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Video: Meredith Baxter Became a Lesbian, Let’s Pray She Becomes a Christian

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

“I am a lesbian, and it was a later in life recognition of that fact.” — Meredith Baxter

Meredith_Baxter_Today_interviewSo Meredith Baxter of Family Ties TV fame is a practicing lesbian (after three divorces)? Does this mean — especially since the news was forced out by the National Enquirer — that Baxter deserves respect and praise as a lesbian for her current sexual status? Does this mean that she is being “truthful to herself,” as one CNN Showbiz Tonight commentator said last night in a cliche-filled analysis of Baxter’s revelation on yesterday’s Today show?

Of course not. Every homosexual “coming out” is a tragedy. Baxter became a lesbian, and is now in a seven-year sexually immoral relationship with another woman, following three failed marriages to men that produced five children. (Is her lesbianism a pitiable retreat after failed relationships with men?) The wrongness of her homosexual relationship (from a biblical, truthful perspective) is not mitigated by the current politically-correct zeitgeist that would extend respect and “civil rights” to deviant behavior condemned by God. Moreover, Baxter is living proof that people can change from ‘heterosexuals’ to ‘homosexuals,’ so how can “gay” fanatics like Wayne Besen continue to deny that the reverse can occur?

Homosexuality is about changeable behavior, not innate or inherent “identity.” It’s not about “who you are,” but “what you do.” People practicing heterosexuality can start practicing homosexuality, and vice versa. Each of us is responsible before God for his or her behavior here on earth.

Please pray for this lost and confused woman, that she would repent and find forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Remember: there were “ex-gays” in Bible times. More on this story in a future post. — Peter LaBarbera, www.aftah.com

Here’s a YouTube of Baxter’s interview yesterday with NBC’s Matt Lauer:

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“Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

“Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones.” — The Bible, Book of Romans 1:24-26

Obama to Keynote at Anti-Christian Homosexual Lobby Group ‘Human Rights Campaign’

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

By celebrating this “queer” organization, the president honors a new form of bigotry that equates Bible-believers and even pastors with “hate”

joesolmonese2.jpgPromoting Human Wrongs in the Name of Human Rights: HRC and its president, Joe Solmonese, love to smear defenders of traditional marriage and the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality (including preachers) as “haters” and “extremists.” Barack Obama demeans the office of the presidency of the United States by celebrating this radical and profoundly anti-Christian organization.

President Barack Obama is telegraphing his left-wing sympathies and defiance of America’s historic, Judeo-Christian-based morality to the world. The same man who didn’t have time for the National Day of Prayer has worked into his busy schedule a keynote address at a fundraiser Saturday for the world’s largest homosexual lobby group — one that glories in its anti-religious bigotry (masquerading as tolerance, of course). Yes, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is really all about Human Wrongs — whether it’s demonizing as “extremists” Americans who are simply trying to protect the age-old definition of marriage; crusading for legislation that denies our First Amendment right to defend normalcy and Judeo-Christian mores; lobbying for taxpayer funding of transsexual “sex-change” mutilations operations; or its ongoing attempt to redefine the clear Word of God to serve the sinful cause of “proud” homosexuality. (HRC’s Harry Knox — an Obama “faith council” appointee — outrageously calls his own homosexuality a “gift from God.”) At bottom is the HRC press release below highlighting Obama’s address Saturday evening.

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The Government Is Already Paying for Transsexual ‘Sex-Change’ Operations

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

transgender_breasts_removed.jpgSay No to Taxpayer-Funded “Tranny-Care”: No American citizen should be forced to pay for body-disfiguring “sex-change” operations with his or her tax dollars. In this photo, the (biological) woman at right — her healthy breasts surgically removed to match her desired “male” identity — marches in a Boston “transgender pride” parade. Urge your  Congressman and Senators (202-224-3121) to oppose Obama-care, which will end up funding abortions and these hideous “trans” mutilations. Photo courtesy MassResistance.

Folks, take a look at the shocking photo at left and the Idaho Statesman article sent our way by conservative blogger Clayton Cramer — about a transsexual prisoner who received a state-funded “sex-change” operation. I agree with Gary Glenn of American Family Association of Michigan about the absurdity of how words are twisted to accommodate the “trans” agenda.

Glenn remarks:

“One of the both most inane and insidious aspects of the ‘transgender’ issue is the mainstream media’s depiction of delusion as if it were reality…

“She cut off her own testicles.”

“She amputated the tip of her penis.”

These reporters must either have mush for brains or, in rare cases, feel like total idiots for being forced to report something so obviously inane.

But this is a delusion that the opposition will compel us all by force of law to treat as reality.  And subsidize with our tax dollars.

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What’s Next for Gay-Affirming ELCA Lutherans — Allowing Porn-addicted Pastors? The Folly of Voting to Overrule God

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Woe to those who call evil good
and good evil,
who put darkness for light
and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet
and sweet for bitter.

(Isaiah 5:20)

Editor’s Note: we have received several letters in response to this post asking us to clarify that the “Lutherans” in question represent only the liberal Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) — and not the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, which is the Lutheran denomination that rejects homosexual clergy and remains faithful to Scripture and the historic tenets of the Christian faith. 

By Peter LaBarbera

rainbow_crucifix_gays_steal_christianity.jpgThe recent vote by liberal Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) — the liberal “Lutheran” denomination — to embrace homosexual clergy is yet another sign of America’s spiritual and moral confusion, and how far down the of road of social decay we have traveled. [Click HERE to read the response to ELCA by the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.] The New York Times reports:

By a vote of 559 to 451, delegates to the denomination’s national assembly in Minneapolis approved a resolution declaring that the church would find a way for people in “publicly accountable, lifelong, monogamous same-gender relationships” to serve as official ministers. (The church already allows celibate gay men and lesbians to become members of the clergy.)

If you take the Bible seriously and thus reject as unscriptural the modern, “gay” activist construct of homosexuality as a benign “sexual orientation,” then you might join me in asking: would the ELCA ever have a vote on hiring pastors addicted to pornography? Would the ELCA deliberate on whether pastors practicing adultery or incest should be welcomed into the fold? Certainly not, yet all of these, like homosexuality, are sexual sins. Once again, homosexuality gets a special indulgence from liberals who, sadly, have lost faith in the Bible as inerrant, divinely authored Truth — and Jesus Christ’s ability to help lift people out of sin.

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Maddow Stumbles on Obama-Care and Transsexual ‘Sex-Change’ Surgeries: Barber

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

rachel-maddow-msnbc.jpgMaddow Misinformation: MSNBC’s resident lesbian activist Rachel Maddow (left) lied about Matt Barber’s press statement regarding the potential of Obama-Care to become “Tranny-Care” by mandating coverage for body-disfiguring transsexual “sex change” operations.

Folks, we hope that Rachel Maddow (left) — the lesbian MSNBC talker who is as “out” in her homosexuality promotion as in her left-wing activism — takes up the offer of my good friend Matt Barber and lets him appear as a guest on her show. That seems only fair after Maddow lied about Barber’s statement on Obama-care and “sex-change” operations.

We understand that liberals don’t want to talk (rationally, anyway) about Obama-care covering abortions and grotesque transsexual “sex-change” procedures as “health care.” That is why we must discuss these awful possibilities. (By the way, even before Barber’s column, below, the conservative Heritage Foundation’s blog noted that President Obama’s favorite think tank, the liberal-left Center for American Progress, was beating the drums for adding “sex change operations to the list of medical procedures that all health insurance policies in the nation must cover.”) — Peter LaBarbera, www.americansfortruth.com

matt_barber_in_the_ring.jpgBANQUET REMINDER:  Culture warrior and former professional boxer Matt Barber (right) is coming to Chicago on Saturday, Oct. 24 to keynote the AFTAH fundraising banquet. The dinner is being held at the Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, IL, and tickets are $50 per person. You can prepay online (just note “AFTAH banquet” in the Paypal or Credit Card form) or mail your check (designate it “AFTAH Banquet”) to: Americans For Truth, PO Box 5522, Naperville, IL 60567-5522. Please spread the word and make plans to come! E-mail [email protected] or [email protected] for more information.


Matt Barber writes:

Sex-Change-apalooza: ObamaCare Likely to Mandate Free ‘Sex-Change’ Surgeries

By Matt Barber, August 5, 2009

I got a call a couple days ago from a producer with MSNBC. He wanted a hard copy of a press release I sent out entitled: “ObamaCare Likely to Mandate Free ‘Sex-Change’ Surgeries.” In the release I addressed the likelihood that, under Obama’s monolithic socialized healthcare scheme, taxpayers may well end up funding elective and entirely cosmetic “gender reassignment” surgeries. I was happy to oblige and asked which program he produced. “Rachel Maddow,” he reluctantly divulged. I chuckled and joked, “Oh, I’m sure Rachel will give me a glowing review.”

I then suggested that it would be better still if Rachel actually had me on the show to defend and debate the substance of my release. He declined. Understandable, though. Ms. Maddow—a hard-left lesbian activist who plays a pseudo-journalist on TV—certainly wouldn’t want me confusing all 242 of her wide-eyed, spoon-fed, Kool-Aid swilling viewers with the facts. (By the way, Rachel, sweetheart, if you have the guts, the offer still stands.)

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A Model Christian Response to ‘Gay’ Pride: ‘God Has a Better Way’ in Charlotte

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009


“Coalition of Conscience” crowd of more than 500 prepares to offer Gospel witness at homosexual “pride” event in Charlotte, N.C.  Their message: “God has a better way.” See www.godhasabetterway.com.

Dear Readers,

I commend to you my friend Dr. Michael Brown’s and the Coalition of Conscience’s response to the “gay pride” movement in Charlotte, N.C. In a speech last week to Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ, I said that the appropriate Christian response to homosexual/”trans” activism and homosexual strugglers is a tightrope walk — balancing a witness for truth on the one side and the gracious love of Christ for sinners on the other. I too often fall off that tightrope, but Michael hangs on it as well as any pro-family leader I have observed in the last 20 years. (My only cautionary note is Brown’s use of the term “homophobia” [see this excellent NARTH analysis] — an artificial construct that is now so elastically defined that almost any rejection of homosexualist goals (including same-sex “marriage”) can be and is deemed “homophobic” by “gay” activists and the liberal media. That said, his point it correct: it is wrong to fear and hate men and women trapped in homosexuality — people who need God’s love and grace.)

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Dick Cheney Is a Great Man, but He Is Wrong on ‘Gay Marriage’

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

dick-cheney1.jpg“PFOX believes that parents and children should love one another unconditionally, by respecting our right to hold different views.  Thus parents like Vice President Cheney and I can love our children without having to support genderless marriage.”Regina Griggs

Folks, I agree with the statement below by my friend Regina Griggs of PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays). I am a huge Dick Cheney fan in most respects. I think he is doing the nation a tremendous service by holding President Obama accountable on foreign policy.  He and President Bush helped keep America safe for eight years — and anyone who has incurred as much wrath as he has from the Hateful, Hard Left is almost a hero by definition. (Or maybe I’m wrong: perhaps we would have been safer had ‘Vice President Olbermann’ had the President’s ear during the Bush years. After all, the MSNBC twit host has called Cheney “as insane as any terrorist.”)

But on homosexuality-related issues Cheney — father or openly lesbian Mary —  is letting his emotions cloud his considerable intellect. I agree with some of my friends in the pro-family movement that he is likely a big part of the reason why President Bush never used his executive power to really push hard for a Federal Marriage Amendment. Bottom line: loving your son or daughter never means embracing everything they do, and homosexuality will always be immoral behavior no matter how many celebs and VIPs say otherwise. (Then again: I still haven’t read that fifth Gospel According to Ellen.)

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Jeremy Hooper Misses the Point

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

By Peter LaBarbera

jeremyhooper-advocate.jpgHomosexual blogger Jeremy Hooper as featured in the homosexual magazine The Advocate in 2005.

Apparently AFTAH critic and New York City homosexual, “Good As You” blogger Jeremy Hooper is incapable of distinguishing between a hate letter and a heartfelt personal note. AFTAH sometimes publishes the letters we receive from very nasty homosexual activists, to highlight the true nature of a movement that routinely fails to live up to the now-obsolete definition of their chosen descriptor: “gay.” We tell people on our site: “Note: All correspondence sent to Americans for Truth becomes property of Americans For Truth.” Can you blame us for exposing the abject hatred and reverse bigotry of sexual activists who regularly accuse everyone else of being haters and bigots? (There’s something surreal about getting a tolerance lecture from some irate pro-gay fellow who spews vulgarities as he brings the message that I am Satan’s brother, a covert homosexual (of course), and I am going to burn in hell because I oppose homosexuality.)

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