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‘Call in Gay’ Day – Isn’t this Movement Obnoxious?

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

AFTAH in the news: what’s next? ‘Call in Porn-Users Day’?


[Click HERE to listen to OneNewsNow report featuring AFTAH on “Call in Gay” Day]

By Peter LaBarbera

Isn’t the “gay” activist movement obnoxious? Now they’re staying home from work and “calling in gay” to protest Prop 8. But wasn’t it just a short time ago when the homosexual lobby was moaning that all across America people could be fired “just because they’re gay”? Now they’re taunting their employers using their gayness. Gee, it looks like their jobs are pretty safe!

I wonder: if a few homosexuals were to get fired for pulling this “Call in Gay” stunt, would they sue for being “discriminated” against? (That was a rhetorical question.)

Yes, the homosexual activists wear us all out with the non-stop militancy. (I think they wear out some of the non-militant homosexuals, too.) Enough already. I don’t think self-styled “queers” will stop agitating until every day of the year is devoted to some sort of belly-aching that aims to normalize that which is aberrant and sinful. Of course, like the pro-abortion-on-demand crowd, their ability to agitate has zero bearing on right vs. wrong.

Shame on us Christians?

Once again we return to the irritating “shame-reversal” that characterizes Brave New Secular America, where the sinners (or we’ll call them the Sin Advocates) — you know, the ones who in saner times would feel remorse before a holy God — do the “preaching” — while those of us who defend Biblical tradition, normalcy, etc., are supposed to feel guilty (and many do!). Here’s the truth: if marriage is a wonderful institution created by God, and homosexual practice is always sinful (see, what does that make homosexual “marriage”? Right: a very confused and rebellious attempt to legitimate wrongdoing using state power.

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AFA Takes on Newsweek’s Shameful Distortion of the Bible to Shill for Homosexual ‘Marriage’

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Lisa Miller twists Scripture as media seek to discredit Prop 8

newsweek_shills_for_counterfeit_marriage.jpg At right is a Newsweek graphic for its new, scandalous hit piece in support of homosexual “marriage.” It appears the magazine’s Religion Editor, Lisa Miller, is now a theological expert — declaring that — contrary to 2,000 years of Church history — the Word of God actually supports homosexual “love” and thus same-sex “marriages.” Albert Mohler takes Miller’s piece apart HERE. Readers might also check out Professor Rob Gagnon’s website to learn what the Bible really says about homosexual practice.

American liberal media bias is out of control. Somebody get Newsweek’s religion editor, Lisa Miller, a job with the “gay christian” (small “c”) activist group Soulforce, where she belongs. Kudos to Albert Mohler for refuting her nonsense. And once again, American Family Association (AFA) provides a valuable service by helping Americans confront liberal media bias — in this case, Miller’s embarrassing attempt t0 make a Biblical case for sodomy-based “marriage.” — Peter LaBarbera


AFA sent out this E-Alert:

Take Action! 
Send an e-mail to Newsweek telling Newsweek you are disappointed with its distorted interpretation of scripture.
Forward this e-mail to your friends and family. They need to see how the media distorts scripture to support same-sex marriage. Ask them to send the e-mail to Newsweek.  Call CEO Thomas E. Ascheim at 212-445-5245. Please be polite.
If you subscribe to Newsweek, cancel your subscription and tell them why.


Please help us get this information into the hands of as many people as possible by forwarding it to your entire e-mail list of family and friends.

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Hollywood Humbugs Mock Jesus and Prop 8 Voters Just in Time for Christmas

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Don’t look for the video mocking Muhammed and marriage any time soon

Gosh, I think Jesus Christ might be reconsidering his endorsement of the divine institution of marriage now that actor Jack Black (playing Jesus in the blasphemous video below) thinks it’s wrong to prevent two guys from getting hitched. I mean, after all, Black is the star of “School of Rock”; what greater cultural authority do we need than that? (Oh, I forgot: Ellen DeGeneres is also mad at Prop 8 — well that settles it: God is wrong!)

Here we have anti-religious bigotry and Hollywood snobbery at its worst. There are a lot of things funnier than this video, but one of them is the idea that a bunch of spoiled Hollywood actors have any moral authority on right vs. wrong, Christian truth, marriage, etc.  Note how money (alleged “gay” tourist $$$ for homosexual “weddings”) tops transcendent morality in the video. We’ll deal with the silly shellfish canard later. — Peter LaBarbera

Another Limerick – Tolerance for Me But Not for Thee

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Here’s another AFTAH limerick:

“Tolerance for me but not for thee!”
That’s the “queer” way, can’t you see?
All that yelling and screaming
Christian Right-haters teeming
Can “Gay” America preserve liberty?

Well, our entry into the world of poetry predictably was met with some “gay” responses — many of which were ad hominem. (The Left lives in Ad Hominem.) You can read a couple entries from New York City “queer” blogger Jeremy Hooper below or more on this left-wing pacifist site. Pray for young Jeremy: he’s sort of stuck in that liberal “Mean People Suck” rut, wondering if Prop voters were “cruel, mean or sick” — as if defending Judeo-Christian tradition and marriage is about being mean or demented. (All those mean-spirited, crazed African Americans in California who just don’t understand ‘civil rights’…How dare you stray from that liberal plantation!)

I suppose, by extension, those in Jeremy’s camp hold that: 1) traditionalists like the many supporters of Americans For Truth are either misreading the Bible (even though we follow the ancient teachings of churchmen through the centuries); or that: 2) God Himself is a big meanie. Of course, they can’t come right out and say that God Is a Mean Homophobic Bigot (although some do), so instead most pro-“gay” ideologues go for Option 1 and — if they’re not simply dismissing “organized religion” — attempt to radically redefine the Bible and Christianity itself to accommodate their homosexual/bisexual/transgender/“genderqueer”/[insert rebellious sexual/gender preference HERE] lifestyle.

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Gay Parent Dan Savage on Homosexual ‘Three-ways’ and Nonmonogamy

Friday, December 5th, 2008

dan_savage.jpg PERVERTED PARENTING: Homosexual sex-columnist Dan Savage — one of the nation’s leading proponents of homosexual adoption — says he and his “husband” Terry have twice engaged in sexual “three-ways” with another man. (That was Savage writing in 2004: maybe there have been other shared perversions since.) But Savage — always the responsible parent — writes, “We’ve never done anything, nor would we ever do anything, that would put our child at risk.” What a comfort.

The excerpts below are from Dan Savage’s 2004 essay, “What Does Marriage Mean?” in Savage and his homosexual ‘husband,” Terry, have adopted a child, which he recounts in his book, “The Kid: What Happened after my Boyfriend and I Decided to Go Get Pregnant.” We’ll leave it to the psychoanalysts to study Savage’s apparent need to rationalize his perverted practices as a parent by pointing to Bill Clinton and heterosexual couples who are also nonmonogamous. — Peter LaBarbera

____________________Dan Savage writes in Salon (emphasis and headers added):

Rare Three-ways

“Have you ever cheated on Terry?” she [a friend] asked me.

I looked at [Savage’s homosexual partner (“husband”)] Terry and made my “am I allowed to answer this question truthfully?” face. He nodded his head to one side, making his “if you must” face.

“Sure, I’ve cheated on Terry,” I said, after checking to make sure the kids were all out of earshot. “But only in front of him.”

She laughed and looked at me, then Terry, then me again. Were we joking? I shrugged my shoulders. It wasn’t a joke. I had “cheated” on Terry — but only in front of him, only with his permission, only with someone we both liked and trusted, only when we were in one city and our son was in another. So, yes, we’ve had a three-way — actually we’ve had a couple, and while three-ways barely register on the kink-o-meter anymore, they’re considered the absolute height of kink for people like us — for parents, I mean, not for gay people. As parents we’re not really supposed to be having sex with each other, much less have sex with someone else.

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Limericks on Prop 8

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

There once were some people called “gay”
Who were used to getting their way.
They lost on “queer marriage,”
Then set out to disparage
Churches, and make Mormons pay.


“Down with Prop 8!”
Angry “gays” said it was all about “hate.”
Their hypocrisy uncanny,
They roughed up a granny
As for liberal court activism they wait.

— by Peter LaBarbera,

Homosexuals, Bisexuals More Unhealthy than Heterosexuals: Massachusetts Study

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

hrc_unequal-copy.jpg More evidence that homosexuality and heterosexuality are not “equal,” as so many homosexual activists assert: a Massachusetts study finds people practicing homosexuality and bisexuality are more likely to suffer various health, emotional and other problems, including “sexual assault victimization.” To connect with the leading pro-family group in Massachusetts fighting the homosexual agenda, visit the MassResistance website and blog.

My good friend Brian Camenker of MassResistance provides more evidence of the health hazards associated with homosexual and bisexuality — the lavender elephant in the room that liberal, pro-“gay” advocates refuse to acknowledge and deal with.

Note to readers: Brian has just announced that MassResistance’s e-mail updates will now be available online at MassResistance’s website. He assures me that all past e-mails will be archived. This is great news for pro-family advocates as MassResistance does excellent work in exposing homosexual activism in all its perverseness — e.g., the shocking “Fistgate” scandal in 2000 in which Massachusetts teenagers were taught by homosexual activists and state employees how to perform a grotesque “gay” (hand-anal) act known as “fisting.” (I think I am correct in recalling that the leadership of Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network, or GLSEN, never apologized for Fistgate; if they did apologize, I’ll gladly post it here. Notably, homosexual activist lawyers sued Camenker and another pro-family advocate following Fistgate for allegedly violating the students’ privacy by publicizing an undercover audiotape of the shocking lesson for “queer” youth.)

I also recommend Amy Contrada’s useful posts on the MassResistance blog. — Peter LaBarbera,


“The health profile of gay/lesbian/homosexual residents was poorer than that of heterosexual/straight residents on: self-reported health; disability-related activity limitation; asthma; current and past tobacco smoking; anxious mood; 30-day binge drinking and substance use; and lifetime sexual assault victimization. In addition, lesbian/homosexual women were more likely to be obese than their heterosexual/straight female peers. Bisexual residents faired worse than heterosexual/straight residents in terms of: access to health insurance, as well as medical and dental providers; heart disease; anxious and depressed moods, 12-month suicidal ideation; current tobacco smoking, and lifetime and 12-month sexual assault victimization. In addition, bisexual women were more likely to report disability-related activity limitation, 30-day illicit drug use, and lifetime intimate partner violence victimization than heterosexual/straight women.”“A Health Profile of Massachusetts Adults by Sexual Orientation Identity: Results from the 2001-2006 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Surveys,” Mass. Department of Public Health, p. 2.

MassResistance writes:

Mass. Department of Public Health “groundbreaking” report says homosexuality linked with health problems, destructive behavior

On November 21 the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) released what it calls a “Groundbreaking Report on Health Disparities Based on Sexual Orientation”.

As the DPH press release describes:

“The report revealed significant disparities among people who identified as homosexual or bisexual in the areas of access to care, self-reported health status, anxiety, depression, suicide ideation, smoking, binge drinking, illicit drug use, sexual assault victimization, intimate partner violence, disability, obesity, asthma and heart disease . . . Lesbians were 2.2 times more likely than heterosexual women to be obese.”

Read entire DPH press release.

Read the Department of Public Health report HERE.

In other words, the DPH is forced to admit what everyone has known for a long time. Unfortunately, the extremely destructive nature of homosexual behavior – both medical and psychological – is usually not only suppressed, but is considered completely off-limits for discussion. But ultimately, some of the truth gets out, even in Massachusetts.

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Tom Roeser Has Some Suggestions to Save the Lefty Chicago Sun-Times

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

richard_roeper-2.jpgChicago Sun-Times columnist and movie critic Richard Roeper thinks American audiences need to “get over” their objections to seeing two men kiss on the big screen. Click HERE to go to Chicago conservative icon Tom Roeser’s superb blog.

I highly recommend this masterful evisceration of the left-wing Chicago Sun-Times by conservative old-hand Tom Roeser (a former Sun-Times columnist himself who was fired twice by that newspaper, and by the Tribune). I don’t know about Richard Roeper (pictured at left), but it is curious that this “swinging bachelor” opines in print about how Americans need to “get over” their objections to seeing two men kissing on the big screen. (Not to be outdone, the rival Trib ran a feature piece by a woman describing how the movie Brokeback Mountain is a turn-on for women, who supposedly like to see men engaged in sexual situations with other men.)

For those who want to get an inside tutorial on the liberal, corrupt Chicago political/media culture from which Barack Obama emerged — or if you simply enjoy good writing — there is no better read than Tom Roeser. Sign up for a Feedblitz service on his blog at — Peter LaBarbera,


Roeser writes (Dec. 1):

A Modest Proposal that May Save the “Sun-Times.” Who Knows? Both City Newspapers
Michael Cooke: A nice guy, basically.

For decades now, the culture sage Michael Medved has been sharing with us certain bitter truths about Hollywood…and one of them, surprisingly, is this: a host of examples show tinsel-town that America wants wholesome entertainment…not saccharine stuff but entertainment that can give them a particle of hope. But Hollywood steadfastly refuses to package these shows…not because they would be economic failures…but because the film colony itself is so damnably cross-eyed that it is unable to see straight because it concentrates on a prism of abhorrent scripts…hate America scripts, if you please…gruesome, sadistic dark films of perversion and hatred…which generally either fail at the box-office or are keen disappointments to their investors.

I have just read an interview with Joe Eszterhas, a gifted screenwriter who has turned away from this Hollywood aura and wants to make wholesome, ethically redemptive films-not candy-coated ones. He thinks…in fact KNOWS…there is money to be made here: he cites “Rocky” “The Passion of the Christ” and “Narnia.” Don’t get me wrong, Joe Eszterhas has spent a long time getting here and has made some turkeys in his earlier incarnation-which included editorship of “Rolling Stone” and a stint as Hollywood’s top paid screenwriter who ground out scripts filled with sex and violence. He says exactly what Medved has said: the Hollywood community is so screwed up it is passing up prospects of hugely successful enterprises because it is so inured with…well…sin. Consequently he says the town is consumed with remakes of “Batman.” He sees great film possibilities in the works of Thomas Merton and Graham Green.

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