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MSM=Three-Ways — ‘Thruple’ Defined

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

joe_my_god_blogger.jpgAtheist homosexual blogger Joe Jervis and his “Joe My God” blog do more to illustrate the deviance of male homosexuality than AFTAH ever could. HERE Jervis writes matter-of-factly about his meet-ups with a “thruple” (that’s gay slang for three-way relationship). And HERE Jervis and his perverted followers accuse Americans For Truth president Peter LaBarbera of wanting “sweaty mansex” because Joe was mad that Americans For Truth exposed a sadomasochistic homosexual “Pig Sex” orgy at a D.C. hotel, leading to the event’s cancellation. We’ll have more on one of Jervis’ favorite events — a twisted New York City spectacle known as the Black Party — in coming posts.

By Peter LaBarbera

I found this homosexual slang word — “thruple” — perusing atheist homosexual leatherman Joe Jervis’ “Joe. My. God.” website. Jervis is the New York City blogger-perv who, in a fit of pique after AFTAH exposed and helped cancel a homosexual “pig sex” orgy in a Washington, D.C., hotel, wrote an especially nasty piece (even by “gay” standards) attacking me under the title: “Peter LaBarbera wants to have sweaty mansex with every single one of you.” (I’m not kidding.) How does one respond to such demented and malicious (not to mention self-hating) tripe?

Anyway, it got me thinking: the reaction of most normal people to the mere mention of “pig sex orgy” is outrage and shock that such a vile thing even occurs at all. (It’s like NAMBLA — which used to march in “gay pride” parades: conservatives couldn’t make this stuff up if they tried.) But Jervis and like-minded deviance defenders react by lashing out in cruel, kill-the-messenger fashion at me and AFTAH for writing about it (with their favored theme being, of course: “LaBarbera is a homo”). It’s all very bizarre for the uninitiated, but no less so than “thruples,” fisting, twinks, rimming, M-2-Fs, “power bottoms,” “fag hags,” “daddy-boy relationships,” “transphobia” or countless other twisted behaviors and ideas lurking under the “queer” umbrella.

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Doubletalk from the Doubletree; Klingenschmitt Uncovers Hotel’s Lies about Orgy

Friday, January 16th, 2009

doubletree_hotel_washington_dc_home_front.jpgDear Readers, below is message sent out yesterday by Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt following up on our story yesterday about a twisted homosexual “pig sex” orgy planned for tomorrow (Saturday) night at the Doubletree Hotel Washington (1515 Rhode Island Ave. NW, Washington, D.C., just blocks from the White House). Chaplain Klingenschmitt wrote to me, concerned that the story about the orgy at Doubletree was an Internet rumor. I wrote him back affirming that it was not: our source was an e-mail sent by the perverted orgy group itself (Fort Troff) to a homosexual. The reason for the confusion is that the Doubletree Hotel is now dissembling and deceiving people who have called them to complain about the event.

As AFTAH’s original story made clear, the orgy group, “MAL Maneuvers” (affiliated with Fort Troff) was telling its followers to go to the Doubletree at midnight on Saturday, and advertising all the revolting devices that would assist them in their unspeakable perversions. The Doubletree Hotel sales director, Felix Barreras, confirmed to me that the hotel had a “legal, binding contract” with “MAL Maneuvers.” Barreras said the hotel did not know about any of the sexual perversions planned, and that sex acts would not be allowed in a conference room, which is a “public space.” MAL Maneuvers is held in concert with the larger “Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) Weekend,” a sadomasochism celebration held at the Washington Plaza Hotel (202-842-1300).

Based on the notes and calls AFTAH received from pro-family advocates who had called the Doubletree to complain, it is clear that that some Doubletree Hotel staffers have been deceiving people by telling them that they called the wrong hotel – i.e., saying that the Washington Plaza Hotel is hosting the leather event – but NOT telling them that a separate group (MAL Maneuvers) had booked their hotel, the Doubletree, for an orgy. As AFTAH reported, I sent Barreras a copy of the e-mail from MAL Maneuvers (Fort Troff) discussing the plans for the orgy at Doubletree.

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Barber: Doubletree Hotel Washington Hosts ‘Gay’ Orgy, Places Staff, Future Guests at Risk

Friday, January 16th, 2009

rim_chair_man_fort_troff-2.jpg HOMOSEXUAL ACTS ARE UNHEALTHY — Man demonstrates “rimming chair” technique for anal-oral sodomy in this covered-up photo taken from the website of the “pig sex” group (Fort Troff) organizing the orgy planned this Saturday night at the Doubletree Hotel Washington — located at 1515 Rhode Island Ave. N.W., in the nation’s capital just blocks from the White House. Call the Doubletree at 202-232-7000 and parent company Hilton’s Corporate Complaint Line at 310-278-4321. Will D.C. Public Health officials and the D.C. Police Department prosecute this obvious public health hazard if Doubletree and Hilton officials allow it to go forward?


January 16, 2009;  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Lynchburg, VA – Matt Barber, Director of Cultural Affairs with both Liberty Alliance Action and Liberty Counsel [and a Board Member of Americans for Truth], released the following statement today in response to news that the Hilton brand Doubletree Hotel near the White House (1515 Rhode Island Ave., NW – 202-232-7000) will be playing host to a homosexual orgy organized by the “Mid-Atlantic Leather Maneuvers” in at least three of its public banquet rooms this inaugural weekend.  Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) broke the initial story [CLICK HERE]:

“It’s appalling that the Hilton Doubletree Hotel chain is apparently so beholden to the mighty dollar that it would facilitate – in banquet rooms used by the public – a homosexual orgy boasting some of the most vile sex acts imaginable.  Despite initial denials by the hotel manager, I and other sources have verified with the hotel’s “Sales and Catering” and “Reservations” departments that, unbelievably, the hotel is in fact planning to go forward with the ‘gay’ orgy.

“It’s simply inexcusable that the Doubletree would place at risk the health of its staff and future guests by facilitating this orgy in rooms where food is served,” continued Barber.  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics establish that men who have sex with men suffer infection from various forms of communicable disease, such as Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS, at an astronomical rate.  Lower income hotel staff will be tasked – ostensibly under penalty of job loss – with cleaning up the various forms of potentially infectious biological waste left behind.

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Four Judges Force Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ on Connecticut

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

fols_08_illegitimate_love.jpgHomosexual so-called “marriage” is wrong first and foremost because homosexual behavior and relationships are always wrong. Marriage was given by God to celebrate His divine plan of uniting man and woman to create a family and reflect Christ’s love for His Church — not to bless “unions” based on sinful and deviant sexuality. Any church that blesses “gay marriage” or same-sex relationships is a false church. And government recognition of counterfeit same-sex “marriage” will force such arrangements to be taught as normal to young students. It also will force small businesses to subsidize sodomy-based “marriages” with company benefits — like they do with normal, married employees. Thankfully, God through Christ has delivered thousands of men and women from homosexuality. This photo was taken Sept. 28 by AFTAH at the Folsom Street Fair, a massive outdoor deviant sex celebration in San Francisco. Click on photo (twice) to enlarge.– Peter LaBarbera

Below are messages sent out yesterday (Oct. 10, 2008) by the Ohio-based Citizens for Community Values (CCV), and the Family Institute of Connecticut Action (FIC). CCV led the effort to pass the Marriage Protection Amendment referred to below — which is one of the strongest such amendments in terms of its coverage nationwide


CCV writes:

Pray for our nation!

Four judges force same-sex marriage on Connecticut

In yet another tragic usurpation of legislative authority, four judges in the Connecticut Supreme Court today redefined marriage for all the residents of that state. Four agenda-driven judges have distorted the Biblical truth of marriage as the union of one man and one woman only – the truth that has been recognized by every thriving society since the beginning of civilization.

By a 4-3 majority, the Connecticut Supreme Court today ruled that the Connecticut law banning same-sex marriage, a law put in place by the citizens’ elected representatives, was unconstitutional. Connecticut thereby joins Massachusetts and California as the only states that have rejected the truth of marriage by accepting “same-sex marriages.” In both of those other states, as well, same-sex marriage was forced upon citizens by four out-of-control judges acting contrary to the expressed will of the people.

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LISTEN ONLINE — Harvey, LaBarbera Discuss Folsom Deviant Sex Fair

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Concerned Women for America writes regarding our interview with CWA’s Marth Kleder:

Folsom Street Fair: a Newcomer’s View

Despite entry signs stating that “nudity is illegal” public nudity and even sex acts were a common sight at this year’s Folsom Street Fair. Peter LaBarbera, President of Americans for Truth, and Linda Harvey, Director of Mission America, note that the perversion, darkness and anti-Christian bigotry that typify this annual street fair, is a sign of things to come for communities across our nation as the result of anti-discrimination laws aimed at protecting sexual choices and practices gain a greater foothold. While Peter has exposed this event twice in the past, Linda viewed it for the first time as an average citizen. She shares her perspective on the fair, its approval by civic leaders and its implications for future public safety and education policies. Click HERE to listen  | Download by clicking HERE

Slavery Makes a Comeback at Deviant Sex ‘Folsom Fair’ in ‘Progressive’ San Francisco — Coming to a City Near You?

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Will Speaker Nancy Pelosi push San Francisco Democrats to put an end to this law-breaking in her own district?

fols-08-master-slave-duo-covered-up.jpg SLAVERY IS BACK — IN “PROGRESSIVE” SAN FRANCISCO (click on photos, twice, to enlarge). The “partners” in an African-American “master-slave relationship” mug for the camera (genitalia is covered up) outside the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco Sept. 28, 2008. Note the leash and collar allowing the hand-cuffed “slave” to be led around like a dog. And the homosexual lobby and its leftist enablers call this return to (consensual) slavery “progressive”? (The second-largest homosexual organization, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force — which has given large amounts of money to defeat the Prop 8 amendment to restore traditional marriage in California — gives out a “Leather Leadership Award” at its “Creating Change” conferences.)

Note that this public nudity occurred outside the police-protected boundaries of Folsom (see metal fence in background, blocking the street at an entrance point). San Francisco police — hence law and order — are totally compromised in this “queer” Mecca, where outlandish behaviors and various human degradations — including men urinating on and in one another — are celebrated as mere “orientations.” Apparently it’s no big deal in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D) congressional district to see men strutting around the city completely naked — and Pelosi won’t denounce it (or help to stop it) for fear of alienating her powerful homosexual constituency. We were told that there are other public events in San Francisco that “tolerate” full nudity — but Folsom alone joins that with its pornographic promotion of homosexual sex clubs and depraved, promiscuous behaviors (e.g., orgiastic “pig sex”), which constitute a public health hazard and help spread disease worldwide.

Folks, this year we thought it would be beneficial for other pro-family leaders and advocates to join Americans For Truth in venturing to the world’s most famous “queer” Mecca, San Francisco, to observe the incredible goings-on at the annual “Folsom Street Fair.” Folsom is a sadomasochistic street celebration occupying 13 blocks — featuring rampant full public nudity and public whippings — all countenanced by city officials and the SFPD, which also recruits at the “fair.” Like last year, we witnessed sex acts on the streets, but a Folsom spokesman assured us that they are cracking down on that. Folsom is also the third largest outdoor event in California — drawing homosexual, heterosexual and bisexual people who are into various sexual “fetishes,” such as the “master-slave” duo above.

fols-08_protest_anthony_gonzalez.jpgThis was also the first year that we worked with other pro-family advocates to protest Folsom: the St. Joseph’s Men Society fielded a few men with our sign across the street from one of the busy entrance points to the “fair.” (See photo at right; St. Joseph’s president Anthony Gonzalez is holding the “Vote YES on Prop 8 sign in his right hand while talking to a reporter.) Thanks to all who helped out at the protest and our coalition press conference — where we were shouted down by intolerant homosexual militants as police stood passively by.

As we’ve said many times, we find it newsworthy that this and another extreme “leather” event occur annually in the district of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D), who is third in line to President of the United States. Over and over we were told by San Franciscans (leather advocates and otherwise) that Folsom is just part of what makes this a uniquely tolerant and quirky city — and if we didn’t like it, why don’t we just stay away? The answer is that we want people across the USA and the world to understand what “tolerance” has become in this Democratic-led city — and where that “gay agenda” that homosexual activists keep telling us doesn’t exist ultimately leads. Here is our friend Diane Gramley’s account of what we witnessed. — Peter LaBarbera,


Is This Headed for a Town Near You?

By Diane Gramley, American Family Association of Pennsylvania

WARNING:   Adult content

How does one put into words what I witnessed on Sunday, September 28th in San Francisco?  How does one explain men walking down city streets totally nude, bare-breasted and bare-bottomed women, public whippings and sex acts?  San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair was just as depraved as reports I’d read of past ‘fairs.’ Why would a city allow this to happen? We are told it’s ‘tolerance’ that requires them to turn a blind eye to such depravity. Although they do not call it depravity, they call it being ‘progressive.’  What new acts will ‘tolerance’ allow in the future?

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The Streets of San Francisco, Part 2: Folsom Street Fair Seeks to Normalize Public Nudity and (Consensual) Sex Violence

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

folsom08-sf_health_dept_hugging_lifesize_penis.jpgONLY IN SAN FRANCISCO: A Folsom Street Fair attendee hugs a life-size penis wrapped in a leather vest — in a booth run by the city’s Departmet of Public Health. Passers-by were encouraged to hug this and another huge penis. San Francisco city supervisors welcomed the raunchy Folsom Fair, an outdoor celebration of sadomasochism that featured thousands of men walking around fully naked as police stood by and did nothing. Click on photo to enlarge.

The following is the account by Linda Harvey, my friend and the founder of the Ohio-based group Mission America, about our walk through the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco September 28. We were joined by Diane Gramley of American Family Association of Pennsylvania, whose account we will also post. —Peter LaBarbera


By Linda Harvey


SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Sept. 30 — The need to pass California’s Proposition 8, upholding marriage between one man and one woman, has never been greater in my view after spending an afternoon at the San Francisco Folsom Street Fair on September 28.With well over 100,000 attendees, it’s unfortunately the third largest street event in California.

Folsom Street displayed the fully ripened rotten fruit of ‘tolerance’ and showed where it takes us: toward public nudity, public sex and consensual sex violence. The goal of same sex ‘marriage’ is the legitimate-appearing sister with an ugly evil twin: the movement toward total pansexual license throughout our culture. And concern for the effect on kids? Out the window.

We observed many buttons and signs urging ‘no’ votes on Prop 8 and also many signs supporting Barack Obama. This is the kind of wise public policy we can anticipate as a Folsom Fair mentality gains legitimacy, which it clearly has in San Francisco.

Along with the heads of several other pro-family groups, I spent four excruciating hours walking through the fair, documenting its horrors. One might ask, why bother? Two reasons. Here in San Francisco, most no longer have a problem with such outlandish behavior. These radical, misguided and lost people need to be challenged out of their comfort with this depravity. Can any of them be pulled from this fire?

But local officials seem entrenched in the endorsement of depravity. Mayor Gavin Newsom issued a letter last week congratulating the Fair on its 25 year anniversary. U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, third in line for the presidency, represents San Francisco but she has yet to utter a word of criticism against the Fair, even with its history of virulent anti-Christian blasphemy.

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LaBarbera: San Francisco Bans Cigarettes while Promoting Public Health Hazard that Is Folsom Street Fair

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Huge sadistic celebration another marker of America’s steep moral decline

cigarettes.jpgSan Francisco politicians voted to ban the sale of cigarettes in city drug stores — while they extol the Folsom Street Fair with its illegal public orgies, celebration of hyper-promiscuous homosexual “pig sex,” and promotion of disease-spreading gay sex clubs like “Blow Buddies” and Steamworks. Meanwhile, Folsom doubles as an AIDS fundraiser and the San Francisco Department of Public Health has two booths at the event — go figure. 

Below is the statement that I read at our press conference Friday, over the shouts of intolerant homosexual activists. Can you imagine if our national media reported on America’s moral decline with the urgency that it has covered the current economic crisis?–Peter LaBarbera

Statement by Peter LaBarbera, President, Americans For Truth, at press conference condemning San Francisco Folsom Street Fair, Sept. 26, 2008, San Francisco City Hall:

I want you to forget for a moment that the four people who stand before you are religious or that we represent conservative organizations diametrically opposed to the GLBT movement.  Discount that three of us come from outside the Bay area and put aside, if you can, the stereotypes that some of you have of the so-called “Religious Right.”

folsom_web_promo.jpgNow consider what we are here to expose and criticize.  Every year – in fact, twice a year now – San Francisco plays eager host to street fairs like the Folsom Street Fair this Sunday that feature the following (most of which I have personally witnessed as a critical observer):

•    Rampant public nudity including men walking the streets in nothing but their socks and sneakers;
•    Public street orgies in which men engage in heinous sex acts – as depicted on these enlarged photos [blow-ups of AFTAH web photos like those HERE and HERE] — as thousands of fairgoers walk by;
•    Public sadistic whippings, acts of “consensual” degradation including men urinating on one another – for pleasure — and “master-and-slave” partners or perverse arrangements in which one partner plays the role of an animal, led around on a dog-collar by his “master”;
•    Blatant anti-Christian bigotry – e.g., the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” — transvestite mock “nuns” who work closely with Folsom; and religious-themed “sex toys” sold by vendors;
•    Public health hazards: Folsom promotes local gay sex clubs like “Blow Buddies” and Steamworks, a Berkeley bathhouse where men go for anonymous sexual encounters with other men (including condomless, “barebacking” anal sex) that spread diseases;
•    Police blame their inaction amidst all the illegal, debauched acts on politicians who tell them not to intervene or enforce the law. At the same time, the SFPD recruits at this sordid affair [the police have a booth at Folsom again this year] — an all-time low and embarrassment for men in blue everywhere whose mission is supposed to be “law enforcement.”

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