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Joe Jervis’ Homosexual Hate Site Targets AFTAH Staffer for Phone Harassment

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

If a Christian did this to a “gay” activist, would it be reported as a “hate crime”?

Folks, imagine if a Christian or conservative group publicized the phone number of a homosexual employee taking calls for a “gay” organization’s fundraiser, in an obvious attempt to harass the person and the group. Such a dirty trick rightly would be condemned by pro-family and conservative leaders as beyond the pale. Well, check out this little bit of nastiness by New York City-based atheist homosexual blogger Joe Jervis, creator of the “Joe.My.God” website [WARNING: this is a very dirty and vulgar website]. Jervis posts (North Carolina-based) AFTAH staffer Donna Miller’s phone number FOUR times in a 100-word post. Creepy. Homosexual militants love to rail against Christian “hate”– falsely equating traditional beliefs about homosexuality with malice and bigotry. But if this isn’t true hate and harassment, then nothing is. (If you have a thick stomach, check out the mean and twisted comments, mostly targeting Barber, that follow Jervis’ post.) — Peter LaBarbera, [More info on AFTAH’s Banquet HERE; sign up online with your donation HERE.]

From Jervis’ website (the links won’t work on this graphic, including the one to the announced Gay Liberation Network protest against our event):


Help a Student Hear Truth — Take Him or Her to Hear Culture Warrior Matt Barber at AFTAH’s Banquet Oct. 24

Monday, October 19th, 2009

matt_barber_book1.jpgANSWER LIBERAL SCHOOL BIAS:  Please take a few minutes from your day to invite your pastor and/or some teenagers at your church or school to hear Matt Barber at the AFTAH banquet, which is coming very soon: Saturday, Oct. 24 (6:30 PM) at Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, IL.  God has done amazing things with Matt since he was fired by Allstate after expressing his opinion online about homosexuality.  Matt is a highly effective counter to the cultural brainwashing we all get on the “gay” issue!  For more info, call Donna at 910-308-7619 or click HERE.  To sign up yourself at the regular donation of $50/person — or a pastor or student at the half-off rate of $25 — just go online and use the “Online Banquet Sign-up” link at You can RSVP at or mail a check to “Americans For Truth” to: Americans For Truth, P.O. Box 5522, Naperville, IL 60567-5522. Thank you and God bless you. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH

Obama ‘Safe Schools’ Chief Kevin Jennings Gave Dual Histories of Mom’s Participation in ‘Gay Pride’ March

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

kevin_jennings-older1.jpgWhich Story Is True? Kevin Jennings, President Obama’s “Safe Schools” chief, gave two opposing histories of his ailing mother marching in Winston-Salem’s first “gay pride” parade. 

By Peter LaBarbera

Kevin Jennings, President Obama’s appointee to head up the “Safe and Drug-Free Schools” agency at the Department of Education, gives speeches on “gay history” but can’t seem to get his own straight (no pun intended).

At Americans For Truth, we have long observed that Jennings has a flair for the dramatic — and a penchant for anti-Christian bigotry (see his vulgar church condemnation of the “religious right” HERE).  But there are contradictions and obvious exaggerations in the various tellings of his life story — and self-serving memory lapses, such as when Jennings — who preaches “Respect for All” — told an NPR reporter that he couldn’t remember using the F-word in a church to tell Christian conservatives to “Drop dead!

Also, given Jennings’ professional history of distorting the Bible’s clear teachings against homosexual behavior, and his skewed take on other facets of the debate over homosexuality — e.g., denying the reality that many people have left the homosexual lifestyle — it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he plays loose with the facts, as this decade-old AFTAH article demonstrates.

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LISTEN ONLINE: CWA Interviews LaBarbera on Obama’s Radical EEOC Appointee, Lesbian Chai Feldblum

Friday, October 16th, 2009

chai_feldblum.jpgDon’t Let the Smile Fool You….Lesbian activist and Georgetown University professor Chai Feldblum is a hard-nosed pro-homosexuality/bisexuality/transsexuality ideologue and the legal mind behind the Employment NonDiscrimination Act (click HERE for an article about a Bush-era version of ENDA). Feldblum believes sodomy (gay sex) is “morally good” and that homosexuality-based “rights” supersede those of moral-minded Americans to live out their beliefs against homosexual practice. Click HERE to listen to CWA’s Martha Kleder interview AFTAH’s Peter LaBarbera about the Feldblum nomination.

From Concerned Women for America’s online radio show. Also see AFTAH’s article: “Obama EEOC Appointee Chai Feldblum Would Turn Christians and Moral Foes of Homosexuality into Second-Class Citizens.”  TAKE ACTION: Please call and write your U.S. Senators and urge them to stand against Feldblum’s nomination to the EEOO: 202-224-3121;


CWA: Chai Feldblum Nominated to the EEOC      10/15/2009

President Obama has nominated yet another radical, liberal activist to a key government position. His latest pick is Chai Feldblum, Georgetown University Law professor and chief author of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, to be commissioner for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Peter LaBarbera, President of Americans for Truth, says this nomination is a warning shot for all traditional and religious-based businesses and para-church ministries, that untold legal battles are ahead for any that refuse to applaud gender confusion. Listen HERE | Download HERE

Chai Feldblum’s views on religion and homosexual rights can be found in her paper: “Moral Conflict and Liberty: Gay Rights and Religion.”

If Rush Limbaugh Is a Racist, Why Does He Let Walter Williams Substitute for Him on His Show?

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

walter_williams.jpgrush_limbaugh.jpgThe left-wing media and liberal Thought Police are after Rush Limbaugh with what appear to be fabricated quotations painting him as a racist [see Fox News story HERE]. Do those attacking Rush know that for years, Limbaugh has featured conservative George Mason University economist Walter Williams (right) as a guest-host for his popular radio show? Williams, as you can see, is black.

I suppose the radical Rush-haters might speculate that in allowing an African American to host his show, Limbaugh is merely creating a public cover for his racism. But I think the truth is that Rush is color-blind and instead is serving his huge audience by letting them listen to and learn from one of America’s most popular conservatives, one with a gift for explaining economics to the public.

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LaBarbera: Obama’s ‘Different Kind of Hate’ Scorns America’s Judeo-Christian Tradition

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

joesolmonese2.jpgStunned by Obama’s Embrace of Homosexual Relationships: “Gay” activist Joe Solmonese of the Human Rights Campaign — who maliciously equates pastoral preaching against homosexuality with “hatred” — was stunned at how strongly  Barack Obama endorsed homosexual relationships Saturday evening. Read the transcript of the president’s HRC speech HERE, and AFTAH’s response HERE.

From an article yesterday in the conservative, “Obama: Homosexual Relationships ‘Just as Real and Admirable’ as Heterosexual Marriage”:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
By Pete Winn, Senior Writer/Editor

( – President Obama delivered an unprecedented message to the Human Rights Campaign Saturday night. Sounding more like a homosexual activist than a sitting president, Obama went well beyond his expected message of “I’m here with you” on the homosexual agenda.

“My expectation is that when you look back on these years, you will see a time in which we put a stop to discrimination against gays and lesbians — whether in the office or on the battlefield,” Obama told an estimated audience of 3,000. “You will see a time in which we as a nation finally recognize relationships between two men or two women as just as real and admirable as relationships between a man and a woman.”

Even Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese was stunned at the breadth of  Obama’s statement, calling it “something quite remarkable.”

“This was a historic night when we felt the full embrace and commitment of the President of the United States,” Solmonese said in a post-speech statement. “It’s simply unprecedented.”

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Terminating the GOP Brand: Schwarzenegger Signs ‘Harvey Milk Day’ Bill and Pro-‘Gay Marriage’ Legislation

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

harvey_milk_childrens_book.jpgHere Comes the Harvey Milk Propaganda: will this children’s picture book lionizing assassinated San Francisco “gay”activist Harvey Milk make its way into grade schools across California now that the state is on record celebrating the pro-homosexuality crusader?

Folks, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and every Republican who covers up for Schwarzenegger’s liberal follies are helping to destroy the GOP’s “pro-family” brand. Corrupting children’s minds and souls through manipulative school exercises like “Harvey Milk Day” is anti-family and anti-child to the core. You simply cannot be pro-sexual sin and pro-family at the same time.

Thanks to California’s moral weakling of a governor, millions of schoolchildren will be subjected to propaganda extolling San Francisco homosexual crusader Milk — who, as my friend Randy Thomasson of rightly says — is hardly an appropriate role model for children. Kudos to Randy and other pro-family Californians for working so hard trying to stop this public policy madness. — Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth

TAKE ACTION: Contact Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele (; 202-863-8700 or -8500) and also your local/state GOP representatives (in office and out) and tell them how offended you are at Republican California Gov. Schwarzenegger’s latest capitulations to the Homosexual Lobby. Tell Steele that moral issues are an important plank of the Republican Party and that “going gay” will sap the strength out of the conservative grassroots. If you are a Democrat, call or write Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine and urge the party to STOP pandering to homosexual activists and undermining traditional marriage. (Kaine is the current Governor of Virginia.)

_____________________________________ News Release, October 12, 2009 Appalled at Signing of ‘Harvey Milk Gay Day’

SB 572, opposed by overwhelming majority, signed by “People’s Governor”


Sacramento –, a leading West Coast pro-family, pro-child organization, is appalled that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed SB 572, “Harvey Milk Day,” into law.

“Harvey Milk* was a sexual predator of teens, an advocate of polygamous relationships, a public liar, and is in no way a good role model for impressionable schoolchildren,” said Randy Thomasson, president of “Sadly, children in public schools will now have even more in-your-face, homosexual-bisexual-transsexual indoctrination. This provides the strongest impetus yet for loving parents to remove their children from anti-family public schools.”

“’Harvey Milk Day’ teaches children as young as five years old to admire the life and values of the notorious homosexual activist Harvey Milk” said Thomasson. “The ‘suitable commemorative exercises’ that are part of ‘Harvey Milk Day’ can easily result in cross-dressing exercises, ‘LGBT pride’ parades and mock gay weddings on school campuses — everything Harvey Milk supported.”

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Obama EEOC Appointee Chai Feldblum Would Turn Christians and Moral Foes of Homosexuality into Second-Class Citizens

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Key gay legal activist says homosexual sex is “morally good” — and says her side’s “moral” claims eclipse our right to oppose homosexuality


“As a general matter, once a religious person or institution enters the stream of commerce by operating an enterprise such as a doctor’s office, hospital, bookstore, hotel, treatment center and so on, I believe the enterprise must adhere to a norm of nondiscrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. … … While I was initially drawn to the idea of providing an exemption to those enterprises that advertise solely in very limited milieus (such as the bed & breakfast that advertises only on Christian Web sites), I became wary of such an approach as a practical matter….”
— Homosexual legal activist, Georgetown law professor, and Obama EEOC appointee Chai Feldblum, “Moral Conflict and Liberty: Gay Rights and Religion,” 2006, p. 52. Feldblum favors a limited exemption to “gay rights” laws for religious teaching institutions and the “leadership” of faith-based groups.

Will Her ‘Rights’ Replace Yours? In the world of Chai Feldblum (above), defending sodomy and homosexuality-based relationships is a “moral” endeavor. Legally speaking, she sees the battle between “gay rights” and religious/moral opposition to homosexuality as a “zero sum game” — i.e., one side wins and the other side loses. But if the “right” of homosexuals and transsexuals to have their lifestyles approved supersedes the freedom of Americans to act on their belief that homosexual behavior is wrong, then wouldn’t Christians and moral Americans become second-class citizens?


TAKE ACTION: The U.S. Senate will be taking up the Chai Feldblum nomination, probably in the next few weeks. Call and write your two U.S. senators (202-224-3121; and urge them to oppose her confirmation to be a Commissioner on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Tell your Senators that you oppose awarding superior rights to people based on their homosexual, bisexual or transsexual lifestyle — which they would have if Feldblum’s radical egalitarian philosophy takes hold in the employment realm. Explain that Americans’ First Amendment liberty to follow our conscience should never be made subservient to special interest sexual agendas.

Dear Readers,

AFTAH is featured in the report below by American Family Association’s “One News Now.” about President Obama’s latest homosexual appointee: Georgetown law professor and lesbian legal activist Chai Feldblum as a commissioner at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). (Think “sexual orientation discrimination” EEOC lawsuits against businesses if Obama gets his way legislatively.)

Unlike some “gay” activists, Feldblum at least grants that we religious Americans have a legitimate “belief liberty” to oppose homosexuality. But she also asserts that according to her reading of the law and Constitution, homosexuals’ “moral” claims should usually eclipse ours under. (And please forgive me if I don’t gush over Feldblum’s recognition of our moral rights — considering that homosexual practice has been linked as a dominating causal factor for HIV and other sexually-transmitted diseases, and that it ranks up there with incest, bestiality and child sacrifice in the Old Testament not-to-do list.)

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