Tech Totalitarians: Facebook Puts Peter LaBarbera in 30-day ‘Jail’ for 2016 Post Critical of Radical Transgender ‘Top’ Surgery

See update below…

No Criticism of Trans-Insanity Allowed: Facebook cited the above 2016 post as the reason for banishing the private account of AFTAH president Peter LaBarbera for 30 days. The post advertises the 2016 AFTAH banquet presentation by pro-family Christian advocate Linda Harvey. The picture is from the Twitter feed of Alex Matheny, a beautiful young woman who had her healthy breasts surgically removed two years ago in her tragic quest to identify as a man. Just days ago, Facebook “unpublished” Americans For Truth’s FB page, citing similar “hate” violations.


UPDATE, 11-26-18: Today I received this notification from Facebook that my “appeal” had been rejected, so my 30-day “jail” sentence remains. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH:


Dear AFTAH Readers,

Well, what do you know? Just a few days after Americans For Truth’s Facebook page was “unpublished” due to ridiculous alleged “hate” violations [See articles in LifeSiteNews, WND and AFTAH], my private Facebook page (Peter LaBarbera) was just put on 30-day “Facebook jail” notice for the attached post advertising Linda Harvey speaking at the AFTAH banquet–way back in October 2016!

That means for 30 days from Saturday, Nov. 24, I will be unable to post on Facebook or communicate using Facebook’s Messenger service. I clicked the “appeal” button, but don’t count on the nameless, corporate bureaucrats and “social justice warriors” at this social media giant to admit that they made a mistake.

Take a look at my allegedly “hateful” FB post above. So now it’s OK for a severely gender-confused young woman (in this case, Alex Matheny) to have her healthy breasts surgically removed (essentially a medically unnecessary double-mastectomy), but it’s “hate” for us to criticize it and warn parents and youth that this is destructive and wrong? How absurd. Pro-LGBTQueer “Progressives” hate truth.

To tell you the truth, I can’t even keep track anymore of how many times I or AFTAH have been “jailed” or unpublished by these leftist “Tech Totalitarians” in the last few years. I don’t have any answers on how to combat this escalating corporate speech control, which is far more menacing than the government “hate crime” laws conservatives feared for so many years.

Will conservatives defend us?

One of the big problems for cultural truth warriors opposing the entire nefarious LGBTQ agenda is that nowadays most conservative political and thought “leaders” no longer come strongly to our defense–because they are already self-censoring bigtime on homosexuality. (Or they’ve just given up or joined the other side, like the Republican sellouts on “gay marriage“; give them a few years and they’ll cave on transgenderism, too.)

Keep on fighting, and stay principled. We must never, ever, ever give in to this radical, anti-God LGBTQueer sex-and-gender revolution and its apologists. Their agenda harms children, and we cannot let them silence us. Hopefully reason and sanity will prevail over the growing “LGBTyranny” that threatens our cherished freedoms as Americans. — Peter LaBarbera,; Twitter: @PeterLaBarbera

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