 20,000 Reasons NOT to Embrace Divisive Homosexual ‘Log Cabin Republican’ Agenda

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

michael_steele.jpgAmericans For Truth about Homosexuality
Press Release

February 12, 2009
Contact: Peter LaBarbera: 630-717-7631; [email protected]

NAPERVILLE, Illinois – Americans For Truth (AFTAH) President Peter LaBarbera today urged Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele not to promote the divisive agenda of the homosexual activist group ‘Log Cabin Republicans’ – which has just 20,000 members nationwide — at the expense of the huge, grassroots pro-family conservative GOP base.

AFTAH is encouraging Republicans and pro-family citizens nationwide to contact Steele and the RNC to urge them not to sell out the conservative GOP platform by courting an organization that works to undermine tradition marriage and supports anti-religious, pro-homosexual special-rights legislation.  (AFTAH is also launching a parallel effort encouraging pro-life and pro-family Democrats to appeal to their Party to stop promoting a “Culture of Death” agenda.) Steele can be reached at:

Office of RNC Chairman Michael Steele
Phone: 202-863-8700;
E-mail: [email protected];
RNC ( 202-863-8500

“Michael Steele and the GOP need to do the math: it is foolish and impractical to risk alienating millions of pro-family, pro-life, conservative grassroots Republicans to appease a tiny homosexual special interest group with fewer members than the population of Liberal, Kansas,” LaBarbera said. “If the Republican Party is to turn itself around, it must reach out aggressively to real, pro-family minorities like Steele himself — not homosexual activists whose agenda would restrict our precious religious and First Amendment freedoms by using the government to promote aberrant sexual lifestyles.”

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Thank You for Helping to Restrict the Perversions and Health Hazards at ‘Winter Wickedness’

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Deviant-sex-fest goes on at Columbus Holiday Inn but under intense police, media and health department scrutiny; perversion group blasts AFTAH as “religious extremists”; 200 similar S&M events held in hotels nationwide every year

winter-wickedness_abc_report_smut.jpg It’s not too often that you hear a secular TV news reporter use the term ‘smut,’ but that’s how Columbus, Ohio WSYX-TV reporter Meghan McCorkell described the “Winter Wickedness” class schedule (first exposed nationally by AFTAH), which she is holding in her hand at left. Watch McCorkell’s report featuring Coach Dave Daubenmire HERE, and another report also featuring Daubenmire by Columbus’ FOX-TV affiliate HERE. Thousands of phone calls and e-mails poured in to the Holiday Inn Columbus-Worthington Hotel and to International Hotels Group, the owner of the “Holiday Inn” brand — ultimately leading to tightened police and health department restrictions on the deviant-sex event.  A sadomasochism advocacy group blasted Americans For Truth as a “religious extremist group” and said that there are over 200 S&M events like “Winter Wickedness” held annually in hotels across the country.


NOTE TO READERS:  I want to thank each and every one of you who took action against this depraved celebration in the nation’s heartland: “Winter Wickedness.” While the proud perverts ultimately got to keep their dates with deviance at the Holiday Inn Columbus-Worthington, you helped spoil some of their demonic “fun” as police and health official tightened their regulation of the event — reacting to the thousands of protest calls pouring in.

Yes, America the Decadent faces a grave moral crisis, since so many have decided that they know better than God about the purpose of sex and marriage.  But it is comforting to know that there are still a lot of good folks like you out there who care enough to make your voices here.  Get ready to “Take Action” on the many challenges ahead – especially the federal, pro-homosexuality agenda coming on Capitol Hill with the blessing of President Obama (and for which he has no mandate since it was barely discussed in the general election campaign).  God bless you. – Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth


Winter Wickedness Goes On, Under Heavy Scrutiny; S&M Group Says 200 such Events Occur in Hotels every Year

By Peter LaBarbera

The sadomasochistic deviant-sex-fest known as “Winter Wickedness” (WW) was allowed to go at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Worthington, Ohio, near Columbus, Friday and Saturday – but under tight restrictions and intense scrutiny by local police, health officials, and TV news media, following Americans For Truth’s exposé of the event and local Christian efforts to shut it down.

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‘Sexual Freedom’ Advocacy Group Says over 200 Weekend-long S&M Deviant-Sex Events Occur in Hotels every Year

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

fols-08-master-slave-duo-covered-up.jpgSick-Sex Stimulus? Who knew that deviant-sex events at hotels across the country could help lift America out of her economic doldrums? A sadomasochism advocacy group flying under the slogan of “Sexual Freedom” says that over 200 perversion-celebrating, weekend-long “BDSM” (bondage & discipline, dominance & submission, sadism & masochism) events like last weekend’s “Winter Wickedness” gathering at a Holiday Inn Hotel in Worthington, Ohio, happen in U.S. hotels every year. The events draw proud perverts and sex “fetishists,” both homosexual and heterosexual. At left, a homosexual “master-slave” duo pose last year for a photo at the annual “Folsom Street Fair” in San Francisco.

“There are over 200 weekend-long BDSM [bondage & discipline, dominance & submission, sadism & masochism] events that take place every year in America – we bring in a lot of revenue in these hard times. We like to stay at hotel chains where we have been welcomed when we’re traveling on personal or business travel.” – National Coalition for Sexual Freedom Alert sent out in response to AFTAH and pro-family efforts to stop a “Winter Wickedness” deviant-sex event at a Holiday Inn Hotel in Worthington, Ohio

Dear Readers,

We received an interesting email – our first ever from an “ex-sadomasochist” – which contained an e-alert from the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF), a group devoted to: normalizing “BDSM” (bondage & discipline, dominance & submission, sadism & masochism); creating legal rights based on sadomasochism; and advocating for sexual “swingers” and practitioners of “polyamory” (multiple-partner relationships).

The NCSF message by spokeswoman Susan Wright blasted AFTAH as “religious extremist group” and rallied NCSF  followers to defend a sadistic, deviant-sex event called “Winter Wickedness” that was held at a Holiday Inn Hotel in Worthington, Ohio, Friday and Saturday.

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