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AFTAH Challenges IML Homosexuals to Show their ‘Leather Pride’ — as Leathermen Put Out Photo Alert for LaBarbera and Barber

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Aren’t homosexual advocates proud of their activities?



PERVERT SHAME? The sadistic boys at “International Mr. Leather” (IML) have no problem with welcoming guys who urinate in each other’s mouths for a sexual thrill, or porn videos extolling the horrifying practice of “fisting” and other über-deviant acts — but they are deeply, deeply concerned that a couple of Christians might show up at IML taking pictures to document such depravities. At left, atheist leatherman Joe Jervis hawks an online “UNWANTED” flier designed to alert IML attendees to the possible presence of Peter LaBarbera (Americans For Truth) and Matt Barber (Liberty Counsel). Check out the hateful comments on Jervis’ “Joe.My.God” blog post, and click HERE for the online “Unwanted” photos, and here for the accompanying flier, filled with lies. LaBarbera challenged Jervis on why he is not “proud” about IML’s twisted activities and instead feels the need to hide them from the public, while Barber says he’d only attend IML in a biohazard suit.

TAKE ACTION:  call Hilton’s HQ in Los Angeles at 310-278-4321 ; and Hilton Chicago at 312-922-4400 to tell them how you feel about Hilton profiting off of the extreme perversion-fest that is “International Mr. Leather”; the Hilton Chicago closed all its rooms to the public from May 22 to May 25 so IML could take over the hotel as a “private event.” E-mail Hilton’s national headquarters HERE.)



By Peter LaBarbera

Folks, the sadistic boys at “International Mr. Leather” (IML) have no problem with guys who urinate in each other’s mouths for a sexual thrill (yuck), or porn videos extolling the horrifying practice of “fisting” and other über-deviant acts — but they are deeply, deeply concerned that a couple of Christians might show up to shoot pictures to document the depravities at the annual “leather” perversion-fest.

Yes, some “leathermen” distributed my photo and that of Matt Barber (a Board Member of AFTAH and Liberty Counsel culture warrior) at the notorious IML, which this year was held in the Chicago Hilton & Towers hotel on Michigan Avenue in the Windy City (phone: 312-922-4400).

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Man Says He Will Boycott Holiday Inn after Columbus, Ohio ‘Winter Wickedness’ Perversion-Fest Goes Forward

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

We received this correspondence from Bob Knight, an Idaho man who has decided to boycott Holiday Inn hotels after the Holiday Inn Columbus-Worthington elected not to cancel a deviant sex event called “Winter Wickedness.” We’ll have more tomorrow on the perversion-fest, which went forward on Friday and Saturday night but only under intense media and police scrutiny, after thousands of called poured in to Holiday Inn and InterContinental Hotels Group, which owns the Holiday Inn brand. Thank you to the many AFTAH readers who, like Bob below, took action against this incredibly evil event. Please read these three messages in reverse chronological order; the most recent is at the top; the middle e-mail is IHG’s standard response sent to those who wrote in condemning “Winter Wickedness”:


From: Bob Knight
Sent: Friday, February 06, 2009 12:49 PM
To: \’+AMER HI [Holiday Inn]-Guest Relations (IHG [InterContinental Hotels Group])\’
Subject:  Holiday Inn Columbus-Worthington, OH.

Thank you for your reply, and because it is completely unsatisfactory, I will no longer be using Holiday Inn for any of my overnight stay needs. I find it reprehensible that any responsible company or person would allow this type of an event to be held in one of their \”brand\” businesses. As well, I will be forwarding your response, including the original message that I sent to your office, to inform my friends and acquaintances about your lack of concern in regard to this situation.

Thank you,
Bob Knight
[Melba, Idaho]


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Look Who’s Talking Morality Now … Observations on Rea Carey’s ‘Creating Change’ Speech

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

“We are leaders in what is good and right and just in this country,” boasts “gay” leader of group that presents “leather leadership” award to homosexual pornographer

See our adjoining story: National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Talks of ‘Moral Leadership’ while Honoring Homosexual S&M Pornographer

rea_carey.jpgRea Carey of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force says her movement shows “moral leadership” to the nation — even as the Task Force presented its “Leather Leadership Award” to a homosexual pornographer. The Task Force’s “Creating Change” conference in Denver ran supportive workshops on: transsexuality; prostitution (“sex workers’ rights”), “polyamory/nonmonogamy”; and – most disturbing – pushing a “sexual freedom” (read: sexual license) agenda on youth.

Dear AFTAH Reader,

If you are reading this website, you are seriously concerned about the homosexual activist agenda.  So I have an assignment for you.  Please print out the enclosed “State of the Movement” speech by the Rea Carey, the new executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and read it all the way through (it’s about 8 printed pages with my introduction).  Now, why would a Christian pro-family organization send out a speech by a radical homosexual activist?  Because we need to know what our Culture War enemies are saying and this speech is very instructive for OUR cause of defending traditional morality and marriage in America.

If you can’t find time to read the whole “Creating Change” speech, at least read the parts of it that we have bolded below.  Note how Ms. Carey talks about “moral leadership” even as the Task Force gave its ‘Leather Leadership Award” to a hard-core homosexual pornographer at the same “Creating Change” conference.  (Talk about chutzpah!)  And note also how she refers to the Bush administration as the “Evil Empire” – Ronald Reagan’s famous description of expansionist Soviet Communism – just as Iraqi citizens were preparing to vote in another free election made possible by the U.S. liberation of their country from the grip of dictator Saddam Hussein.  Nobody lies like the Left, yet the liberal media rarely challenge groups like the Task Force on their many falsehoods and slanders.

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National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Talks of ‘Moral Leadership’ while Honoring Homosexual S&M Pornographer

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Task Force director Rea Carey calls Bush administration “evil empire’;  group is closely allied with Obama administration and funded Prop 8


Leather Leadership, “Moral Leadership”? At its annual “Creating Change” conference for grassroots homosexual and transsexual activists, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force gave its “Leather Leadership Award” to Graylin Thornton, co-owner of a homosexual hard-core pornographic video company (see covered-up covers of videos below). Above is announcement in the Creating Change program. At the same conference in Denver, Task Force director Rea Carey extolled the “gay” movement’s “moral leadership.” The Task Force is heavily involved in promoting homosexuality and other deviancies to youth in the name of “sexual freedom.” Click on graphics to enlarge. 

By Peter LaBarbera

Homosexual activist “morality” is a strange concept indeed. At the same “Creating Change” conference where the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) presented a homosexual S&M pornographer with its “Leather Leadership Award,” Task Force Exective Director Rea Carey extolled the “moral leadership” of her  movement.

grey_rose_hard-core_porn.jpgThe Task Force presented Graylin Thornton, the co-owner of a company that sells homosexual porn videos, with its “leather” award at Creating Change, an annual conference for grassroots activists advocating the following sexual misbehaviors: male homosexuality; lesbianism; bisexuality; transsexuality; sadomasochism and other fetishes; prostitutes (“sex workers”); and “polyamory/nonmonogamy” (multiple-partner and open relationships).

Thornton runs Grey Rose Video Productions, which states on its website: “As active members of the BEAR, LEATHER, and AFRICAN AMERICAN communities, both Graylin and [business partner Chris Meister] are dedicated to continuing a standard of excellence in the production of videos featuring the hot, hung, hunky and hairy ‘real men’ that represent those communities.”

The porn company is selling videos with the following titles:

  • Jake Mitchell’s [F–k] Buddies;
  • JC Carter’s Sex Tape;
  • This Bear Likes em Black;
  • Beefy Boyz on the Road;
  • Skin Tight and Busters Rubber Romp;
  • Semenhole, Texas;
  • Black, White and Hot

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Pervert4Mayor in Fort Lauderdale: Earl Rynerson

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Would he whip the city into shape?


“What makes Earl different from others?” Earl Rynerson asks on his campaign website. Well, for one, he’s sure to be the only candidate for mayor of Ft. Lauderdale whose credit card records show a connection to the International Masters Association, an organization created because “there was no one place where a Master or a slave could go and learn from the other members of his community.” Rynerson needs God to change him before he tries to change Ft. Lauderdale. Photo from YouTube.

OK, can we all agree that its fair to call a man with ties to a sadomasochistic “master-slave” group a “pervert,” or has that word been banished by the Gay Thought Police (GTP)? Good, then at the risk of offending the accomplished whiners at GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), here are some excerpts from a FOX News story about Earl Rynerson, one of two homosexual men running to succeed pro-family hero Jim Naugle as mayor of Ft. Lauderdale.

Now that homosexuality is “out of the closet” in such a big way, think about how much of their related perversions are also out in the open. Deviance begets deviance, and it’s all about the behavior (as opposed to that strategic euphemism: “orientation”). Note Rynerson’s lack of shame below. — Peter LaBarbera

From the FOXNews.com report:

Gay Candidate for Fort Lauderdale Mayor Has Curious Legal History

Earl Rynerson is an openly gay businessman with a history of curious legal problems and an apparent penchant for bondage pornography. And he thinks he’s just the man to be your mayor. …

Drawing more eyes is his apparent predilection for porn and his membership in an anonymous sex site. While not illegal, they are possible dark spots on the resume of man who is running a campaign to “polish up the city” of Fort Lauderdale.

Rynerson’s credit card bill included at least 3 monthly payments to “Access 4M4M site,” the billing name of a “men for men” sex site based in New York. “The m4m4sex website is for men looking to meet other men for sex,” the Web site declares in plain English.

Another charge on his card provides a phone number for the International Masters Association, which “unites the Leather community online and [brings] Masters and slaves together,” providing services for people “interested in Leather, Gear, Bondage, Rubber, Watersports [a fetish involving urination] and other fetishes.”

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Breaking News: Victory for Decency: Homosexual ‘Pig Sex’ Organizers Cancel Orgy at Doubletree Hotel

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

Finally, “Obama Inauguration Pig Sex Orgy” is called off after thousands of calls poured in

sodomy_slings.jpg‘Sodomy Slings’ of the sort that perverts were hoping to use at an orgy scheduled for tonight in the second floor conference rooms of the Doubletree Hotel Washington just blocks from the White House; thank the Doubletree (202-232-7000) and parent company Hilton Hotels for forcing the cancellation of this vile event that was a public health threat to workers and other hotel guests.

TAKE ACTION:  There will be no “Obama Inauguration Pig Sex Orgy” at the Doubletree Hotel Washington in D.C. tonight. Thank the Doubletree Hotel Washington and its Corporate Office — and parent company Hilton Hotels — for forcing the cancellation of the wicked “MAL Maneuvers” “pig sex” orgy at the Doubletree Hotel just blocks from the White House in Washington, D.C.  Here is the contact information:

By Peter LaBarbera

Folks, we are ecstatic to report that the vile homosexual ‘pig sex’ orgy that Doubletree Hotel Washington staffers were denying was even scheduled to occur at their hotel — and which AFTAH exposed to the world — has now been cancelled by its perverted organizers. This is a great victory for truth, decency and public health! Yes, the good guys win one for a change, and Americans For Truth is vindicated (lies coming from the hotel had many people confused). A big “Thanks” to each of you who called the Doubletree and its parent company, Hilton Hotels, urging them to not allow this unbelievably depraved and unhealthy homosexual event to occur in public conference rooms at the Doubletree, a luxurious hotel just blocks from the White House.

We learned that thousands of concerned Americans called to complain in response to our reporting and follow-ups by WorldNetDaily.com, Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber (an AFTAH Board Member), and other conservative websites.   Lesbian blogger (and AFTAH nemesis) Pam Spaulding has published the “MAL [Mid-Atlantic Leather] Maneuvers announcement:


As many of you know, extreme Christian groups have been pressuring Doubletree to cancel the “Obama Inauguration Pig Sex Orgy.” For two days, the hotel stood firm while the accusations and falsehoods kept coming in. Just this morning, I told the management of Doubletree how impressed I was that they resisted the calls to shut us down. Unfortunately, the matter escalated to Doubletree Corporate, and the word has come down that they will not allow our event to go on as planned. To say that I am pissed would be an understatement. We have a right to privacy and sexual freedom. I appreciate the efforts of the Centaurs [a D.C. homosexual sadistic sex group] in helping us set this up and fight the cancellation. I want to apologize to each of you who, some who have been with me for 9 years, for having to disappoint you at the 11th hour.

Read the comments after Spaulding’s post, including this one from “paulko”:

I have mixed feelings over this… I know what these pig sex orgies are and they need to be held on someone’s farm or ranch deep in the woods.  I am a gay man and find them pretty disgusting!  It seems this event was planned to shock the fundies [Christian fundamentalists] and add legitimacy to their hedonist cause.  I don’t care what anyone does sexually but a little discretion would be called for.

Most people only get their news about gays from this type of reporting. Unfortunately, the reporting is true.  It is time for all members of the gay community to take a look at themselves and how they portray themselves.
by: paulko @ Sat Jan 17, 2009 at 07:39:48 AM CST

When orgy organizers are furious at the triumph of decency and public health over their perversion plans, we at Americans For Truth are very happy. More coming on this pro-family victory….

Doubletalk from the Doubletree; Klingenschmitt Uncovers Hotel’s Lies about Orgy

Friday, January 16th, 2009

doubletree_hotel_washington_dc_home_front.jpgDear Readers, below is message sent out yesterday by Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt following up on our story yesterday about a twisted homosexual “pig sex” orgy planned for tomorrow (Saturday) night at the Doubletree Hotel Washington (1515 Rhode Island Ave. NW, Washington, D.C., just blocks from the White House). Chaplain Klingenschmitt wrote to me, concerned that the story about the orgy at Doubletree was an Internet rumor. I wrote him back affirming that it was not: our source was an e-mail sent by the perverted orgy group itself (Fort Troff) to a homosexual. The reason for the confusion is that the Doubletree Hotel is now dissembling and deceiving people who have called them to complain about the event.

As AFTAH’s original story made clear, the orgy group, “MAL Maneuvers” (affiliated with Fort Troff) was telling its followers to go to the Doubletree at midnight on Saturday, and advertising all the revolting devices that would assist them in their unspeakable perversions. The Doubletree Hotel sales director, Felix Barreras, confirmed to me that the hotel had a “legal, binding contract” with “MAL Maneuvers.” Barreras said the hotel did not know about any of the sexual perversions planned, and that sex acts would not be allowed in a conference room, which is a “public space.” MAL Maneuvers is held in concert with the larger “Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) Weekend,” a sadomasochism celebration held at the Washington Plaza Hotel (202-842-1300).

Based on the notes and calls AFTAH received from pro-family advocates who had called the Doubletree to complain, it is clear that that some Doubletree Hotel staffers have been deceiving people by telling them that they called the wrong hotel – i.e., saying that the Washington Plaza Hotel is hosting the leather event – but NOT telling them that a separate group (MAL Maneuvers) had booked their hotel, the Doubletree, for an orgy. As AFTAH reported, I sent Barreras a copy of the e-mail from MAL Maneuvers (Fort Troff) discussing the plans for the orgy at Doubletree.

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Barber: Doubletree Hotel Washington Hosts ‘Gay’ Orgy, Places Staff, Future Guests at Risk

Friday, January 16th, 2009

rim_chair_man_fort_troff-2.jpg HOMOSEXUAL ACTS ARE UNHEALTHY — Man demonstrates “rimming chair” technique for anal-oral sodomy in this covered-up photo taken from the website of the “pig sex” group (Fort Troff) organizing the orgy planned this Saturday night at the Doubletree Hotel Washington — located at 1515 Rhode Island Ave. N.W., in the nation’s capital just blocks from the White House. Call the Doubletree at 202-232-7000 and parent company Hilton’s Corporate Complaint Line at 310-278-4321. Will D.C. Public Health officials and the D.C. Police Department prosecute this obvious public health hazard if Doubletree and Hilton officials allow it to go forward?

Contact: [email protected]

January 16, 2009;  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Lynchburg, VA – Matt Barber, Director of Cultural Affairs with both Liberty Alliance Action and Liberty Counsel [and a Board Member of Americans for Truth], released the following statement today in response to news that the Hilton brand Doubletree Hotel near the White House (1515 Rhode Island Ave., NW – 202-232-7000) will be playing host to a homosexual orgy organized by the “Mid-Atlantic Leather Maneuvers” in at least three of its public banquet rooms this inaugural weekend.  Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) broke the initial story [CLICK HERE]:

“It’s appalling that the Hilton Doubletree Hotel chain is apparently so beholden to the mighty dollar that it would facilitate – in banquet rooms used by the public – a homosexual orgy boasting some of the most vile sex acts imaginable.  Despite initial denials by the hotel manager, I and other sources have verified with the hotel’s “Sales and Catering” and “Reservations” departments that, unbelievably, the hotel is in fact planning to go forward with the ‘gay’ orgy.

“It’s simply inexcusable that the Doubletree would place at risk the health of its staff and future guests by facilitating this orgy in rooms where food is served,” continued Barber.  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics establish that men who have sex with men suffer infection from various forms of communicable disease, such as Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS, at an astronomical rate.  Lower income hotel staff will be tasked – ostensibly under penalty of job loss – with cleaning up the various forms of potentially infectious biological waste left behind.

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