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San Francisco ‘Gaystapo’ Tries to Shout Down Pro-Family Press Conference

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Homosexual militants defend public sex, nudity on city streets; say children (with parents) should be allowed to attend X-rated Folsom Street Fair

By Peter LaBarbera


Anthony Gonzalez of the St. Joseph’s Men’s Society speaks at pro-family press conference at the San Francisco City Hall — denouncing the uber-perverse Folsom Street Fair, which will occur Sunday in the “gay” Mecca. Earlier, homosexual militants led by veteran “AIDS activist” Michael Petrelis sought to disrupt our press event. Petrelis and other “queer” advocates defended public sex on city streets and even said parents should be allowed to bring their young children to Folsom — despite the rampant public nudity and street orgies at the annual sadism-celebrating fair.

SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Sept. 26 — Well, folks, this is what it boils down to in the nation’s “queer” Mecca: the same homosexual activists who have no problem tolerating public nudity, sex acts and sadomasochistic whippings on their city streets could not tolerate a simple pro-family press conference on the steps of City Hall.

Yes, the “Gaystapo” tried to shout down our press event this morning — prancing in front of our speakers, chanting that we were “bigots” and shouting over us throughout. Right off the bat, veteran homosexual “AIDS activist” Michael Petrelis jumped in front of me and our big banner that read, “Stop Public Nudity & Street Orgies” — demanding an answer as to whether I oppose “gays being hanged in Iran.” When I said yes, I oppose that, Petrelis was not appeased, and continued to jump in front of me and generally be obnoxiously disruptive (a “gay” militant specialty, it seems).

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AFTAH: Folsom Street Fair in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s District with its Public Nudity and Street Orgies Represents America’s Deepening ‘Moral Crisis’

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Americans For Truth about Homosexuality

September 26, 2008; Contact: Andre Traversa: 847-318-6413

SAN FRANCISCO, Cal. – In remarks prepared for a press conference this morning at San Francisco’s City Hall, Americans For Truth President Peter LaBarbera said that – like homosexual “marriage” — the public perversions and nudity allowed to go on at the annual “Folsom Street Fair” in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s district represent America’s deepening moral crisis.

The 25th annual “Folsom Street Fair” will be held this Sunday, Sept. 28, in San Francisco.  Details of today’s and Monday’s press conference follow:

WHAT:  Two press events exposing Folsom and the politicians who enable it;
WHERE:  San Francisco City Hall
WHEN:  Friday, Sept. 26, 11:00 AM – pre-Folsom; and Monday, Sept. 29, 10:00 AM – post-Folsom;
WHO:  Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH; Linda Harvey, Mission America; Diane Gramley, American Family Association of Pennsylvania; Anthony Gonzalez, St. Joseph’s Men’s Society

Pelosi has refused to condemn the debauched Folsom Fair in her district, which features:

• Rampant public nudity including men walking the streets in nothing but their socks and sneakers; police refuse to enforce decency laws and even recruit at the fair;
• Public street orgies in which men engage in homosexual sex acts – as depicted on enlarged photos at the press events — as thousands of fairgoers walk by;
• Blatant anti-Christian bigotry – e.g., the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” — transvestite mock “nuns” who work closely with Folsom; and religious-themed “sex toys” sold by vendors;

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So Much for ‘Leather Pride’ — Folsom Organizers Try to Stop AFTAH from Exposing their Vile Event

Friday, September 19th, 2008

…But ‘Fair Use’ law is on the side of Americans For Truth

newsom_welcome_letter_folsom_08.JPG Now why would Folsom Street Fair organizers not want the world to know about (Democratic) Mayor Gavin Newsom’s effusive support for their (unbelievably depraved) event? Folsom’s attorney wrote AFTAH to demand that we take down this Folsom welcoming letter and a gross ad (see below) from the Sept. 28 event’s raunchy “Official 2008 Program Guide.” Are Mayor Newsom and the Democrats embarrassed about supporting Folsom?

By Peter LaBarbera

Well, I guess that despite those black-and-blue “Leather Pride” flags, the homosexual sadomasochists aren’t exactly “proud” of their perversions after all.  At least they don’t want the world to know about what they do in places like San Francisco — just like the homosexual activists hate and mock AFTAH for exposing their very popular excesses (bathhouses, MSM promiscuity, etc.) and the consequences thereof.

On August 28, Americans For Truth received an intimidating letter from San Francisco attorney Jeffry Gibson of Goldstein, Gellman, Melbostad, Gibson & Harris, LLP, representing the Folsom Street Fair. Gibson wrote:

“[D]emand is made that you forthwith (within 48 hours of the date of this letter) remove from your website (and any other publications in which you have reproduced them) those two unpermitted properties which were illegally copied without permission. Failure to do so will result in no further warnings or demands, but legal action against you which will seek both the statutory penalties allowed by law as well as recovery of Folsom Street Fair’s attorney’s fees and costs.”

The two “unpermitted properties” in question are a grotesque ad in the Folsom Street “Official 2008 Program Guide,” and, curiously, an official letter from San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (D) — a public servant — that appeared in the same guide — extolling the Folsom fair to attendees. (Both are reproduced again here, with the ad’s nudity covered up.)

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AFTAH Questions MillerCoors on Participation in Heinous, Anti-Christian Folsom Street Fair

Friday, September 19th, 2008

miller_ad_folsom_08.JPGMillerCoors’ ad in the official program guide of the vile and anti-Christian Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. Would Miller advertise at an Incest Rights gathering, or proudly sell beer at a Neo-Nazi rally?

AFTAH letter sent today to MillerCoors spokesman Julian Green [contact Green at or phone: 1-800-MILLER-6 or 414-931-2000.]:

Dear Mr. Green,

We are highlighting MillerCoor’s support of and advertising at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco [to be held Sunday, September 28]. I am president of a conservative pro-family group, Americans For Truth ( The Folsom Street Fair is probably the most extreme and debauched public event in the United States. As you can see from below and through the links on our site, it features men walking around fully nude and engaging in public homosexual orgies on the streets of San Francisco (as the police stand idly by).

Moreover, Folsom directly promotes anti-religious bigotry through its association with the anti-Catholic “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” and sale of (“religious”) “sex toys” that mock the Christian faith.

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San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom Puts Friendly Welcome Letter in Super-Raunchy Folsom Street Fair Program

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Cites “diversity” and “inclusion” to welcome event featuring full male public nudity and public homosexual orgies on city streets

WARNING: Obscene Graphic of the Sort that Could Only Emerge from San Francisco

gavin_newsom.jpgBy Peter LaBarbera

Dear Readers,

The “mainstream” media have a double-standard when it comes to Republicans versus Democrats linked to radical fringe groups or events. Democratic ties to radical leftist groups like the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, or libertine extremist events like the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, rarely garner huge media attention — while GOP ties to extremists often create scandal. Perhaps this imbalance in coverage is lessening a bit (e.g., Jeremiah Wright) now that there is a powerful TV network (FOX News) and “new” web-based media outlets that do not follow the Left’s lead. Still, the liberal-left benefits tremendously from the media’s non-coverage of their radical wing.

folsom_street_fair_gross_ad_covered_up.JPG Below is full-page ad on page 60 of the Folsom Street Fair 2008 official “Program Guide” (nudity and website address covered up). Mayor Newsom’s welcome letter to Folsom Street Fair participants is on page 16 of the same program (see below). It just doesn’t get any sicker or more extreme than Folsom, so why don’t Democratic politicians like San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (top photo) fear being associated with this vile event, and why does House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) refuse to denounce it?

It would be hard to envision a more controversial event than the sadistic “leather” Folsom Street Fair — with its well-documented rampant public nudity and police-tolerated homosexual orgies on city streets — or so it would seem, anyway, if more Americans knew about it. The following welcome letter from San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (D) appears in the newly-released official Folsom Street Fair “Official 2008 Program Guide.” The “street fair” will be held in San Francisco on Sunday, September 28, and Americans for Truth, Mission America, American Family Association and other pro-family groups will be on hand to document the public indecency and officially “tolerated” filth.

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How Desperate Is Joan Rivers?

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

This desperate:

joan_rivers_desperate.bmp Joan Rivers is playing sadomasochist venues, helping celebrate 25 years of the Folsom Street Fair’s open-air perversion in San Francisco, and raising money for Folsom “beneficiaries” like the Transgender Law Center. And how about this from the Folsom Street website for a dress code unique to Sodom-by-the-Bay:

“If you want to be fashionable, then start planning your outfit now because this event is formal. Appropriate attire includes formal wear, dress leather and high-fashion kink wear.”

Can you imagine the conversation between leather partners Stephane and Jahn before the big event:

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Letter: 40-Foot Wall Around San Francisco?

Monday, August 11th, 2008

wall.jpg Needed in Sodom-by-the-Bay, aka San Francisco?

Folks, we’ve received a lot of reaction to our e-mail and web article last week highlighting the incredible “Zombietime” web report on San Francisco’s sadistic “Up Your Alley” street fair — just like last year when we exposed its twin event, the Folsom Street Fair. (Click HERE to go to the secular Zombietime story, describing public perversions that could ONLY emerge from the “gay liberation” movement; WARNING: IT’S APPALLINGLY GRAPHIC (and evil).

nancy_pelosi_smaller.jpg Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — beloved by “gay” activists for her pro-homosexual activism — could use her clout to demand an end to the government-protected street orgies and public nudity in the city she represents; why won’t she?

While our pathetically predictable homosexual critics played their usual game of “Kill the Messenger” (us), even AFTAH readers — far better informed on the homosexual agenda and GLBT lifestyles than most Americans — were stunned by the public depravities. And many people, like L.B. below, are asking how it is that they were allowed to go on by Democratic-led city officials and the San Francisco P.D.:

Question: Can we build a 40-foot wall around that city, and toss food and penicillin over the top? Seriously, how was this event advertised or publicized (exclusively for certain people or everyone is welcome)? Also, how do the \’event coordinators\’ bypass the law? How do they get permission to engage in such behaviors in public? Why are the police instructed to contain but not to arrest? — L.B., writing via the AFTAH website, 8-8-08

Secular ‘Zombietime’ Report Exposes Incredible Public Perversions Tolerated by Police and Politicians in San Francisco

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

WARNING: Obscene (albeit covered-up) photos of government -tolerated San Francisco perversion


The secular website Zombietime has documented the incredibly heinous public “pig sex” perversions and nudity that were allowed to take place unfettered by police at the July 27 “Up Your Alley” street fair in San Francisco, which AFTAH also exposed. You can see the UNCENSORED photos like this one (which we covered up) at the Zombietime site and then ask yourself: what have the liberal, pro-homosexual, pro-gay-“marriage” elites and politicians done to America? Why are homosexual perverts allowed to rule the streets and defy the law in a major U.S. city — represented by the woman who is third in line to be President? We must restore public decency in California and in big cities across the nation and stop pandering to radical sexual agendas — including “same-sex marriage” — that undermine U.S. law and God’s moral code. America began to see the ugly truth of abortion through documentaries like “Silent Scream.” Perhaps we will begin facing up to the threat of government-endorsed homosexuality by viewing the horrid public depravities tolerated by pandering police and politicians in San Francisco. Go HERE to the Zombietime site; you can choose between a blurred out version or one in which the photos are NOT COVERED UP as this one is.

Dear Readers,

Occasionally we at Americans For Truth are taken to task by well-meaning but — in my view — woefully naive pro-family people for using graphic (albeit censored) photos to expose the real-life depravities associated with the homosexual movement. Just the other day, I was chided in an e-mail by an evangelical who is well-known as a commentator on GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) issues. He was irritated at AFTAH’s “picture show” — as he snidely called it — exposing the July 27 “Up Your Alley” sadistic street fair in San Francisco.

zombietime_crowd_shot_uya_08.JPGI expect to take heat from Professional Homosexuality Defenders and fanatical “gay” websites like Pam’s House Blend, Good As You and ExGayWatch — but not “pro-family” people who don’t seem to understand that homosexual activists are serious about destroying America’s Judeo-Christian and moral foundations — and our religious freedom — if we let them!

Truth is, AFTAH’s “picture show” — provided thanks to the selfless efforts of some Californian men who gave up their Sunday to document state-sanctioned sexual anarchy in the City by the Bay — hardly conveyed the full extent of Up Your Alley’s public debauchery. But a secular observer and creator of the Zombietime website has done so. Like AFTAH, Zombietime seeks to document this (in our view, scandalous) toleration of anything-goes perversion and full nudity on city streets.

Zombietime states: “The images shown in the report below have been published here because they are essential documentary components of a news story; they are not intended as titillation or pornography. … I am only publishing these images for their evidentiary and journalistic value, and have no desire to run an X-rated web site. In order to prove that what I’m reporting is really true, I must necessarily post pictures that many will perceive as pornographic.”

AFTAH’s aforementioned, holier-than-thou critic wondered why we couldn’t have just offered a single photo of the nudity-filled street fair to make our point. He implied that we weren’t being “redemptive” in our work. Had we followed his advice, our “gay” detractors surely would have charged us with distorting and exaggerating the reality of it through one measly photo! Offering a message of hope to homosexuals is critically important, but so is exposing the full, radical homosexual agenda that the “mainstream” media is cynically hiding from the public.

Incidentally, Zombietime, like AFTAH’s own eye-witnesses, contradicts homosexual activist Jeremy Hooper’s ridiculous attempt (also belied by the crowd photo above) to discredit AFTAH’s report by falsely claiming that Up Your Alley “was actually not ‘public.’ This is a paid, closed-off event. Yes it takes place in the streets; but these are blocked off streets!” In contrast, Zombietime, who was actually there, writes (emphasis his):

“And remember that this fair is completely free, and open to the public without any admission charge, and is held on public city streets.”

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