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‘H8ing’ the Christians: Video Shows Aftermath of Homosexual Mob Attack on Christians in San Francisco’s Castro District

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

The following is an edited version of the informational background accompanying a YouTube video showing the aftermath of a homosexual mob attack — including an alleged sexual assault — on a group of Christians that come to San Francisco’s Castro district every Friday to witness the Gospel. As the original note says, “This video was not posted by any member of the group in the video. However, below is an account [by] one of the team members who was there.”

This mob assault occurred following the passage of Proposition 8 restoring traditional marriage in California. Homosexual activists are deriding the successful ballot measure as “Prop H8” (hate)  — but look at the hatred on display below in what is supposedly America’s most “tolerant” city. This criminal assault is also significant in that “gay” activists routinely charge Christians and pro-family groups — and most recently Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family — with fomenting “hate violence.” Clearly, “hate violence” and threats committed by vengeful homosexual militants against religious people and churches is on the rise following California’s electoral repudiation of “gay marriage” on November 4th. — Peter LaBarbera. www.aftah.org

The Eye-witness account of the incident is posted beneath the YouTube video:

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Posted November 14, 2008

Eye-witness account by posted with YouTube video by member of Christian group:

I went to the Castro (the homosexual district of San Francisco) like we usually do on Friday nights.

Normally, we sit on 18th and Castro, and someone plays the guitar, and we all worship God.

Sometimes a person will yell at us, or maybe a few. Sometimes people will ignore us. Sometimes people will let us pray with them.

This time was not a normal night. It was the first time we’d been back in the Castro to do our normal outreach since California Proposition 8, which defined marriage as “one man with one woman,” was passed. We played the guitar and sang together and worshiped the Lord. After just singing and worshiping God for a while, Roger decided that we should all hold hands in a circle and continue singing. So we did.

Someone (actually a person who came up and hugged and kissed some of us whom he knew from the past) convinced some people that we were there to protest against the “No on 8” campaign.

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“Vagina Monologues’” Creator Eve Ensler Quizzes 6-year-old Girl about Girl’s Vagina: Why Are Oprah and Faith Hill Supporting Ensler?

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

AFTAH launches ‘Stop the Monologues Project’

News Release


Americans For Truth
April 12, 2008

[Note: in our original release, we erroneously identified Eve Ensler, creator of “The Vagina Monologues,” as a lesbian; Ensler reportedly is bisexual.–AFTAH]

Contact: Peter LaBarbera: 630-717-7631; Donna Miller: 910-308-7619

CHICAGO, IL – Americans For Truth today launched its “Stop the Monologues Project,” to expose Eve Ensler’s radical feminist play, “The Vagina Monologues” (TVM) — which includes a chapter in which Ensler, a reported bisexual, asks a six-year-old girl several questions about the girl’s vagina. A host of celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey and Faith Hill, are joining Ensler in celebrating the tenth anniversary of her play this weekend in New Orleans.

On pages 103-104 of the 10th-anniversary edition of The Vagina Monologues, in a chapter titled, “I Asked a Six-Year-Old Girl,” Ensler asks the following questions based on an interview with an unnamed girl (only the answer to the last question is provided below):

  • If your vagina got dressed, what would it wear?”
  • If it could speak, what would it say?”
  • What does your vagina remind you of?”
  • What’s special about your vagina?”
  • What does your vagina smell like?”
  • [answer:] “Snowflakes.”

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth and father of five children, said it is astonishing that Ensler and her vulgar play are being celebrated given TVM’s past and current promotion of adult predatory behavior against minors:

“Imagine if an adult homosexual man were to quiz a six-year-old boy about his penis — or a straight man were to ask a little girl silly questions about her private parts – for use in a play! Would such men be praised by the media and famous personalities?”

Stop the Monologues Project Director Donna Miller, the mother of a teenage girl, said, “I find it horrifying that an author would sexualize a six-year-old girl –– particularly when that same author has a record of writing favorably about adult/child sex, at least for lesbians.”

Miller noted the hypocrisy of a movement whose stated goal is to “stop the violence against women and girls,” while it celebrates a lesbian rape-seduction, underage drinking, and a bisexual adult asking highly inappropriate sexual questions to a six-year-old.

The Vagina Monologues book, on pages 80-82, tells of a lesbian rape-seduction in a story titled, “The Little Coochi Snorcher That Could.” In the monologue, a 24-year-old woman plies a 16-year-old girl with alcohol before seducing her (statutory rape in many states).

The original ‘Monologues’ play included the same segment except the victimized girl was just 13.

When Homosexual-on-Homosexual Rape Is Called a ‘Hate Crime’: the Felipe Rivera Case

Friday, December 28th, 2007

By Peter LaBarbera 

NOTE TO READERS: When we made our initial comments on our story, we were relying on what turned out to be a sloppy and erroneous Chicago Tribune story (see bottom), and we had not seen the Chicago Sun Times story on this crime, which conflicts with the Tribune account. I apologize for reporting this so quickly and for foolishly relying on a single Chicago media story for accurate news (not a good idea).

Here are the essential details from the Sun-Times article, “Alleged gay advance cited in rape” (emphasis added):

Felipe Rivera, 43, is charged with a hate crime as well as aggravated criminal sexual assault and other offenses, said a spokesman for the Cook County state’s attorney’s office. If convicted, he could face more than 30 years in prison, a source said.


According to a spokesman for Cicero police, Rivera and the victim encountered each other at a party Friday night in the 1200 block of South 50th Avenue.


“Mr. Rivera got upset apparently because he believed the victim, No. 1, didn’t respond to a female and then, No. 2, somehow winked at him — made what he perceived as a sexual advance,” said Cicero police spokesman Dan Proft.


30 years possible
Rivera then punched the victim in the face, Proft said, and was asked to leave the party. He allegedly waited outside for the victim. According to Rivera, the victim, 37, then propositioned Rivera for a sex act — a claim the victim denies, Proft said.


Rivera followed the victim to the outer staircase of a basement apartment, where he removed the victim’s pants and raped him, authorities said. Afterward, Rivera punched the victim in the head, leaving him semi-conscious, then inserted a metal broom handle in the victim’s rectum, sources said.


Rivera gave police these details in a videotaped statement, according to Proft. When asked why he did it, Rivera allegedly said it was “because he hates f – – – – – s, and this is what they get,” according to Proft.


A spokesman for the state’s attorney said Rivera also shouted “sexually oriented derogatory comments” during the rape.


After the alleged attack, Rivera went to his mother’s residence nearby. Because she has an order of protection against him, she called the police, Proft said.

I just spoke with Cicero spokesman Dan Proft, who says that the Sun-Times story is the most accurate he’s read.

In our original commentary (below), I relied on the Trib account which appears to have mangled Proft’s statement so as to assert that the violent assailant propositioned his male victim for sex. According to the Sun-Times, however, the assailant claims that his victim did the propositioning (which the victim denies actually happened). 

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Media Bullying 101: GLAAD Threatened to Sue Memphis TV Station in Attempt to Block Lesbian Gang Report

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007


The homosexual cultural bullies at GLAAD did not succeed in stopping the airing of the above Memphis TV report on vicious high school lesbian gangs, but they sure tried. WorldNetDaily.com features AFTAH in a story on the media’s non-interest in the ‘raping girl gangs’ story.

TAKE ACTION:  Read WorldNetDaily’s story (featuring Americans For Truth) about media bias and the lesbian gang story, and help counter the “gay” pressure groups that are turning America’s newsrooms into homosexuality-promotion centers:

  1. Thank Memphis ABC-TV newsman Jack Peck (901) 321-7623; e-mail: jpeck@abc24.com) for not succumbing to GLAAD’s (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) blatant attempts to block the airing of a news segment on lesbian school gangs that rape girls; urge him to follow up on this important story;
  2. Thank Bill O’Reilly (oreilly@foxnews.com) for finally giving this story national attention; urge FOX News(yourcomments@foxnews.com) to follow up on it; yesterday, O’Reilly had a GLAAD spokesman on his program who critiqued FOX’s reporting on the lesbian gang story; ask Bill to consider having a guest on to critique GLAAD’s bigoted intimidation tactics (including smearing pro-family groups like Americans For Truth as “hate groups”);  
  3. Politely urge FOX News (and other media and corporations) to stop subsidizing the activist homosexual journalists group NLGJA: National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association. The NLGJA’s president, Eric Hegedus, compares including pro-family group representatives in news stories about homosexuality to quoting “white supremacists and other hate groups” in stories about race.

Today’s WorldNetDaily — “Payback for Expose on ‘Dyke’ Gang Rapes” — features Americans For Truth commenting on the homosexual lobby’s often successful attempts to bully the ‘mainstream’ media into reporting just one side of the debate on homosexuality in our culture.

It didn’t work in Memphis, but not because the powerful homosexual media group GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) did not try. GLAAD “Call to Action” on the Memphis story, reprinted below, could serve as a “Gay Media Bullying 101” lesson on homosexual media pressure tactics.

If all else fails, threaten to sue 

AFTAH has learned from Jack Peck (phone: 901-321-7623; e-mail: jpeck@abc24.com), General Manager of Memphis Eyewitness News ABC24, that a senior GLAAD staffer repeatedly threatened to sue the station if it aired the lesbian gangs report. Peck said the station made minor changes to the story but refused to bow to GLAAD’s threats because “we still thought we had a good story here.”

What is so stunning about this Orwellian GLAAD alert is its utter callousness — there is no concern shown for the victims of the lesbian gangs, only a desire to protect the image of homosexuals in America. As I told WorldNetDaily, “Here you have girls being raped by other girls, and somehow GLAAD manages to turn the homosexual lobby into the victims.” As usual with “gay” activists, it’s all about them.

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WorldNetDaily Features Americans For Truth in Assailing Media Bias on Lesbian Gang Story

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

Today’s WorldNetDaily features extended comments from Americans For Truth’s Peter LaBarbera in a story on the lesbian school gang phenomenon — which strangely has yet to become a national media story:

Payback for exposé on ‘dyke’ gang rapes
Homosexual activists attack revelations of lesbian assaults

By Bob Unruh
© 2007 WorldNetDaily.com, posted July 9, 2007

Two news stories about hundreds of lesbian gangs across the nation attacking and raping young girls in schools and other public locations have prompted a backlash against the reporters by members of the homosexual community.

The broadcasts by Memphis television station WPTY and Fox News host Bill O’Reilly quoted law enforcement authorities, victims, and even some gang members to document the growing number of attacks on young girls by lesbian gang members.

“The Eyewitness News Everywhere” report in Memphis documented incidents of gangs known as GTOs, or “Gays” Taking Over, attacking schoolgirls. Two prison inmates affiliated with the gang told the station they had begun meeting to offer each other support, but a younger generation of members had taken their group over for violence and rape.

Rod Wheeler, who has experience as a police detective, told O’Reilly of a “national underground network” of lesbians and some men “recruiting kids as young as 10 years old in a lot of the schools in the communities all across the country.”

Some of the children, Wheeler said, “have actually reported that they were actually forced into, you know, performing sex acts and doing sex acts with some of these people.”

On the Memphis report, Deputy Beverly Cobb of the Shelby County Gang Unit said lesbian gang members “will sodomize [with sex toys] and will force [young schoolgirls] to do all sexual acts. They are forcing themselves on our young girls in all our schools.”

The report included a long list of Memphis-area schools where such incidents were documented….

“There is a serious professional ethic at stake: Are we going to be bullied by powerful special interest groups into distorting the news and covering up key information,” [LaBarbera] asked.

“Here’s a lesbian gang story obviously affecting inner city schools. If there were any justice in the media this would be huge. There would be investigations kicking in,” he said.

“This is really Orwellian. We’ve got gayspeak words,” LaBarbera said.

“Here you have girls being raped by other girls, and somehow GLAAD manages to turn the homosexual lobby into the victims,” he said.

Click HERE to read the entire WorldNetDaily.com story

MUST VIEWING: Lesbian Gangs Raping Girls; GLAAD Tries to Block Airing of News Segment

Friday, July 6th, 2007

linda_jernigan.jpg Former lesbian Linda Jernigan was asked to speak at a Chicago-area public school suffering from lesbian assaults on innocent girls, but she had to turn it down because the school wanted her to ‘de-Christianize’ her testimony.

By Peter LaBarbera

Lesbian gangs are raping and bullying girls and engaging in criminal activity, but you probably haven’t heard about this story, right? Now a Memphis TV station and FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly have broken the silence:

Click below to watch two video links that homosexual activists with the group GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) desperately tried to prevent the public from seeing:

  1. The original Memphis TV news report on lesbian gang violence, including school washroom rapes of female students;
  2. O’Reilly’s follow-up report on the lesbian assaults

Lifesite.net news — an excellent, Canada-based pro-family website that we highly recommend — has picked up on the Bill O’Reilly segment with the story below. 

I heard about this lesbian bullying phenomenon from former lesbian turned Christian evangelist Linda Jernigan, who a few years back was contacted by a teacher about speaking at Rich East High School in Park Forest, Illinois (a south suburb of Chicago), where this sick behavior was occurring. 

Jernigan said she was told that lesbian girl gangs would drag a targeted female into the school restroom, hold her down, and perform oral sex on her to “turn her out” — i.e., forcibly “seduce” the poor girl through lesbian rape.

‘Vagina Monologues’ condoned lesbian predatory rape

Maybe the young lesbian thugs got some inspiration from “Vagina Monologues,” the vulgar feminist-lesbian play celebrated by liberal elites and performed by many female Hollywood stars. Did you know that the original Vagina Monologues book by Eve Ensler contains a chapter about a 24-year-old lesbian woman who plies a 13-year-old girl with alcohol to seduce her? Ensler turns this pedophile rape into a sort of feminist-lesbian “moral good” by having the girl victim end up as a happy lesbian who says, “I’ll never need to rely on a man” — don’t you just love liberal morality?

Please take a few minutes to watch both the Memphis TV video and the O’Reilly video and ask yourself: where is the rest of the media on this story? We hear from the pro-homosexual Left about “bullying” in schools — as if it’s mainly an “antigay” phenomenon. Now we learn that lesbians are doing the bullying — is the educational establishment taking action to prevent this? Have politically correct, pro-“gay” pandering and the ubiquitous glamorization of homosexuality — in the schools, media, and in pop culture — contributed to this crisis?

How many liberals have joined lesbian “conservative” Tammy Bruce in condemning “Vagina Monologues'” pedophile lesbian rape-seduction chapter? Evidently not enough to stop this lewd play from being celebrated by the cocktail set and from now moving from colleges to high schools. I suppose rape and pedophilia are vile crimes except when performed by lesbians on girls…. 

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UPDATE: Homosexual Air Force Officer Found Guilty of Raping Four Men

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Update on our previous post

Excerpted from Air Force Officer Found Guilty of Raping 4 Men, published Feb 27, 2007, by Fox News:

An Air Force officer was found guilty of raping four men and attempting to rape two others.

A nine-member military jury deliberated for about seven hours Tuesday in Capt. Devery L. Taylors court-martial. Taylor gave no reaction upon hearing the verdict.

Taylor, a medic and the former chief of patient administration at Eglin Regional Hospital, faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. Sentencing was to begin Wednesday.

“I am pleased. I am emotional, but I am very, very pleased,” said Maj. Kathleen Reder, a military prosecutor…

Military prosecutors described Taylor, 38, as a serial rapist who met men in bars, spiked their drinks with the “date-rape” drug gamma-hydroxybutyrate, or GHB, and kidnapped them.

Taylor was charged with two counts of attempted sodomy, four counts of forcible sodomy, two counts of kidnapping and one count of unlawful entry.

Eglin Air Force Base Captain Accused of Raping Six Men in Military

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

Excerpted from EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE: Gay Officer Denies Rape Claims of Six Men, by Melissa Nelson, published Feb 22, 2007, by Associated Press:

…(Captain Devery L.) Taylor, 38, is accused of raping four men and attempting to rape two other men. He faces a maximum sentence of life in prison without parole if convicted of all the charges against him. The charges are two counts of attempted sodomy, four counts of forcible sodomy, three counts of kidnapping and one count of unlawful entry.

”This case is about homosexual activity that is not approved of by the military services in our country at this time…” Regan said…

Capt. Eveylon Westbrook, the military prosecutor, described Taylor as a serial rapist who met his victims in bars, spiked their drinks with date-rape drug gamma-hydroxybutyrate, or GHB and kidnapped them.

”Each victim will tell you they felt like they were drugged before he either assaulted or attempted to assault them,” she said.

Continue reading in Miami Herald…

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