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Kinsey Sex Interview Subjects Were ‘Sluts and Show-offs’

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Virgins had ‘nothing to report’ to perverted ‘sexologist’

alfred_kinsey_time_mag.gifAlfred Kinsey fooled a nation by seducing the media to promote his junk science as straight facts about Americans’ sex lives. Kinsey’s interview subjects were disproportionately involved in criminality, promiscuity and sexual deviance (he even took revolting “data” from a pedophile). Kinsey himself was a secret sexual masochist since his youth–who inserted foreign objects up his penis.

Linda Love writes AFTAH regarding our May 30 piece on Alfred Kinsey and sadomasochism (“Bestiality Porn for Sale: Depraved IML Practices Recall Alfred Kinsey’s Masochistic Perversions’s Deviant Heirs”):

FYI, My mother, Vivian Bowen, was a student of Alfred Kinsey at Indiana University during World War II. She told me many years ago that she believed Kinsey’s research was flawed. She said her fellow students would jokingly ask her if she had agreed to be interviewed about her sex life since she was one of the best looking women on campus. Of course, she didn’t. She was a virgin until she married and had nothing to report. She said it was only the sluts and show offs (what we would call exhibitionists) who came in for interviews!

Linda Love
“Tame the Media Tiger Instead of Becoming Its Lunch!” (c)2000-2008

North Carolina Pro-Family Coalition Turns Back Pro-Gay ‘Anti-Bullying’ Bill

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

students_raising_hands.jpgSchools can protect all students from abuse and harassment without promoting homosexuality and gender confusion.

The campaign for passing an anti-bullying law was stopped in its tracks by concerned citizens of North Carolina in the final days of the short session of the NC General Assembly last week.

Fayetteville-based Donna Miller, Americans For Truth’s Special Projects Director and a leader for CWA (Concerned Women for America)-NC, coordinated an effort in her county to alert members between CWA-NC and the NC Federation of Republican Women of the impending legislation.

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‘Gay’ Soldiers in George Washington’s Army?

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

george_washington.jpgBy Peter Sprigg,

One of the most bizarre aspects of the July 23 Congressional hearing on homosexuals in the military was the effort to read 21st-century political correctness back into American history.

Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-Calif.) insisted, “We’ve had gays in the American military from the first unit that was ever formed.” Rep. Christopher Shays (R-Conn.) echoed this astonishing claim, saying that “gays have served in every conflict, every war” this country has fought.

In fact, Shays was even more specific, noting a patriotic event in his district at which they read the names of “everyone who lost his life in the French and Indian War–some of whom were gay.”

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Why Is Grove City College’s Warren Throckmorton Picking on Sally Kern?

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

When Christians become quasi pro-“gay” activists…

throckmorton.jpg sally_kern-2.jpgGrove City College prof Warren Throckmorton and Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern: is Throckmorton violating the Golden Rule by joining homosexual activists in unfairly attacking Kern and her motives? See this great testimony regarding Kern’s character: “The Untold Story about Sally Kern.”

Folks, we expect homosexual activists like Jeremy “Good As You” Hooper to take cheap shots at pro-family leaders like Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern (R) — but we don’t expect the same from someone affiliated with a leading evangelical Christian College. Sadly, Grove City College psychology associate professor Warren Throckmorton is becoming a “gay”-affirming activist of sorts in his dubious quest for neutrality (as a Christian) on this divisive moral issue.

Warren has done some good work, e.g., debunking various “born gay” claims, but we’re taken aback by his hostile postings against Christian conservatives like Sally who are more principled and outspoken than he in their opposition to homosexual activism. Later we’ll examine a far more serious question: Throckmorton’s “neutral” counseling approach toward homosexuals, which also has raised eyebrows at NARTH and among Christian pro-family observers.

Below is my response to Throckmorton’s latest blog post about Sally Kern; also see THIS LINK for another Throckmorton blog post targeting Kern questioning her Christian love. —Peter LaBarbera

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Biased Media Polls Promote Homosexuals in the Military

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

“Should the military require, as a matter of policy, forced cohabitation between heterosexuals and homosexuals in all military units, including the infantry, Special Operations Forces, and submarines?”
— Elaine Donnelly positing the common-sense poll question that liberal media polls refuse to ask.



Open homosexuality will undermine military morale. Straight soldiers should not be forced to cohabitate with people who define themselves as sexually attracted to the same-sex. 

More Media for Gays in the Military

National Review’s Online Military Blog, “the tank”

Sunday, July 20, 2008

By Elaine Donnelly

The latest Washington Post/ABC News poll, released on July 19, 2008, is typical of recent polls of civilians on this issue. Surveys such as this both reflect and help shape public opinion, as part of a relentless perception management campaign that has been going on for years.

The Washington Post/ABC News poll is less than persuasive because it includes two questions that demonstrate how misinformation and diversionary questions can affect the results of polls. Question #33 reads:

“[D]o you think homosexuals who do NOT publicly disclose their sexual orientation should be allowed to serve in the military or not?” (Responses: Yes, 78%, No, 18% No Opinion, 5%)

Question #34:

“[D]o you think homosexuals who DO publicly disclose their sexual orientation should be allowed to serve in the military or not?” (Responses: Yes, 75%, No, 22%, No Opinion 3%)

These two inquiries do not frame the real issue: Should the military require, as a matter of policy, forced cohabitation between heterosexuals and homosexuals in all military units, including the infantry, Special Operations Forces, and submarines? Instead, the questions use confusing double negatives, which end with the phrase “or not?” It is difficult to find a clear statement in the poll on which to state an opinion.

The questions suggest that the main issue is being “undisclosed” or “disclosed” as a homosexual in the military. On the contrary, the true key issue is eligibility to serve, not disclosure of homosexuality. Inquiries also use the permissive word “allowed,” not the more accurate term, “required,” as in “Should members of the military be required . . . ?” Instead, the poll focuses only on the desires of homosexuals who want to serve in the military. The issues of military discipline, morale, and readiness are not mentioned at all.

Click here to read the rest of Donnelly’s NRO article: “More Media for Gays in the Military”

Catholic Priest Describes Crisis Caused by ‘Same-Sex Celibacy’

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008


MILITARY MEN AS HOMOSEXUAL SEX OBJECTS? Above is an ad for one of the many “gay” military-oriented porn websites: American male soldiers do not bunk and shower with women; should they be forced to shower and bunk with men who identify themselves as sexually attracted to other men? TAKE ACTION: call 202-224-3121 or 202-225-3121 or contact your U.S. Representative and Senators online to voice your opposition to opening up the military to homosexuality. Read below about how homosexual men with their same-sex attractions compromised the Catholic practice of priestly celibacy.

Allyson Smith of AFTAH sends along this compelling essay with obvious parallels to putting homosexual men in the military. Rev. James Haley’s logic presumably would extend to (public) restrooms — not just for the “transgendered” but for all suffering from what some are calling “same-sex attraction disorder.” Rev. Haley of The Roman Catholic Faithful writes in “The Real Story about Celibacy”:

Excerpted from the article by Rev. Haley:

The Real Story about Celibacy

…By assigning religious men to live only with men, and religious women to live only with women, the bishop or abbot is apparently also following the tradition and moral prudence, or one can more properly say, the moral necessity, of keeping religious men and women separated from one another – a very prudent practice because, in the words of an honest speaker concerning human nature and Christian love: “There is nothing more naturally attractive for a Christian man in love with God, than a Christian woman in love with God.”

But that same-sex living assignment quickly and clearly runs seriously afoul when the sexual orientations and desires are reversed from their norm and, even more so, when those sexual orientations remain hidden from the outside world – that leads to the very improper, imprudent and secret situation that the Church was trying to prevent. In other words: There is nothing more “naturally” attractive for a homosexual man in love with God, than another homosexual man in love with God.

So ironically, tragically, inexplicably, it is the Church itself, the model and guide to moral life, that is encouraging, advocating and requiring the perpetual near occasion of sin for homosexual priests, and, in turn, creating an extremely uncomfortable situation for the heterosexual priests who are not interested in forming one of those personal, lifelong, secret, exclusive, intimate and emotionally fulfilling relationships with other men. And this non-interest from the heterosexual priest is a frequent cause of alienation, resentment and bitterness from the homosexual priests who would prefer to live with, and associate with, other homosexual priests, especially when so many other homosexual priests are afforded that “secret” privilege. In simple terms: the straight priest is neither wanted nor welcome among the homosexual priests….

Click HERE to read the full article, “The Real Story about Celibacy”

What Would George Washington Think of Homosexuals in the Military?

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Building public acceptance of homosexuality is coincident with a general moral unraveling of our society, with all its destructive consequences


Star Parker makes a great point here: the undeniable reality that momentum is on the side of the homosexual activists does not make their agenda a good thing for America. Historically, societies in which sexual immorality flourishes are unhealthy, declining societies, so don’t buy the Left’s definition of “progress.” — Peter LaBarbera


By Star Parker, founder and president of the Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), July 23, 2008

For the first time since the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law was enacted in 1993 by President Clinton, the House Armed Services Committee has scheduled hearings to review it. The law disqualifies gays from serving in the military.

Individuals are deemed gay, according to this ruling, if they publicly state so. However, the military is prohibited from asking. Thus, “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

Activists are now pushing for change to allow gays to serve openly.

We can anticipate a technical discussion. Does the presence of openly gay soldiers undermine cohesiveness of units, morale, and discipline? How would retention rates of troops or enlistments be affected?

We can be sure, though, that a discussion about the general moral implications of such a policy will not take place.

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C-SPAN to Televise Donnelly’s Testimony on Gays in the Military

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

elaine_donnelly.jpgTAKE ACTION: Call your U.S. Congressman and Senators (House: 202-225-3121; Senate: 202-224-3121) or e-mail them and voice your opposition to opening up the armed forces to open homosexuality — a misguided proposition anytime but especially during a time of war. From the Center for Military Readiness:

July 22, 2008

C-SPAN television network will televise tomorrow’s hearing on gays in the military before the House Armed Services Personnel Subcommittee.

CMR President Elaine Donnelly and Brian Jones, a former Army Sergeant Major, Ranger and Delta Force soldier will testify tomorrow in support of the 1993 law stating that homosexuals are not eligible to serve in the military. The Center will provide new information about the consequences of repealing the 1993 law, which is frequently mislabeled “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and will address the implications of taking the so-called “civil rights” argument to its logical conclusions. CMR also will refute all of the usual arguments raised by homosexual activists who want to impose their agenda on the military. All Washington area Friends of CMR, their families and other supporters are strongly encouraged to attend.

WHO: Elaine Donnelly, President, Center for Military Readiness
Sergeant Major Brian Jones, USA (Ret.), Former Army Special Operations

WHAT: Testimony before the House Armed Services Personnel Subcommitte on the
law stating that homosexuals are ineligible for military service

WHEN: Wednesday, July 23, 2 PM

WHERE: Room 2118, Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C.

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