Homosexual Deviant-Sex Leather Event in Cleveland – CLAW – Raises Funds for LGBTQ Education Group GLSEN

Pornographic “leather” perversion-fest features “educational” meetings on “fisting,” “scat,” “mummification.” Critics cite public health hazards, urge host hotels Westin, Hampton Inn to cancel event

Unspeakable Perversions–and Public Health Hazards: This device that looks like an elevated toilet seat (minus the porcelain bowl) is a “rim seat” used by homosexual men to perform revolting and high-risk oral-anal deviant acts like “rimming” on other men. Rimming is a practice that one “gay” writer described as a “highly efficient [way] of transmitting disease.” (See the MassResistance book, “Health Hazards of Homosexuality.”) The CLAW perversion-fest celebrates “fisting,” rimming, various acts of consensual sexual violence (eroticizing pain), as well as men living as “puppies,” “master-slave relationships” and various other degradations. CLAW is renting “rim seats” like this for $50 to facilitate heinous and dangerous acts that expose men to fecal matter–a factor in diseases like Shigella. CLAW is being held April 26-29, 2018 in The Westin Cleveland Downtown and Cleveland Hampton Inn Hotels. CLAW raises funds for  GLSEN, the leading group pushing for the acceptance of homosexuality and transgenderism in schools. Photo: CLAW site. 

Article in progress — Part 1 — This situation is in flux as CLAW organizers apparently are already responding to critics and health complaints: 

WARNING: This and future articles on CLAW exposes vile, horrific and extremely unhealthy sexual perversions practiced by a segment of homosexual men (and some heterosexuals) known as the “leather community.” It contains graphic, verbatim descriptions of seminars and is not meant for children.


By Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH  Exclusive

Thousands of homosexual “leathermen” (sadomasochists) plan to gather in Cleveland, Ohio for the annual CLAW (Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend) BDSM (Bondage/Discipline, Dominant/Submissive, Sadism/Masochism) conference next week. AFTAH has acquired documents from CLAW’s organizers that describe a potpourri of perversions so extreme and depraved that they are surely unimaginable to the average person. Those workshop descriptions are reprinted below.

TAKE ACTION: Contact Info:

Concerned citizens are contacting the following to complain about the CLAW perversion-fest:

  • [Call/Email Here First:] Commissioner of Health, Cleveland Department of Public Health (Ms. Persis Sosiak): 216-664-7414; email: psosiak@city.cleveland.oh.us;
  • The Westin Cleveland Downtown: 216-771-7700. Special instructions: Westin is owned by Starwood Hotels, which was bought out by Marriott International Hotels; call 301-380-3000 and ask for a Supervisor to make a formal complaint about Westin Cleveland Downtown hosting CLAW. 
  • National Westin Hotels Corporate Office: 888-201-4482
  • Hampton Inn Downtown Cleveland: 216-241-6600
  • Hampton Inn Hotels Corporate Office (hit “5,” then ask for “Guest Assistance”): 800-426-7866
  • Cuyahoga County Board of Health: 216-201-2000


  • CLAW is an annual homosexual sadomasochistic “conference”/orgy in Cleveland April 26-29–hosted this year by The Westin Cleveland Downtown and the Hampton Inn Downtown Cleveland. It will draw up to 3,000 “leatherman” from across the world, organizers say. See AFTAH’s article on the über-perverse 2016 CLAW event HERE.
  • CLAW is one of dozens of predominately “gay” male leather gatherings held annually in various cities worldwide that celebrate the most heinous perversions invented by mankind. See past AFTAH exposés on International Mr. Leather (Chicago: 20162008); the Folsom and the Dore Alley Street Fairs in San Francisco (2009; 2014); and “Folsom Street East” (New York CIty).
  • CLAW features more than 100 “educational seminars” on such topics as: “An Intro to Fisting” (a perversion in which a man inserts his hand and forearm into the rectum and lower colon of his  sex partner); mummification; “Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL) 101″ (an “infantalism” fetish in which adults wear diapers like babies); “cock and ball torment”; “Erotic Humiliation“; and “Scat: Beyond Brown“; “scat” is a perversion eroticizing feces in which men defecate on one another for sexual pleasure.
  • Some of these events apparently will feature actual demonstrations of the “kinky” activities–or at least originally planned to–and are being held [or were scheduled to be] in conference rooms in the two hotels (as well as outside venues where presumably the larger orgies and most extreme activities will take place). For example, at press time, the planned “Scat” “educational seminar” was to be held in the “Second Floor Ontario Room of the Hampton Inn.”
  • CLAW, a 501c3 organization, considers itself a “charity.” The annual deviant sex-fest raises funds for  mostly “gay”-oriented, organizations. In 2017, CLAW reportedly gave $3,000 to the Northeast Ohio chapter of GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network, the leading LGBTQ pressure group promoting homosexuality and transgenderism in schools.

CLAW Sessions: Sexualizing Feces

The following is CLAW’s own description of one of its “educational seminars,” “Scat: Beyond Brown,” taken off its Yapp smart-phone app listings for this year’s event–see the actual graphic below:

Friday, PM Skill & Edu [Education]

Scat: Beyond Brown

3:30 pm – 5:30- pm

Hampton Inn, 2nd Floor Ontario Room

Topic area: Community/Scat

“Scat has been covered in CLAW educational seminars for the past three years and for the past two years, they have offered socials as well. The scat “scene” is a misnomer to an extent as there are literally hundreds of subsets within the scene. This class will cover the basics of scat play for those new to the scene, as well as conversations dealing with how to be more visible within the community, socials at other events, play parties, etc.”

As you can see from the above graphic, the “scat” session is being taught by “Piglet” and Richard Sprott. Here is “Piglet’s” bio from the CLAW app; note his use of the phrase “scat community”:

The bio of the other teacher, Richard Sprott, describes his bizarre “leather family” as follows:

“He has a wonderful leather family supporting him; his husband Dave; his pup Spunky, his dog Chomper, his husband Dave, his slave eric, his slave lyle and his slave jason.”

It is unclear if Sprott’s “pup” is an actual canine or a man just pretending to live as a dog–such “pups” (as the men wearing a dog-head and a tail are called) are a growing “fetish” at homosexual gatherings like CLAW. There are several “pup” events scheduled for the Cleveland BDSM gathering, such as a sort of human-dog play-time called, “MOSH! – a Party for Pups to Play.” It is scheduled to be held 11:30-2:00 Friday, April 27 in the Cattleya Room on the 6th Floor of the Westin.

Here is a photo of homosexual human “pups,” presumably with their bearded “handler.” I took it in San Francisco while monitoring another “leather” event, the 2014 Dore Alley Street Fair (the master is the one in uniform with a red tie and no fake dog ears):

Note that CLAW “Scat” instructor and self-described “Slave”-master Sprott is a UC-Berkeley instructor [see HERE and HERE].

Here is an online photo of the Ontario Room in the Hampton Inn Cleveland where the “Scat” “seminar” is slated to be held:

Below is the portion of the CLAW website giving prices for “rim seats” and other perversion devices for attendees. “Rim seats” are for use in “rimming” sessions and other oral-anal practices that expose the active participant’s mouth to fecal matter. Fifty dollars plush a $75 deposit gets a CLAW attendee a “rim seat” for the three-day event. “Slings” are used to hold the body of the “receiver” (“bottom” sex partner) in “fisting” and sodomy sessions (click to enlarge graphic). Such orgiastic sessions do take place in private rooms at the hotels; pity the poor hotel maid staff that has to clean the rooms post-CLAW:

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