Voters Have a Right to Know if a Candidate Practices Homosexuality

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Homosexual activist Wayne Besen is shown here yelling into the window of Boston's Park Street Church with a bullhorn. He and other "queer" activists were protesting the church for hosting a conference about helping homosexuals leave that lifestyle.

UPDATE: homosexual and anti-ex-gay activist Wayne Besen, who is a serious candidate for AFTAH’s Gay Grinch 2009 award, is upset at our article below. Besen exposes his anti-religious bigotry by ridiculing our “knuckle-dragging worldview” (it’s called the historic Judeo-Christian tradition, Wayne). Yet he doesn’t get the irony of being the guy who complains about persecution and intolerance while hatefully harassing Christians and returning again and again to vicious ad hominem smears of opponents (e.g., “Porno Pete”). Bullies don’t make good human rights advocates. — Peter LaBarbera, www.aftah.org


Voters Have a Right to Know if a Candidate Practices Homosexuality

By Peter LaBarbera

Folks, it’s the holiday season, but it’s also the political season, and in every election run-up, we get information about candidates who are suspected — or widely rumored, especially in “gay” circles — to be practicing homosexuals (ie., practicing homosexual behavior; we don’t use the term “orientation” at AFTAH). Usually it’s a call from the opponent’s side who is outraged that the other guy is “gay” and yet not revealing that to the general public. Often the accused candidate is outwardly pro-family.

It’s happening again this year, in at least two states that we’re aware of. [Click here for a link concerning two Illinois Republican Congressmen: “What Chicago Democrats are planning to do to out Republicans Mark Kirk and Aaron Schock.”]

My position and that of Americans For Truth has been clear: voters have a right to know if a politician or candidate is practicing homosexuality (or any other sexual sin) or is deeply sympathetic to same.

Do voters have a right to know that their Congressman — especially one that bills himself as “pro-family” — is having adulterous affairs with women? Yes. Do the same voters have a right to know if their Congressman is himself a homosexual — especially since he will likely be voting on “gay”-related legislation predicated on the (false) assumption that homosexuality is a “civil rights” criterion? You bet they do.

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GOP Skeletons in the Closet – Enough of Secretly ‘Gay’ Republicans

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Republicans with a homosexual problem need to be honest about it with the voting public

Kudos to my friend Laurie Higgins and the good folks at Champion News for telling it like it is. In a culture swimming in the celebration of homosexuality (masquerading as liberal tolerance), it becomes ever more ludicrous for politicians living double lives to hide behind the homosexual “closet.” (Ditto for straight philandering pols.) If a Republican politician or any politician has a hidden homosexual problem and is promoting the “gay” activist agenda — perhaps under threat of “outing” by homosexual “outing” activists like Mike Rogers — his constituents have a right to know of his aberrant special self-interest. Homosexual Republicans have the freedom to run as open homosexuals. Too bad for them if that only works for Democrats like Barney Frank. They can always switch parties: better to run as a Democrat than as a deceptive “Republican” in a party that claims to support traditional marriage and natural family values. — Peter LaBarbera, www.aftah.org


Reprinted from Champion News, July 14, 2009

By Laurie Higgins (a writer for Illinois Family Institute)

Now is the time for those running for public office in Illinois to come clean about the skeletons, or mistresses, or prostitutes, or congressional pages, or homosexual partners lurking in their closets. The past few years have been a veritable anti-treasure trove of political closet cleanings, and many Illinoisans are sick of them.

Rumors have been swirling for years that a sometime-married elected Illinois representative who now seeks higher office is homosexual. Rumors continue to swirl that his sexual peccadillo and deceit have been aided and abetted by those who bask in his, I hope, dimming light, just as Mark Foley’s double life was aided and abetted by Denny Hastert. Those who aid and abet in the sexual immorality and deceit of public servants do neither the public nor political parties any favors.

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AFTAH Challenges WKMB Anchorwoman Lauren Rowe for MC’ing ‘Orlando Gay Days’ Event

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

LaBarbera urges return to ‘journalistic neutrality’ on controversial issues; event raises funds for Orlando “GLBT youth’ group

lauren_rowe_2_wkmg_orlando.jpgAmericans For Truth sent the following letter today to WKMB (Orlando, Florida) anchorwoman Lauren Rowe. You can reach Rowe through her web profile page, and WKMB’s News Director HERE (scroll down on the pull-down menu to “News Director”)


Dear Ms. Rowe [Anchorwoman, WKMB, Orlando, FL],

I’m writing as President of Americans For Truth and as a pro-family conservative opposed to the homosexual activist agenda, to express our concern about your decision to serve as “host MC” for the Orlando “Gay Days” Kickoff Party tonight. Here’s the web link citing your participation: http://www.gaydays.com/events/kickoff/.

Pro-family advocates and conservatives are rightly concerned about escalating media bias surrounding the homosexual debate. It is difficult for a well-known newsperson like yourself to maintain a reputation for fairness and neutrality while simultaneously hosting a “Gay Days” event that celebrates homosexuality. You must know that homosexuality and related issues like “same-sex marriage” are deeply divisive issues in our culture, and I would hope that you see it as your role, as a professional journalist, to “play it down the middle” in this debate. Also, the fact that Orlando Gay Days centers around Disneyworld — a destination for children and families — makes this homosexual celebration all the more concerning to pro-family Americans.

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Florida Media Speculate on Gov. Charlie Crist’s (Bi?)Sexuality

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

charlie_crist.jpg There has been ample speculation in the alternative press that Florida Governor Charlie Crist is homosexual or bisexual.

By Peter LaBarbera

Here we go again, everyone. Can both sides of the homosexuality debate agree that it is incumbent on political candidates to be completely open and honest about their involvement in homosexual behavior — or any sexual misconduct? We understand that homosexual activists and many social liberals do not view homo-sexual behavior as misconduct, but many voters do, and even those in the middle on this issue have a right to know what their representative is up to and what biases he holds. Too many politicians with a homosexual problem are hiding this “special interest” from the voters; they should run as openly homosexual Republicans (or Democrats) so we can avoid post-election surprises like the pathetic Gov. Jim (“I’m a gay American”) McGreevey scandal in New Jersey.

We will need another column to discuss the new, post-Mark Foley politics and media ethics surrounding “outing.” Suffice it to say that such “outings” are usually done (or forced) only when they suit pro-“gay” interests — putting pressure (unbeknownst to the voters) on pols who are publicly conservative yet privately homo/bi-sexual. The message is clear: if you don’t want to be “outed,” stop opposing the “gay” agenda. I was told as much by homosexual “outing” activist Mike Rogers, who said he is not interested in “outing” politicians whose politics are pro-homosexual.

Enter Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, a popular Republican who is reportedly under serious consideration for the party’s vice-presidential nod. Based on what’s already out there, if Crist were to be chosen, it would only be a matter of days — make that hours — before there would be national political and media speculation about his “sexual orientation.” You won’t believe the amount that’s already been written and discussed in the media about Crist’s sexuality and related issues in the homosexual and liberal press (see links below).

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