Pro-Homosexual Media Ignore Strong Minority Presence at ‘March for Marriage’

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Massive Reuters poll finds only 41 percent support ‘gay marriage’

If the Republican Party wants to gain minority voters, perhaps it should strengthen, not weaken, it's pro-natural-marriage advocacy.

Pro-family citizens march in Washington, D.C., to uphold marriage as one-man, one-woman. If the Republican Party wants to gain minority voters, perhaps it should strengthen, not weaken, it’s pro-natural-marriage advocacy and speak out against the “gay” activist proposition that compares rights based on homosexuality to real civil rights.

The following is excepted from Accuracy in Media; click HERE for the full story:

More Dishonest Coverage from the Pro-Homosexual Media

By Cliff Kincaid, March 29, 2013

A big news story came out of Tuesday’s March for Marriage demonstration in Washington, D.C. But it didn’t make “news” in the major media. As one who covered the event, it was significant that there were so many members of minority groups. This was not a mostly white crowd. In addition to the presence of black, Hispanic and Asian supporters of traditional marriage, there were some notable Democrats, such as New York State Senator Ruben Díaz, and he let people know he was several minorities in one.

“I’m Puerto Rican,” he said. “I’m black, with kinky hair. I am a Democrat and I am a senator. I’m against abortion. I’m against same-sex marriage, and I won the last election with 89 percent of the vote.”

J.C. Derrick of World magazine has a good analysis of how the major media, led by The Washington Post, virtually ignored the March for Marriage. But unless you actually see what happened on the ground, as the thousands of traditional marriage supporters held their demonstration, you would miss the true significance of how dishonest the media’s coverage of this issue has become.

The March for Marriage went by the Supreme Court before returning to the National Mall location where the rally was held. The group has posted a video of excerpts of the major speeches.

Ken McIntyre of the Heritage Foundation wrote a dispatch, with pictures: “Marching for Marriage—and Children.” John Burger of the Catholic World Report estimated the crowd at 10,000. Based on attendance at several rallies in the nation’s capital, I put the crowd size at about 5,000.

Díaz, the New York state senator, led an all-night vigil for the rally of 32 buses filled with Pentecostal ministers and members of the New York Hispanic Clergy Organization.

He was the only Democratic state senator in 2011 to cast a “No” vote on the homosexual marriage bill in New York State and he was the only lawmaker to rise to speak against it. “God, not Albany, has settled the definition of marriage, a long time ago,” Díaz said.

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Belz to Christians: Stop Apologizing for Single Issue Advocacy

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

now-lesbian-activism.jpgNew Jersey NOW activists demonstrate for lesbian so-called “marriage”: there is no shortage of single-minded (non-apologetic) pro-homosexuality and pro-abortion activists on the Left.

Below is an excellent column by Joel Belz, founder of WORLD magazine, answering some of the current Christian gibberish critical of believers who fight for Truth in the public square. (Click HERE for the full column in WORLD.) While we’re at it, here are 20 more good reasons why Christians (or anyone) should never feel guilty about a single-minded focus in countering the homosexual/transsexual activist and pro-abortion lobbies:

  1. Human Rights Campaign (largest pro-homosexual PAC);
  2. National Gay and Lesbian Task Force;
  3. Lambda Legal;
  4. NARAL Pro-Choice American (formerly National Abortion Rights Action League, which cruelly defends even later-term abortions).
  5. GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation;
  6. GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network);
  7. NOW (they manage to promote both lesbianism and abortion-on-demand);
  8. MTV (obnoxious in its one-sided promotion of homosexuality, bisexuality, etc.);
  9. Soulforce and other Bible-twisting, “queer theology”-promoting groups;
  10. Radical, reason-challenged, pro-homosexual websites like young Jeremy Hooper’s Good As You blog, Wayne (“Anything But Straight”) Besen’s ‘ex-gay’-hating Truth Wins Out, and lesbian Pam (“Jeebus”) Spaulding’s Pam’s House Blend;
  11. National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association;
  12. EMILY’s List (a pro-abortion PAC)
  13. Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (working to open up the military to homosexuals);
  14. ACLU’s Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Project;
  15. Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.)
  16. Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI)
  17. Tim Gill (homosexual money-man)
  18. Pro-homosexual activist groups like Equality Illinois fighting in all 50 states for radical legislation that undermines marriage;
  19. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
  20. PFLAG (Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians & Gays), a radical pro-homosexual group.


Belz writes for WORLD:

Stop Apologizing!
It’s not always wrong to be a “single-issue” advocate

It’s become an increasingly frequent reminder to us evangelical Christians not to let our cultural identity be framed by “single issues.”

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Gay Activists & Gay Reporters Mingle and Strategize Together at Homosexual Journalists Conference

Friday, September 7th, 2007

foxnewsad3-nlgja.jpg This FOX News Channel ad ran in the program guide of the recent National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association conference in San Diego. 

The following is Allyson Smith’s first installment on the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) conference in San Diego — which she attended representing Americans For Truth. Note the casual mixing of homosexual media with “mainstream” media – all sharing and strategizing around a pro-gay perspective — and the complete lack of opposing voices present at the NLGJA panels. (Allyson tells me that at one panel on “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell,” the moderator said that opponents of homosexuals in the military were invited to speak but declined to attend.)

All this begs the question of whether homosexual reporters working in establishment media can truly be objective — i.e., fair and balanced –  especially when they are assigned to cover homosexual-related issues. Also, note that for ease of reading, we have not put quote marks around the word “gay” as we would normally do. – Peter LaBarbera

By Allyson Smith

Gay Activists & Journalists Mingle and Strategize Together at National Gay Journalists Conference: Day 1 at the NLGJA

On Thursday, August 30, I attended the first of three days of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association convention, held at the Westin Horton Plaza Hotel in downtown San Diego. Although I have been to many homosexual conferences and events since the dawn of the millennium, at times using my real name and at other times an assumed name, this would be my first time to attend such a convention as a totally “out” Christian conservative reporter under the auspices of an organization many homosexual activists hate: Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), headed by longtime pro-family activist Peter LaBarbera.

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Cliff Kincaid: Media Homosexuals Target General Peter Pace

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

From Media Homosexuals Target Pace, by Cliff Kincaid, published Mar 15, 2007, by AIM:

cliff-kincaid.jpgThe Washington Post claims in an editorial that there is an “uproar” over General Peter Pace expressing his view that homosexuality is immoral. This is another manufactured “scandal” designed to put a top official, in this case the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, in a bad light. This “uproar,” such as it is, has come from papers like the Post and homosexual rights activists. It is an effort at intimidation, pure and simple, and thought control.

At this point in the media-generated controversy, Pace has not apologized but has been forced to say he should not have emphasized his own personal views on the subject. Some stories are saying Pace has expressed “regret” or “mild regret.”

Whatever the outcome, and it is still possible that Pace could be forced to resign over this, the message has been sent: do not offend the powerful homosexual lobby, including the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA), which on Thursday, March 15, will be sponsoring a New York benefit hosted by ABC News reporter Brian Ross. The “special guests” will include Natalie Morales and Meredith Vieira of NBC News, Martha MacCallum of Fox News, Soledad O’Brien of CNN, and Robert Lipsyte of the New York Times. Corporate sponsors include ABC News, CNN, and NBC Universal.

As the NLGJA website puts it, the event is a “special evening for a great cause,” bringing together “a glittering collection of some of the brightest names in media, journalism and entertainment.”

Is it any surprise that the media have made the Pace comments on homosexuality into a national controversy, even scandal? The national media and the homosexual rights movement seem to be one and the same. But that’s a story that news consumers aren’t being told.

Leading the charge, the Post found Pace guilty of making “public expressions of intolerance.” The subheadline of the editorial was, “Gen. Peter Pace denounces gays and lesbians who are busy defending their country.” But he said nothing of the kind, and the paper knows it. The deceitful editorial is another attempt to intimidate people into not expressing opinions that contradict the politically correct views of the radical left. The Post, which runs announcements of homosexual “weddings,” will not be content until homosexuality is celebrated in the military and the schools as just another alternative lifestyle. Pedophilia, of course, can be defined by its apologists in that manner.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth points out that the Pace view is consistent with the writings of the Apostle Paul, who denounced homosexuality as an unrighteous behavior that would keep someone out of heaven. So if the Post finds what Pace said objectionable, it is also taking issue with the traditional Christian view of homosexuality. Of course, it’s easier for the Post to write an editorial denouncing Pace than attacking a disciple of Jesus Christ who doesn’t serve in the Bush Administration.

This controversy says more about the Post than it does about Pace. It shows that a major American newspaper has become a virtual house organ of the gay rights movement. And it shows that this paper will not hesitate to use its power and influence to try to intimidate those with different views. It is the Post, in fact, which is being intolerant.

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Cliff Kincaid: Democracy, Washington Post Style

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

From Democracy, Washington Post Style, by Cliff Kincaid, published Nov 27, 2006, by Accuracy in Media:

cliff-kincaid.jpgThe Washington Post says that democracy means that the people should be ignored and state legislatures should obey the dictates of the courts. Its October 26 lead editorial in support of a New Jersey Supreme Court decision redefining traditional marriage actually carried the sub headline: “A court’s order on same-sex partnerships leaves plenty of room for democratic decisions.” In other words, “democratic decisions” have to be made in the context of what is allowed by the court. This editorial makes a mockery of true democratic decision-making and is an embarrassment to the journalism profession.

The Post, of course, is in the camp of the radical homosexual movement. As the editorial states, “For those, like us, who support same-sex marriage, such steps are welcome.” Unfortunately, this bias goes beyond editorials in the paper.

Many news organizations, including the Post, contribute big bucks to the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association. Even Fox News gave the organization $10,000.

Peter LaBarbera of the group Americans for Truth, sent a letter to Fox News chief Roger Ailes asking that he balance that contribution by providing an equal amount of money to a group critical of the homosexual agenda. LaBarbera believes that the media “should play it down the middle on homosexuality and other controversial issues, not serve as a cheerleader for the ‘gay rights’ cause.”

However, a key leader of the NLGJA disagrees. Eric Hegedus, NLGJA national president, says that quoting a critic of homosexual rights is comparable to quoting an official of the KKK when writing about civil rights for blacks.

In addition to Fox News, LaBarbera identified the following media or media-related organizations as financial sponsors of the recent NLGJA convention: Miami Herald, McClatchy Co., CBS, CNN, Gannett Foundation, Hearst Corp., US Newswire, ESPN, NBC Universal, ABC News, Nielsen Media Research, UBS, Los Angeles Times, South Florida Sun-Sentinel and the Tribune Company.

Wal-Mart Following in Ford’s Footsteps, Leaving Its Customer Base Behind

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

Apparently Wal-Mart failed to take note of the decline in Ford sales and stock value after they determined to openly support homosexual activism.

Excerpted from Commentary & News Briefs, published Nov 3, 2006, by American Family Association:

Gay Walmart

Wal-Mart is projecting no improvement in sales this month, meaning it will mark the retail company’s worst sales performance in ten years. According to the Bloomberg News Service, Wal-Mart officials blame the poor showing in receipts on such things as disappointing clothing sales and disarray from store renovations. Wal-Mart has also been the target of recent protests from pro-family leaders over the company’s decision to partner with a homosexual chamber of commerce group. Wal-Mart recently joined the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) and announced that it would give two large grants to the organization. According to American Family Association sources, the retail giant was rewarded with a position on the board of NGLCC. Wal-Mart has also announced its intention to give preference to homosexual-owned businesses in purchasing products. [Fred Jackson]

Continue reading at AFA…

‘Gay Journalists’ Leader Attacks Pro-Family Book, ‘Marketing of Evil’

Friday, September 29th, 2006

Excerpted from ‘Gay Journalist’ Leader Attacks ‘Marketing of Evil’, published Sept 29, 2006, by WorldNet Daily:

The president of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association has come out swinging at “The Marketing of Evil” author David Kupelian, comparing those who oppose homosexuality on religious grounds with “white supremacists and other hate groups.”

In his latest “Message from the national president,” NLGJA’s national president Eric Hegedus discussed “homophobia” in news coverage – and in the process confirmed one of the many controversial assertions Kupelian made in “The Marketing of Evil.”

“In Chapter 1 of my book,” Kupelian said, “I reported how professional broadcast news journalists at a NLGJA event advocated that, when reporting on homosexual issues, journalists shouldn’t even bother to interview people holding to the traditional Judeo-Christian viewpoint. That is, rather than dignify the biblical viewpoint as worthy of inclusion by the press, it should be treated the same way the media treat the Ku Klux Klan.”

marketing-of-evil.jpg “Some people thought I was exaggerating,” said Kupelian. “Well, now the president of the organization is coming out and making it official: According to ‘gay’ members of the establishment press, when reporting on homosexuality journalists should just stop interviewing people like James Dobson or D. James Kennedy or any other traditionalist espousing a biblical perspective.”

Here’s what Hegedus wrote to NLGJA’s membership:

Continue reading at WorldNet Daily…

And in April, Kupelian’s book was at the center of a national controversy when a Christian librarian at Ohio State University was formally investigated for “sexual harassment” just because he recommended the freshmen class be required to read “The Marketing of Evil.” The charges, instigated by two openly homosexual English professors, were dropped under threat of a lawsuit from the Alliance Defense Fund.

This Sunday, Kupelian will talk about “the marketing of homosexuality” on D. James Kennedy’s nationally broadcast television show, “The Coral Ridge Hour.” Kennedy, the world’s most-listened-to Presbyterian minister, is featuring Kupelian and “The Marketing of Evil” throughout September on the Sunday morning show. This week’s will be the last of four shows promoting the controversial best seller.

Listen to CWA Interview with Peter LaBarbera

Friday, September 15th, 2006

Dr. Michael Campion, a psychologist who for years has provided screening services for police departments in the Midwest region, was recently suspended by the Minneapolis Police Department. The apparent reason for Dr. Campion’s suspension: he is a Christian and served on the board of the Illinois Family Institute (IFI), which one liberal newspaper called “an anti-choice and anti-gay organization.”

Martha Kleder has more on this story with Peter LaBarbera, spokesman and former Executive Director for IFI and President of Americans for Truth. You will also here more about FOX News and Walmart‘s support of a homosexual activist group, the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association.

Click HERE to listen.

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