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AFTAH Responds to Wikisposure on Nelson Garcia: Putting Politics above their Mission of Protecting Children

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

 LaBarbera asks: why so many boy victims of pedophilia?

nelson_garcia_convicted_child_pornographer.jpg Nelson Garcia, “boy lover” and deceitful critic of AFTAH. The anti-pedophilia (yet pro-homosexuality) website Wikisposure redirected our link to their page exposing Garcia’s past.

Dear AFTAH Readers,

Wikisposure, a website set up by the Perverted-Justice.com to expose pedophiles, sadly has chosen to “redirect” its page on Nelson Garcia after Americans For Truth linked to it in an effort to document Garcia past as a “boy lover” and criminal arrested for possessing child pornography. Here is our point-by-point response to Wikisposure’s tendentious, pro-homosexuality post:

WIKISPOSURE WRITES: [Headline:] “Redirections”

This page is a special area set-up for redirections. Sometimes organizations and websites will try to co-opt our work to further whatever non-related cause they have.

AFTAH RESPONDS: Americans For Truth was not trying to “co-opt” anything. We merely linked to the best web resource available at the time for exposing Nelson Garcia’s pederastic, criminal past as a “boy lover.”

WIKISPOSURE CONTINUES: This page will be updated with link redirections that should help clarify things for all who come here.

[headline] Americans For Truth Redirection – November 2007
The anti-homosexual hate group “Americans for Truth” …

AFTAH RESPONDS: Wikisposure has obviously not done its research, thus exposes its particular biases and bigotry. Disagreement is not hate, and morality is not prejudice. AFTAH is indeed diametrically opposed to the political/cultural agendas of homosexual, bisexual and transgender activist groups; we think homosexual behavior is wrong, unnatural and changeable, and that nobody is innately “gay”; they think it is right and the basis for a healthy identity, and perhaps even marriage.

We do not “hate” people, but oppose behavior, and have many times stressed the need to reach out to homosexuals with the love of Christ. At our recent banquet, former lesbian Charlene Cothran did just that. As Christians, we are commanded to speak the truth “in love.” We have condemned anti-homosexual (including “Christian”) activists whose messages do not meet that standard. By classifying Americans For Truth as a “hate group,” Wikisposure unfortunately shows that it is willing to make its purpose (which we naively presumed to be merely exposing pedophiles) subservient to a larger, politically correct agenda that includes demonizing and stigmatizing people of faith who do not share their homosexuality-positive viewpoint. That’s too bad.

Labeling historic Judeo-Christian morality as “hate” and its defenders as “haters” is itself an act of profound bigotry. (And we must remind all concerned that many Americans who do not consider themselves religious still consider homosexual behavior to be immoral.) Our question to Wikisposure editors, and to all pro-homosexuality advocates, is this: can you disagree with homosexuality — or believe homosexual behavior is sinful — without being labeled as “haters”?  Do you “hate” Americans For Truth, or do you just disagree with us? If you do hate us, is that hate acceptable because it falls within the framework of your ideology?

WIKISPOSURE CONTINUES:[Americans For Truth] recently attacked a Nelson Garcia who is profiled on our Wiki[1] [links to page which was the original target of the AFTAH story link on Garcia that was redirected; you may need to click another link to get to the original page]. Nelson Garcia is, of course, a dangerous pedophile activist. He should be exposed to his community and his credibility attacked, of course. He is not, by any means, profiled here because he is attracted to males. He is profiled here because he is attracted to underage minors. The reason “Americans for Truth” are attacking him isn’t because he’s a pedophile, but rather that he is attracted to males.

AFTAH RESPONDS: This is preposterous, and again shows Wikisposure’s unfortunate willingness to put politics above its noble mission of protecting children. AFTAH helped expose Nelson Garcia because Garcia has made it his mission to demonize us, while keeping his pederastic past hidden from the public. He was ripe for exposure, spewing all kinds of lies and hatred at Americans For Truth and other Christian groups and leaders opposed to homosexuality. Garcia — busted for possessing child pornography — has the audacity to smear AFTAH founder Peter LaBarbera as “Porno Pete” and another pro-family advocate — parental rights defender David Parker — as a “child abuser.” 

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Nelson Garcia of ‘NG Blog,’ a ‘Boy Lover’ with Criminal Child Porn Conviction, Blasts AFTAH

Friday, November 16th, 2007

nelson_garcia_convicted_child_pornographer.jpg Convicted homosexual possessor of child pornography and confessed “boy lover” Nelson Garcia (see www.wikisposure.com/NG) spews lies and hate against Americans For Truth founder Peter LaBarbera.  Garcia didn’t like our recent fundraising appeal.  This is Garcia’s mug shot from the New York sex crimes database. 

Dear Americans For Truth Readers,
When you are in the business of fighting a sin-based movement, you come under attack from some pretty wicked and unsavory forces.  We’re used to that here at AFTAH.  But when a “boy-loving” homosexual militant who has been convicted of possessing child pornography comes after you with lies and hateful accusations, we put that in a special category.  After our appeal Wednesday for financial help, a homosexual activist operating under his “NG Blog” attacked me and Americans For Truth with a lie-filled post accusing us of “groveling for money.” 
Turns out that “NG Blog” is run by one Nelson Garcia, a New York City homosexual who was convicted of possessing child pornography.  Garcia is also a confessed “boy lover.”  (See http://www.wikisposure.com/NG.)  ‘Boy-lover’ is the twisted “gay” slang term used by the pederasty group NAMBLA, the “North American Man/Boy Love Association — which, by the way, once marched in big-city “Gay Pride” parades. 
Thanks to the good people at the Wikisposure Project — a branch of the Perverted-Justice Foundation, which exposes internet predators and pedophiles — Garcia’s secret is out. Here is part of Wiksposure’s post (http://www.wikisposure.com/NG) on our pedophile nemesis (emphasis added):

Nelson Garcia, aka NG, nlsngrc, and ng1260, would like the world to believe that he is merely an online gay activist. However, the reality is that he’s a pedophile, and one who has been convicted of sex crimes. He has admitted to being a boylover, although he has not expressed his preferred AoA [Age of Attraction].
A regular poster on BoyBliss and Boylover.net, Garcia was arrested and charged following a series of online chats with an undercover police officer from New Hampshire. During the course of those conversations, Garcia transmitted pornographic images of pre-pubescent boys who were engaged in sexual acts. He was sentenced to one year incarceration with no possibility of early release and was ordered to register as a level one sex offender with the New York State Sex Offender Registry.


Currently Garcia spends most of his online time blogging as a gay activist, but it should not be forgotten that he is truly a boylover pedophile. [NOTE: we have removed the disturbing pedophile links from this excerpt; they can be found at http://www.wikisposure.com/NG.]


Talk about audacity: Garcia continues to advocate against laws restricting child pornography on his radical “NG Blog.”   Moreover, he slanders pro-family advocates with outright lies, like calling me “Porno Pete” and parents rights advocate David Parker a “child abuser.”  How sick is that?
Garcia is also part of the homosexual blogging community.  We’ll see after Garcia’s “boy-loving” criminal record becomes well-known how “tolerant” other “gay” bloggers will be of this unrepentant apologist for NAMBLA’s agenda –who doesn’t seem to have learned much from being busted on child porn charges.  We’ll have more on Nelson Garcia in future posts at www.americansfortruth.org.  — Peter LaBarbera

P.S. Go HERE for more information on the anti-pedophile Wikisposure Project, including how to donate to this worthy effort.

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Has God Flip-Flopped on Sodomy? Putting the Pro-Homosexuality Presidential ‘Debate’ in Perspective

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Chicago’s CBS affiliate joins other local media by fielding a float in the city’s annual “gay pride” parade.  It’s up to us to tell the truth about homosexuality as a sin that can be overcome — since the media and political liberals have decided to celebrate it, casting aside God’s Word. 

“Perhaps there is no sin which so deeply shows the depravity of man as this; none which would so much induce one ‘to hang his head, and blush to think himself a man.'” Nineteenth-Century Christian Commentator Albert Barnes describing the “shameful sin of Sodom,” as condemned by the Apostle Paul in the Book of Romans.

By Peter LaBarbera 

Tonight, America witnesses the sad spectacle of the major Democratic presidential candidates gathering for a “debate” built around the acceptance of homosexuality. The “debate” is being sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the world’s leading homosexual pressure group, and HRC’s President, Joe Solmonese, will serve as one of the questioners. Needless to say, there will be no open critics of the homosexual activist agenda asking questions to balance Solmonese’s pro-“gay” queries.

The mere occurrence of this “debate”/panderfest has significance well beyond the realm of politics. The “pride” and arrogance of homosexual activists is swelling in direct proportion to their growing power in American culture. Who could have imagined this scenario in U.S. politics even a decade ago? Just remember: God is never mocked.

Fact is, a large swath of the American nation is fleeing God, Who, if you believe the Bible, is quite clear in His condemnation of all homosexual behavior as sin. (That hasn’t stopped liberal Lutherans affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Having already won the ordination of “gay”-identified clergy, the ELCA’s pro-“gay” wing pushed this week to build upon that heresy by fighting for the “right” of said clergy to be involved in “committed same-sex relationships.”) 

Memo to Christians tempted to backpeddle on moral issues: the ELCA’s treacherous debacle is further proof that the liberal, activist wing of ‘christianity’ cannot be appeased. It is man-centered, sin-tolerant, Bible-denying and always on the offensive; if you concede one point to this errant movement, it will only demand further concessions. Ditto for the aggressive homosexual lobby’s modus operandi in all aspects of culture. So it’s best not to give in one inch.

Man knows best? 

The sum and substance of the modern liberal, “gay”-affirming argument on homosexuality is that man thinks he knows better than God. Nothing new there — haughtiness and disobedience toward God fills the Bible’s pages.  But let’s not kid ourselves that America’s trendy embrace (tolerance) of homosexuality and, lately, gender confusion, is not a serious sign of our moral and spiritual decline as a nation.

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‘Homo-Fascism’ in Brazil; Pro-Family Advocate Julio Severo Targeted

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

juliosevero.jpg Brazilian family advocate Julio Severo had his website taken down by Google for three days after a smear campaign by homosexual militants.

The following article is reprinted with permission from Lifesitenews (http://www.lifesite.net/), which has become one of the world’s leading pro-family sources for news. (To sign up for Lifesite e-updates, click HERE.)

Call it homo-fascismhomo-totalitarianism, homo-supremacy or whatever you will, but the “gay” activist movement’s drive to silence opponents is intensifying worldwide. Yet American liberals and homosexual activists alike –with rare exceptions such as lesbian Georgetown University professor Chai Feldblum — play dumb, as if they cannot comprehend how homosexuality-based “rights” (in the guise of sexual orientation “equality”) will erode the freedoms of those who regard homosexual behavior as wrong.

We welcome homosexual (and liberal) activists who are not afraid of freedom and the battle of ideas to denounce the growing pro-“gay” trend of silencing opposing speech — whether it’s GLAAD threatening to sue a news producer to squelch a report on lesbian bullying; Britain trotting out the “anti-homophobia” police to crush that grave threat to democracy of a Christian passing out tracts at a “gay” event; or pro-homosexual militants claiming that decent religious people who agree with God about sexual sin are causing the murders of homosexuals like Matthew Shepard.

Where else but in the Orwellian world of pro-GLBT “multiculturalism” would you see politically correct bureaucrats squelching faith-based dissent in the name of “diversity” and “tolerance”? The time to speak out against the coming tyranny is now. We would do well to read Feldblum’s paper (delivered last year at a Becket Fund for Religious Liberty symposium): at least she acknowledges that the struggle between “gay rights” and religious freedom of conscience is a “zero-sum game.”

P.S. Take a guess which side Feldblum says deserves to win.– Peter LaBarbera 


Here is the LifeSiteNews report on Brazil; for Part One, “Brazilian Homosexual Activist Luiz Mott Confesses to Pederastic Love for Boys,” click HERE:

Brazil Attacks Against Family Defenders Backed by Pro-Homosexual Regime of Nation’s President
Part 2 of Lifesite’s report on Brazil’s aggressive homosexual movement

See Part 1 – Leader of Brazil Homosexual Movement Under Investigation for Pedophilia

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

BRAZIL, July 30, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) – In recent months other Brazilians have been subject to the wrath of Brazil’s pro-homosexual regime. 

In June of this year a coalition of protestant church groups, the National Vision for a Christian Conscience (VINACC), was ordered to halt their campaign “In Defense of the Family”, which displayed billboards that said “Homosexuality: God made them man and woman, and saw that it was good!”  A court order decreed the removal of the billboards and the cancellation of a public event scheduled by VINACC to further the defense of family values, claiming that it was “homophobic”.

On May 29th of this year, a Lutheran pastor in the Brazilian town of Rancho Queimado; the Rev. Ademir Kreutzfeld, was subject to a criminal investigation when he was accused of calling local businesses in an effort to inform them that a newspaper they were sponsoring was promoting the homosexual agenda. The homosexual activist who owns the paper filed charges against the pastor for “defamation.” 

Although no further steps have been taken against the minister as yet, homosexuals are agitating for his prosecution. “What have I done?” asks Kreutzfeld. “I just made some phone calls to shops, alerting that they were, without perceiving, sponsoring a newspaper of homosexual ideology. As a Christian committed to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, I could not fail to inform them. Of course, I am not ‘homophobic.’ As a Christian, I love sinners. I am also one of them. But I cannot remain silent before sinful practices”.

Julio Severo (see his English-language blog HERE), who is seen as the principal opponent of Brazil’s militant homosexuals, and who has written a book called “The Homosexual Movement” warning against the political goals of the movement in Brazil and worldwide, states that, since he began his efforts against the homosexual movement in Brazil, he has suffered persecution and has been forced to flee his hometown.  According to Severo, a homosexual government official used his refusal to involve his children with vaccines against him and had a court order to remove his children from their home (Severo and his family believe that vaccines are dangerous and often ineffective). 

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MUST VIEWING: Lesbian Gangs Raping Girls; GLAAD Tries to Block Airing of News Segment

Friday, July 6th, 2007

linda_jernigan.jpg Former lesbian Linda Jernigan was asked to speak at a Chicago-area public school suffering from lesbian assaults on innocent girls, but she had to turn it down because the school wanted her to ‘de-Christianize’ her testimony.

By Peter LaBarbera

Lesbian gangs are raping and bullying girls and engaging in criminal activity, but you probably haven’t heard about this story, right? Now a Memphis TV station and FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly have broken the silence:

Click below to watch two video links that homosexual activists with the group GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) desperately tried to prevent the public from seeing:

  1. The original Memphis TV news report on lesbian gang violence, including school washroom rapes of female students;
  2. O’Reilly’s follow-up report on the lesbian assaults

Lifesite.net news — an excellent, Canada-based pro-family website that we highly recommend — has picked up on the Bill O’Reilly segment with the story below. 

I heard about this lesbian bullying phenomenon from former lesbian turned Christian evangelist Linda Jernigan, who a few years back was contacted by a teacher about speaking at Rich East High School in Park Forest, Illinois (a south suburb of Chicago), where this sick behavior was occurring. 

Jernigan said she was told that lesbian girl gangs would drag a targeted female into the school restroom, hold her down, and perform oral sex on her to “turn her out” — i.e., forcibly “seduce” the poor girl through lesbian rape.

‘Vagina Monologues’ condoned lesbian predatory rape

Maybe the young lesbian thugs got some inspiration from “Vagina Monologues,” the vulgar feminist-lesbian play celebrated by liberal elites and performed by many female Hollywood stars. Did you know that the original Vagina Monologues book by Eve Ensler contains a chapter about a 24-year-old lesbian woman who plies a 13-year-old girl with alcohol to seduce her? Ensler turns this pedophile rape into a sort of feminist-lesbian “moral good” by having the girl victim end up as a happy lesbian who says, “I’ll never need to rely on a man” — don’t you just love liberal morality?

Please take a few minutes to watch both the Memphis TV video and the O’Reilly video and ask yourself: where is the rest of the media on this story? We hear from the pro-homosexual Left about “bullying” in schools — as if it’s mainly an “antigay” phenomenon. Now we learn that lesbians are doing the bullying — is the educational establishment taking action to prevent this? Have politically correct, pro-“gay” pandering and the ubiquitous glamorization of homosexuality — in the schools, media, and in pop culture — contributed to this crisis?

How many liberals have joined lesbian “conservative” Tammy Bruce in condemning “Vagina Monologues'” pedophile lesbian rape-seduction chapter? Evidently not enough to stop this lewd play from being celebrated by the cocktail set and from now moving from colleges to high schools. I suppose rape and pedophilia are vile crimes except when performed by lesbians on girls…. 

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City of Brotherly Love Hates the Boy Scouts

Monday, July 2nd, 2007
Shame on the Philadelphia City Council.

By Robert Knight, Human Events Online, July 2, 2007 

Philadelphia has big city problems.

The murder rate is on the rise, and gangs make some areas unsafe even in the daytime. It’s no secret that fatherless, undisciplined boys are the main reason the streets are deadly.

So what is the city doing about it? Let’s imagine for a moment that we’re in a Philadelphia City Council discussion.

“How about a crackdown on gangs? Or a crackdown on drug dealers?”

“Nah. Those people shoot back. I’ve got it! Let’s persecute the Boy Scouts! They won’t give the police any trouble.”

“Yeah, this will be a great way to pay back those gay groups for donating to our campaigns. The media will love us, too. Watch how they’ll frame this: ‘Enlightened Officials Reign in Hateful, Bigoted Boy Scouts!’ Good for us! Now, let’s take a Starbucks break!”

So it was that on May 31, the real-life City Council, without debate, and under pressure from an organization that promotes the rights of “sexual minorities,” stabbed the Scouts in the back. They voted 16 to 1 to break a 79-year-old agreement allowing the Cradle of Liberty Council of the Boy Scouts to occupy a building in a city park. The Scouts built the building in 1928, and turned it over to the city in exchange for a rent-free lease “in perpetuity.” Apparently, “perpetuity” in Philadelphia now means, “until gay groups boot you out.” The Scouts can stay only if they will open their ranks to open homosexuals.

Sexual immorality is now the moral high ground in Philadelphia, and the Boy Scouts are the bad guys. Does anyone with clout in Philadelphia see why this is monstrously wrong? Let’s be generous and assume that lots of people still don’t know about this. The story was ignored by all the networks except Fox News Channel, and the local press didn’t even put it on the front page.

Click HERE to read the entire story by Bob Knight in Human Events Online

Frank Kameny Responds to AFTAH Report that He Spoke at NAMBLA Event in 1981

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Americans For Truth contacted homosexual activist icon Frank Kameny and he e-mailed us the following response to our report about that he spoke at a NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) meeting in 1981. Our report was based on an account in NAMBLA’s 1997 publication, “A Way Forward”; see excerpt in our story; we have no further information about what he said because NAMBLA did not include any information about Kameny’s talk to them.

We certainly don’t share Kameny’s assessment that this is a “tempest in a teapot and much ado about nothing” — as NAMBLA is about as sick as it gets in this world. But I will reserve comment on his note until later. — Peter LaBarbera 

P.S. There was a typo in our original story and we neglected to include the name “Mel Boozer” (a Democratic “gay” activist who also spoke at a NAMBLA meeting) in the NAMBLA excerpt. You can read the corrected story HERE.

Kameny, who turned 82 on Monday (May 21), writes:


In your website I have found no actual quotations supposedly made by me at this 1981 Baltimore meeting which I supposedly attended.

1.  The mere addressing of a group says absolutely nothing about the content of that address, and does not in the least necessarily imply support.

2.  Starting about 1966 and continuing until very roughly 1985 or a bit earlier, (and to a lesser degree through to the present), I was making some 100-150 public appearances per year — radio, television, panel discussions, private groups, political contexts, formal testimony, schools at various levels, etc.,etc, etc.  So few of them stand out individually.

I have no memory of actually appearing before NAMBLA, but that does not constitute a flat denial.  I just don’t remember an actual appearance.

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‘Gay Rights’ Icon Frank Kameny Spoke at NAMBLA Meeting in 1981

Monday, May 21st, 2007

frank_kameny.jpg  nambla_bulletin.jpg At left is a photo on the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History website announcing that the (taxpayer-funded) museum had acquired “civil rights pioneer” Frank Kameny’s papers. At right is a newsletter of the NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, the notorious pro-man-boy-sex group, whose conference Kameny addressed in 1981.

By Peter LaBarbera

I was going through some of my old files on the “gay” movement and came upon a nugget of “gay” history that I’d forgotten: longtime homosexual activist Frank Kameny — billed as a “gay civil rights pioneer” by the U.S. Government’s National Museum of American History — addressed a meeting of the notorious “man-boy-love” group NAMBLA in 1981. According to the NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) publication “A Way Forward,” Kameny spoke at a NAMBLA membership conference in Baltimore in 1981. 

Now isn’t it interesting that our government — speaking for us as a nation — wants to officially recognize this pro-homosexuality icon as a “civil rights pioneer” when, apparently, Kameny once supported the “civil right” of boys to have sex with men — why else would he attend such a meeting? (NOTE: If you’re opposed to the notion of our Government likening the cause of organized homosexuality to the noble Black civil rights movement, click on AFTAH initial story on Kameny HERE.) The media viciously attack Christian conservative leaders like Jerry Falwell but they give the “gays” a pass. This is why the homosexual “rights” movement has prospered.

Mr. Kameny is an avid letter-writer — and we will be publishing the long interview that Ken Ervin and I did with him several years ago — but maybe he can tell us why he appeared at NAMBLA’s meeting and what he said; Frank, please write me at americansfortruth@comcast.net.

Last year, Americans For Truth alerted you to the U.S. Government’s treatment of Kameny as a civil rights hero by collecting his papers for preservation in the National Museum of American History. Kameny is a brilliant but very confused fellow who, although an atheist, coined the phrase “Gay Is Godly,” and who calls people like me “Christianofascists.”

He also calls us “nutty fundamentalists,” but is there anything more nutty than giving credence to the idea that boys should be able to have sex with men?

Read the rest of this article »

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